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Be sure that you get your reading with a "Licensed Professional Analyst" trained under the official Human Design Educational Standards Board, which is the only Human Design Analyst certifying authority.

Please note that there are unauthorized persons offering readings, trainings and pirated materials. To verify whether an Analyst, Teacher or organization is officially recognized please visit www.jovianarchive.com and click on the 'community' link to view the list of professional Analysts and Teachers.

Lynda Bunnell

Lynda is the Dean of the International Human Design School and founder of The Human Design Community. This community was created as a place for people to share Human Design knowledge and to provide exceptional readings for clients and education for students.

Lynda has worked directly and in class settings with Ra Uru Hu since 1998. She received her Analyst and Teacher certifications through her studies with Ra, both privately and in the classroom over that time. Human Design is now her full time career. She enjoys and dedicates all her work time to teaching and her private client practice.

The field of Human Design remains deeply fascinating to her and she continues her studies at ever deeper levels about this body of work. Prior to Human Design she was busy as an executive in corporate America, studied various spiritual modalities, and raised two children.

Lynda is committed to maintaining the purity of the Human Design body of knowledge as it was given to her by its originator, Ra Uru Hu. She is very skillful at taking a complex system such as Human Design and presenting it in a very clear, understandable and concise way. This makes it accessible and easy for her clients and students to apply to their personal life. Lynda helps you discover the deep benefit and grace Human Design can bring to living your best life.


Her HD credentials:

International Human Design School:
Dean of the International Human Design School

Director of the Living Your Design Guide Teacher Trainer Program

Teacher for the Professional Analyst Teacher Trainer Program

Author, Living Your Design: A Celular Transformation - both the teacher and student manuals

Human Design Teacher Trainer for Professionals:

Living Your Design Guide Teacher Trainer

Rave ABC Teacher Trainer

Rave Cartography Teacher Trainer

Professional Analyst Teacher Trainer - all levels of the program

Human Design Teacher since 2001:
Living Your Design Guide
Rave ABC Course Teacher
Rave Cartography Course Teacher
Professional Analyst Course Teacher

Professional Cycle and Connection Teacher

Professional Incarnation Cross Teacher
Analyst Mentor for qualification as a Professional Analyst

Rave Body Graph Specialist
Facilitates various other classes and study groups


Lynda is trained and certified by the IHDS Board in these areas:

  • Human Design Analyst (since 1998)
  • Overview and Foundation Readings
  • Advanced Readings
  • Return Readings (for key points in your life)
  • Relationship Readings
  • Family Practice Readings
  • Career and Small Business Analysis
  • Rave Psychology Color Transfer Readings

Lynda has become known for the amazing insights and depth she brings to her clients through sessions and teachings. She receives “rave” reviews about the clarity, simplicity and relevance of her knowledge and explanations of Human Design concepts. Please see the testimonial section to hear what people and students are saying.

"Working with Lynda is a profound experience, not only in seeing and accepting yourself, but also in understanding how you can actualize your potential in your life. She will show you the best strategies for creating the life you were meant to live."

To learn more about becoming  a Human Design Professional please contact Lynda at lynda@humandesigncommunity.com

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