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Professional Education - Become an Analyst

International Human Design School

In 1992 Ra Uru Hu began training the first students in Human Design. Now, after sixteen years of experiment, experience and evolution, the IHDS represents a landmark in Human Design Education. The International Human Design School is the only official body authorized to set the International Human Design Education Standards. Jovian Archive Corporation founded and operates the IHDS, the sole certifying authority for Human Design System Professionals.

Today across the globe IHDS Certified Human Design Professional Analysts and Teachers offer their services to an ever growing audience.

There are imitators and unlicensed black marketeers, please protect yourself and make sure that you deal with legally licensed organizations and professionals to ensure that you are best served. If you have a question about the ligtimacy of an organization or professional please send an email to

Human Design is an evolution that takes hold one person at a time. A career in Human Design is an extraordinary journey and The Academy is dedicated to providing the highest quality education and preparation for the would-be professional.

For the Newcomer who is ready to begin the experiment of Living their Design to the Professional looking to bring new skills and services to their clients, there is something for everyone.

The Prerequisites to entering the Professional Analyst Training Program are Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation; Rave ABC and Rave Cartography.


Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation

Course Description:

The Living Your Design Workshop is a transformational journey that can change your life. Open to anyone who has had an Individual Rave Analysis, this workshop teaches the most important foundational and transformational aspects of Human Design.

The Human Design System empowers us to live according to our own true nature, and to know what is correct or not for us. We can use this information to keep ourselves on our path in life by specifically understanding what takes us off track.

The information in the Living Your Design Course leads you down an incredible path of self-discovery and knowledge. Once you have had a reading it can be of tremendous benefit to deepen your understanding of your own specific Strategy and Authority and the conditioning you have experienced. It can assist you with your own personal experimentation as well as clarify what it means for you to Live Your Design.

Pre-requisites: Individual Rave Analysis   

Required Materials: Living Your Design Manual


Rave ABC Course

Course Description:

Once the Living Your Design course is complete, many students find they are interested in learning even more about the Human Design System. Whether a student wants to become an analyst or simply become more informed, this course is the next step.

Rave ABC’s is the first level of the IHDS professional and general educational tracks. It is designed to satisfy a student’s curiosity about the basics revealed in a body graph while laying a solid educational foundation for the development of skilled analysts and/or informed general students.

Covering the origins of Human Design and introducing the basic components that make up the synthesis known as the Human Design System, this course is designed to show how all these pieces fit together to form the bodygraph.


1. Black – Red, Personality and Design

2. Circuits and Circuitry

3. Hexagram Structure

Pre-requisites: Individual Rave Analysis, Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation

Required Materials: Rave ABC Student Manual; recommended MMI Software Student Edition


Rave Cartography Course

Course Description:

Rave Cartography is the second level of professional and general IHDS education and serves as a prerequisite for all advanced education. Adding depth to the foundation built in Rave ABC’s, together Rave ABC’s and Rave Cartography provide enough tools to have a solid Human Design foundation. It offers a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

In addition to the weekly classes, this class will also include 11 weekly lecture/study group meetings on Fridays at 18:00 GMT. 


1. Nine Centers

2. The not self and its nine strategies

3. Definition

4. Authority

5. Angles and the 12 Profiles

Pre-requisites: Individual Rave Analysis, Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation and Rave ABC Course

Required Materials: Rave Cartography Student Manuals Volume 1 & 2; recommended MMI Software Student Edition


Professional Training Level I

Analyst Training

Course Description:

PTLI is Level 1 of 4 levels of the Professional Analyst Training.  Completion of all Levels is required for certification.

The goal of PTLI is to develop professional level analytical skills. In this year long course prospective analysts learn the detail level of design.  Through monthly study programs and written and digitally recorded oral homework projects, they learn to integrate this detail into their surface level analysis skills. They will also practice and learn to Keynote, and learn the art of synthesizing a Human Design chart. Oral repetition will be stressed throughout to solidify competence, aid memorization, and develop chart-reading skills. This is a three semester program.


1. All 64 Gates will be reviewed

2. All 384 Lines of the Rave I'Ching will be reviewed

3. Keynoting will be studied and practiced

4. How to use The Rave I’Ching

5. The Four Views

6. Technical skills

7. The art of a Human Design reading

8. Oral competence

Pre-requisites: Individual Rave Analysis, Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation, Rave ABC’s and Rave Cartography

Required Materials: Rave I’Ching Book; Rave I'Ching Line Companion (2 books); Circuitry Book; MMI Professional Edition Software


Professional Training Level II

Cycles and Connections

Course Description:

PTLII is Level II of the Professional Analyst Training. Completion of all 4 Levels is required for certification.

PTLII is a two semester program and is an interactive workshop that delivers extensive new content and approach.

In the first semester you will learn to give Connection (relationship) readings and learn the basic keys in relationship analysis. Students will be required to submit an analysis to demonstrate their grasp of the material.

Content for Semester 1:

1. Connection Mechanics

2. Connection (Partnership) Analysis

3. Interactive workshop

In semester two you will learn the formula and technique for providing Life Cycle Analysis such as Solar Returns, Saturn Returns, Uranus Opposition and Kiron Returns. Students will be required to submit an analysis to demonstrate their grasp of the material.

Content for semester 2:

  1. Cycle Mechanics
  2. Cycle Analysis
  3. Interactive workshop


Students will qualify as Connection and Life Cycle Analysts after the completion of all Professional Training Levels.

Pre-requisites: Individual Rave Analysis, Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation, Rave ABC’s, Rave Cartography and Professional Training Level 1

Required Materials: MMI Professional Edition Software; Partnership Analysis Digital Book 


Professional Training Level III

Incarnation Crosses

Course Description:

Incarnation Crosses in the context of the Quarter.

In this course you will learn how to do Incarnation Cross Readings. The focus will be on understanding and learning the formula for keynoting the Incarnation Crosses.


Professional Training Level IV

Professional Preparation and Final Test

This is the final stage of the training which includes final mentoring and test preparation, and the delivery of a professional reading for certification.


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