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The Four Types



Manifestors are people of action. Of the four human types these are the only people who are specifically designed to act without waiting. The fact that there are so few people who are designed to act is often a shock to people who are introduced to their true design.  The capacity to manifest and act is something we take for granted in our society.

The irony is that although a vast part of our "conditioning" is telling us all to be manifestors, less than 10 per cent of us actually are manifestors. The manifestor is by nature a lone wolf. Because they can act independently of other people, they are not designed to be controlled by society in any way. They are regarded as dangerous and unpredictable.

The strategy that manifestors must learn is to inform before they act. For example, if you are a manifestor attending a dinner party and you have something valuable to say, your natural tendency will be to simply jump right in and say it. If you do so, you will soon discover that you are either not heard or resisted. We are experiencing  living biogenetic strategies that are felt across rooms. If the manifestor simply asks politely before they speak, they immediately put those around them at ease.  They can say something like "would you like to hear my opinion, story, idea, etc." or "I have something I'd like to say about this".  Using this strategy eliminates any resistance.

While maintaining their wildness, Manifestors need to learn humility. Then they can live deeply fulfilling and powerful lives.



Projectors can do the jobs that no one else in the world can do, and if you call on them they can really deliver the goods. Projectors are the first of the two non-energy types.

This, of course, does not mean that they have no energy. In fact, they have access to more energy than almost anyone else, but first they have to be recognized. The projector is waiting for 'investors' to recognize their specific talents and skills, whatever they may be.

Projectors are natural net workers, whose gift is to manage the energy of other people. For example, a projector who is a healer will be much more successful if they accept only the people who recognize their gift beforehand. Since their personal fulfillment depends on having the right people in their life, projectors have a natural gift for reading the people around them. Projectors have an extremely deep need to be seen.

The projector sitting at the dinner party with a group of strangers has to trust in the power of their own chemistry. Their silence will always draw the invitation of the person or people who recognize them. That is how they know who is right for them. They have to be patient. If they jump into the conversation like a manifestor they can end up feeling deeply drained by wasting their energy on people who do not understand them.

When the projector trusts in the silent magic of their chemistry, many incredible opportunities begin to come their way. Their skill is to direct the energy of the Manifestors and Generators.



If you want to see a truly powerful human being at work, you have only to watch a generator living out their true nature in the world. Generators are pure energy beings, but unlike manifestors they are not designed to initiate action.

Generators are designed to respond to life and thus they have a design to wait. Patience is the great key for generators. Statistically, generators make up over 65 per cent of the population. The great theme of all generators is frustration. Being a generator is akin to sitting in an idling Ferrari. They have to wait until the gear-change is brought to them. Generators never know what is right for them unless they have first waited to respond, for their chemistry is designed to attract forces and people that initiate them and ask them.

However, generators rarely manage to live out their true potential. Feeling stuck is a natural part of their process and needs to be understood as such. The generator who finds the patience to wait out their process is always deeply rewarded.

Generators need to learn to trust in the power of waiting. They are potentially the most powerful of all the four types, but for them action must first arise out of receptivity.

*Manifesting Generators - Combination of the Generator and the Manifestor. Click Here for an article about the Manifesting Generator.



Reflectors are statistically by far the rarest of the four types. They have nothing fixed in their nature at all. In Human Design, the white or undefined centers in a chart are where we are open and vulnerable to the conditioning of others.

Because of this the undefined centers represent the areas of our life where we can be the most confused and, paradoxically, where we can be the most wise. Because reflectors are so open and unfixed in their nature, they often look for the stability of someone else's chemistry in their life.

More often than not, this role is most comfortably filled for them by the presence of children, who provide an innocent aura around them. They also have a deep need to regularly have time away from people in order to clear the space within themselves. Reflectors are also unusual in another way. The openness of their design gives them a deep affinity with the moon. Since the moon moves around the entire Human Design Wheel once every month, it also opens up a regular pattern of energy in our chemistry each month. This is where reflectors can find stability. In other words, reflectors have regular cycles each month where they can live out all the other three energy types.

For example, they may have three days in every month when they are a manifestor, then when they are a generator, and so on. They operate according to different laws. They are perhaps the most limited and at the same time the most unlimited people among us, and their perspective is truly unique.

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