December 2009                                                                                                   Vol 1, Issue 4
  Welcome to Human Design

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the December edition of the Human Design Journal. Again, we have a nice collection of articles for you this month. The IHDS just finished the first semester for the 2009-2010 year and I've been busily preparing for the second semester starting in January. Here is the link to download the 2009-2010 Second Semester Course Calendar. Early Bird registration ends on December 18th so be sure to sign up early.

We finally have two Projectors teaching! Randy Richmond and Becky Markley are offering courses so be sure to check these out. Here are some more of the highlights:

I'm really excited about a course that Deborah Bergman is offering - it's called Interactive DreamRave Clinic.  While we are asleep our design changes - and in addition we are impacted by the transit field in specific ways - which influences our life when we are awake. If you're interested in taking another look at an even deeper layer of your conditioning then you will love this clinic. She has an article in this issue below.

We offer Teacher Training courses once a year so if you are interested in becoming a Human Design Teacher we have something for you. The Living Your Design Guide, ABC Teacher, Rave Cartography Teacher and Professional Analyst Level I Teacher Trainings are being offered in the January semester.

For those interested in working with family dynamics the Family Practice Analyst Training is being offered and taught by Alokanand Diaz del Rio. We also have PHS and Strategy and Authority (new program) Workshops being offered by Andrea Reikl-Wolf.

And for newcomers, you might be interested in the Living Your Design course with Leela Swann-Herbert or the Transformational Workshop with Peter Schoeber (both courses and teachers got rave reviews last semester).

ABC and Rave Cartography with Carol Zimmerman continues to be offered each semester and Cathy Kinnaird and I are teaching the Professional Analyst Training program. We also have the BG5 course focused on business with Ilse Sendler, and Martin Grassinger continues to provide us with great classes exploring holistic and health related topics. And of course Ra has some wonderful offerings as well.  

Please enjoy,
Lynda Bunnell



The Messenger Ra Uru Hu International Human Design School
Getting Started in Human Design

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The Messenger and Founder of Human Design - Ra Uru Hu

The Evolving Role of the Projector and the Necessity of Education

Human Design is something that has a unique perspective on the evolutionary process. Just under 80% of humanity are energy types.  Humanity is dominated by Generators (68%) and Manifestors (8%). Together they represent basically three quarters of humanity, and that means that energy types were something that fully dominated what was the seven-centered era (prior to 1781 and the advent of the nine-centered being), an era that was fundamentally strategic.

Projectors are somewhere between 22 and 23% of the population. In the pre-nine-centered era Manifestors ruled, but now that we live in a nine-centered era, slowly over time the Projector is ascending into a leading position in the hierarchy. It's an ascendancy of a different way of doing things. Projectors are naturally wise about the use of energy. It doesn't mean, by the way, that they act wisely, because of course they are not-self and as not-self there is no way for them to live out the advantages of what it is for them to be a Projector.  

We're in an age now where it is time for the Projector to take on its role as a leader, but not as a leader in the manifesting sense, but as a guide. What is interesting about Projectors is the way in which their aura functions.  When you're dealing with a Projector the aura literally focuses, and it focuses on the other. It is this ability to focus that gives them a unique capacity to recognize the essence of the other being. A Projector is not interested in him or herself.  It is one of the dilemmas for the Projector, which is how long it takes to wake Projectors up to the possibility that there is something that is them, rather than what they get through the other.

And in fact, what they are indeed focusing on is your identity, which at the same time often creates a backlash, it creates a reaction and the reaction is recognition. Projectors are not after your energy, but they are designed to be able to gain access to it. A Projector is here to understand deeply how and where energy should be used. And because their aura is very very focused in this way, they "invite" openness, which makes it very, very difficult for Projectors to escape the influence of the conditioning forces that are around them.

If you're a Projector you really need to be formally invited into any situation, and to gauge if that invitation is correct for you based on your own inner authority. The very strategy that you have is an indication of the natural demand for respect that you deserve. You have to surrender to demanding respect. It is very important for Projectors to be careful about the people they associate with. The quality of their associations directly impacts their wellbeing.

To be a Projector means that you do not simply take in conditioning, you take in conditioning that generates, motivates and moves your process.   It's not that you're dependent on the other.  You were not designed to be dependent on anything.  You are designed, however, to be in a world in which energy is available, and that's very different. This is what the invitation is all about.  If Projectors would trust in the power of their aura, their auras will pull to them the attention, the recognition, and the correct invitation to the energies that they are here to recognize and to guide.

When you enter into the beginning of your own self-recognition of what it is to be a Projector, one of the most important things that you have to do to lessen the burden of what your journey is going to be is to dismiss any idea that you're about to get instant gratification. It is really a process for a Projector. Education allows Projectors to grasp the depth of their conditioning, and education takes time. You're entering into a seven-year education program, the same kind of program you would enter into as a doctor, or as somebody learning to play an instrument. Projectors are, in that sense, born students. The Projector is here to guide.  You can't guide if you don't know how the game works.  And the moment that you understand how the game works is the moment that you find your power. And you are ready for the potential of success, the keynote for a Projector. A non-selfish, transpersonal, deeply shared success based on correct bonds and correct recognition both for the projector and whoever he is focusing on.

If you have a Projector child it's very important to encourage their studies, it's important to encourage particularly those areas where they have special interests, because in fact, the Projector as a type is here to recognize and to master systems, whatever they happen to be.  And with the proper encouragement and the right conditioning, there's a great deal of potential in that for them. Any of you that have Projector children begin to invite them to do things. Projectors suffer deeply as children with being influenced by being trained or raised to be Manifestors. It is something that is really devastating for them.  And being told what to do is something that is deeply uncomfortable for a Projector.

One of the things you get to see in this era is you get to see the advent of more and more Projector politicians that are leading countries.  And they tend to be the kind of politicians that can answer questions in the minutiae, because they tend to do their homework, they tend to make sure that they understand what is going on.  They tend to be very good politicians, because they have a grasp of the other.

And the dedication has to be there to explore the knowledge because the deeper you go into it as a Projector the healthier and more empowered you become in terms of the way in which your ability ultimately can be recognized. Being recognized in the sense that the potential of your role is something that is recognized by the other. But you have to wait for the invitation, and then you have to determine if the invitation is correct for you based on your own inner authority in order to fully own this power.

Love Yourself,

Ra Uru Hu


International Human Design School

To get started with Human Design the first thing is to have your Human Design analyzed by a Professional Human Design Analyst. You will find a listing at in the Newcomers Center Professional Listing. The next thing to do is to take the Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop. This workshop will give you the foundation for beginning the experiment of living your design and deepen your understanding of the most important things to know about your personal design and how you fit in and interact best with the world around you. This is all you need in order to go out into the world and begin the process of deconditioning and living your life as yourself. A Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop is being offered in January. This link will take you to a page with more information: Living Your Design Course

Two General Education courses are available once you have had a reading and taken the LYD Course. These courses are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Human Design and students find them fascinating. The two courses are ABC and Rave Cartography.

Please Join Us for:

An IHDS Training Academy Open House
A Free Open House in the IHDS Reception Room
December 5 at 18:00 GMT

Please come join teachers Lynda Bunnell, Cathy Kinnaird and Carol Freedman
as they discuss several paths you can take to become a Human Design
Professional and explore the various options.
This event is taking place in the IHDS Reception Room

An IHDS Biversity Open House
A Free Open House in the IHDS Reception Room
December 12, 2009 at 18:00 GMT
Please come join the Biversity Teachers as they discuss the different course and workshop offerings available to you in the second semester.
This event is taking place in the IHDS Reception Room

Winter Semester Programs and Lectures for January - March 2010
Register today at the IHDS on the JAM Player
Early Bird Discounts available until December 18!

IHDS Training Academy
Living Your Design, A Cellular Transformation with Leela Swann-Herbert
Rave ABC's with Carol Zimmerman
Rave Cartography with Carol Zimmerman
Professional Training Level I with Cathy Kinnaird and Lynda Bunnell
Professional Training Level II with Lynda Bunnell
Living Your Design Guide Training with Carol Freedman
Introduction to Family Practice with Alokanand Diaz del Rio
Family Practice Analyst Certification with Alokanand Diaz del Rio
Rave Cosmology V: Brahma's Long Night and Beyond with Deborah Bergman

Advanced Certifications
Rave ABC Teacher Training with Lynda Bunnell
Rave Cartography Teacher Training with Lynda Bunnell
Professional Level 1 Teacher Training with Lynda Bunnell
BG5 Small Business Analysis with Ilse Sendler
OC16: Group Engineering with Ra Uru Hu

The Science of Differentiation College
Primary Health System (PHS) Years 1, 2 and 3 - Semester 2 with Andrea Reiki-Wolf
Primary Health System Workshop: Enhancing Your Body's Potential with Andrea Reikl-Wolf
Rave Psychology Years I, II and III - Semester 2 with Alokanand Diaz del Rio and
Deborah Bergman

The Biversity
The 64 Role Models with Alokanand Diaz del Rio
Strategy and Authority Workshop: Learn to navigate through your life
with Andrea Reikl-Wolf
Your Sexuality and Your Sexual Relationships Examined - Part 1 with Andrea Reikl-Wolf
Interactive DreamRave Clinic with Deborah Bergman
Solar Plexus? Solar Plexus! with Martin Grassinger
Transformational Workshop for Beginners with Peter Schoeber
Exploration into Line Values with Randy Richmond and Lynda Bunnell
Exploration into Chart Analysis with Randy Richmond and Lynda Bunnell
Projectors Connecting Workshop with Becky Markley

Interactive Classes with Ra Uru Hu
The Science of Differentiation Master Program
Rave History 3: The Return to Eden 1960-2027
Personal Holistic Analysis Sessions
Family Analysis Clinic
Radical Transformation Clinic
The $10 Lecture Series

IHDS Lectures
Do Androids Dream of Erotic Sheep? A First Look at Sex, Pleasure and the DreamRave
with Deborah Bergman

The Two Minds in Us with Alokanand Diaz del Rio
Gender Differentiation with Andrea Reikl-Wolf
The Creative Channels with Andrea Reikl-Wolf
The Mystery of Healing with Martin Grassinger
Decoding our Chemistry in the Faces of Initiation with Dharmen and Leela Swann-Herbert
Relating with Children: Supporting Emerging Roles with
Dharmen and Leela Swann-Herbert


Getting Started in Human Design

We are hosting a 'Getting Started in Human Design' event Sunday, December 20th at 19:00 GMT / 11:00 AM PT.

Join Cathy Kinnaird, Carol Zimmerman and Leela Swann-Herbert for a one hour highly active dialogue with three well known and experienced Human Design Teachers discussing the benefits of Human Design. They will share the deep impact that learning about Design has had on their experiment of living their unique nature. They understand and are dedicated to helping others take this journey of self-discovery. They will help you to understand what Human Design can do for your life and how to get started. These events are taking place online in the IHDS Reception Room in the JAM also available directly at this link: IHDS Reception Room.

  Projector's Perspective by Becky Markley

Are Projectors Connecting?

The day before Halloween I was invited by Lynda to teach a Projector workshop for the IHDS Biversity.  I hadn't even hoped for this invitation!  But it came and I said yes.  Thank you very much splenic authority.  "Now what?" I asked myself and shrugged.  I had no idea what the topic would be as the spleen doesn't give those details.  But, as is my way, ideas emerged while taking a shower.  A kind of eyes-open meditation.  What is it Projectors want, need, desire, or hope for that never seems to come?  Ah ha!

Clients have said to me for years, "Let me know when you get Projectors together."  Or "Is there a way to meet other Projectors?"  They want to connect with other Projectors, but just don't know how without initiating.  "Maybe we'll meet in Ibiza or Toronto."  "Maybe I'll see you in an online class."  "Maybe you'll move in next door!!!"  We want to hear other Projector's stories and ask questions.  We want reassurances that we're doing ok.  We'd like to have someone to bounce things off, someone who understands what it's like not having consistent energy, or maybe to whine a little bit, and on and on and on.  Referring people to each other just hasn't worked.  Maybe someone gives you the name of another Projector, but you just never connect for whatever reason.  Different fractal, different whatever, no energy.  Well, here is a way!  

I am inviting all Projectors - yes, YOU - to participate in a 10 week sharing and empowering workshop that will connect you to other Projectors in a variety of ways covering a variety of topics.  Allow your authority to decide.  (If you would like a more formal, personal invitation, please send me an email and I will either call you or write back.)  

All that is required is to have had a Foundation reading some time and show up.  I will initiate you in this process.  Kind of cool - I get invited, say yes and now I get to use my Channel of Initiation to initiate!!!  To initiate you to connect.  Just show up.  

More details are coming with the Winter Semester brochure.  If you'd like a sneak peek, click here. Projectors Connecting Workshop pdf

Wishing you your own perfect awareness in every moment,


  Cathy's Response by Cathy Kinnaird

Cathy K with soft edges2 I Don't Know What to Say

(click here to see my chart)

I was in a lecture on the gateless, open centers with Ra this last September. I was very excited about this class. I have completely open and gateless Throat and Head centers. Over the years Ra has taught many classes and courses on the centers in the bodygraph, and he would always say the completely open Throat was rare. No more info than that. So I was very delighted to hear what there was to learn about this mechanic in my Design.

I have been perplexed about my open throat, so I waited with anticipation. After the class was done, I was left with this phrase for my open throat - "I don't know what to say." I thought to myself - "What? There has to be more to it than that!" (Oh there was more, but really this was the kernel of it.) I was disappointed. I waited for this!! No in-depth descriptions, no flushing out all the nuances. Well, as usual in Design, a simple statement can embody the world.

What a process I have gone through since last September. This simple statement has taken on epic proportions for me now. It is much like when I originally heard that I was here to respond as a Generator. The word "Respond" has changed the direction and fiber of my life. This is happening for me now as I work with the info that I don't know what to say.

I have daily examples now of how this works in my life. I realize how often I would try to figure out what I should say to get to be part of a conversation. I recently spent some time with very dear friends in Hawaii. One person was a Manifestor and the other a Manifesting Generator. It was interesting to see how I would try to get a word in to the conversation. I wouldn't know how to engage in the conversation. My mind had me try to think of clever things to say so the focus would turn to me. (That is the "trying to be the star" not-self quality of the open throat.) Of course, this irritated my friends and they would continue on with their thoughts and mostly ignore my input. I could tell it was annoying at the least for them. I complained to my husband at night that I never got to say much when we were talking. And finally half way through the trip, Ra's statement kept screaming in my head "I don't know what to say." At that point I started playing a game. I was totally silent. I would not say anything until asked directly to comment on something. It was so interesting. I wasn't asked often for any input. However, when I was asked, they listened until I stopped speaking. And surprisingly, sometimes I still didn't have much to say and would be brief.

So I have continued to practice this process (well most of the time). The insights I have garnered are amazing. In the past, I had always claimed that I tried to keep a low profile and didn't try to be the center of attention. However, now that I understand how my attempt to initiate conversation is the call for attention, I realize I have been busy trying to initiate for years. It seems like a little thing, not really the big push of trying to be a Manifestor. And it is a really big thing! I can tangibly feel my body tense and my breathing change and my nervousness rise as my not-self mind tries to think of some clever thing to say to get noticed. As I have practiced waiting to have something to respond to with my words, I am noticing how much tension is leaving my body. Talking almost seems easy now. My voice doesn't crack and break from pushing it to talk. These are things I was not aware of in my body. They are day-to-day micro adjustments that add up to big results. So Ra, thank you for breaking it down to the simple, which can have epic proportions in a person's life - mine.

Until next month, this is Cathy responding.


  A Manifestor's Experiment by Eileen Smith

My Emotional Authority
This month I would like to continue with discussion of my emotional authority as a manifestor. Click here to view my chart. I do not like making decisions because it feels like I am moving along nicely and then whoa I am thrown into emotional turmoil. A bit like the Big Bang, there is this singularity then suddenly there is more than one and a path has to be trod.

Every decision is like a hurricane for me. This swirling overwhelming energy that makes me feel deeply uncomfortable. And there was I planing along peacefully until this decision came along blowing this gale saying, "do you think you can keep sitting there all nice and snug, well you can't. A decision has to be made." And so I enter the hurricane not knowing which way it will take me or when I will emerge. Indeed it can feel like I will never emerge. Suddenly it feels like life is on hold and I am rocked from side to side. My mind can go through every possible scenario of what is the best, easiest, safest, richest, most pleasant decision I can make. Those around me have views and opinions too on which decision I should make; I wish they would keep quiet.

Eventually at some point, some place I feel the decision has been made. With this I am in the eye of the storm now, where there is complete peace for me. There may be some upheaval or impact on others from my decision and I have no choice but to inform and observe that. A decision has been made and to hell with the consequences. If I am correct the consequences will be correct. They might not be what I expect but I never know where life is going.

We know that the emotional wave has no truth in the now and this is so true - how often have I met someone to dislike them in the first instance and then they turn out to be a terrific friend later or vice versa. Understanding my emotionality has helped me hold back on acting on anything in the moment and seeing what more time reveals.

If you would like to respond or comment on this I invite you to contact me at:


  Profile and Line - The Music of Design by Randy Richmond

The Smoking Gun

For twenty-five years I have worked in the field of alcoholism and drug addiction. As a recovered alcoholic myself, I understood first-hand the wonders of a second chance at life. Being transpersonal with a 6/3 profile, I could see no better purpose than to help those who still suffered from the condition. I really thought that if I could find out why I was alcoholic, I could use this knowledge to assist others in the recovery process.

The journey began with religion, moving to psychology, on to magic and alchemy. I was seeking the grail, the Philosopher's Stone that would turn straw into gold. Twenty-five years into this quest, I met Design. (Isn't that a nice phrase.) (click here to see my chart.) My initial inclination was to see if there was a gate or a pattern of gates that were present in my personal client base of 50 alcoholics that were not present in a study of the general population. There was no such pattern. Over the course of the next two years, I added 50 alcoholics to my original base of 50 making a total of 100 alcoholics (for those not mathematically inclined). Using the percentage breakdowns supplied by Rave Life Sciences as to type, I found no disparity.

Next I looked at the breakdown as to definition, whether single, split, or triple-split definition - again no disparity. I found no more than a percentage point or two from the general population figures. My next pet theory involved circuits. Thinking that the presence of individual definition along with collective or tribal would provide the answer to the schizophrenic label often attached to alcoholism - again, no disparity from the general population.

Last, but not least, profile - surely there would be variations from the norm as to right and left angle, personal and transpersonal, foundation or changing - again and finally no. There was no determinative - in gate, type, definition or profile for the alcoholic addictive personality. In fact, you would be far more likely to predict that you would become a professional comedian (gate 64 or 47), than it would to predict alcoholism in your chart.

No smoking genetic gun to explain why someone became an addict. This determinative seems
to lie in nurture not nature, in the conditioning field, not the person themselves. Please feel free to blame your parents at this present stage of the research. I will supply the percentage breakdowns in both groups to anyone interested in such matters.

Thank you and good night.

Randy Richmond

  Fresh Laws to Live By -  Carol Zimmerman

The Right Outfit for the Season:
An Introductory look at Return/Cycle Readings

Some people view the month of December as the end of a cycle while others see it as a time to look towards the future. Whatever is swirling in the wind this last month of 2009, Cycle readings seem to be flying high as a topic of interest. So let's begin with an introductory look at them, and then address more specifics in the months ahead.

As humans, we all go through predictable life cycle phases. It is a natural part of life. Each cycle aligns with a particular passage of time and sets the stage developmentally for the phases that follow.  Because life cycles are experienced by everyone, they can be collectively understood and described in language.  For example, Child, Teenager, Adult, or Senior are words that relate to a certain age group. The formative years, productive years, or retirement years suggest what may be experienced during that cycle. And the coming of age or a mid-life crisis, describe transitional points between cycles. Naming points in time makes going through them seem normal and easy to accept as a fact of life.

Human Design Cycle and Returns are readings that also focus on a phase of life. They are however unique to you and offer insights into the people and environmental situations you may encounter as a form of conditioning during that time. The key is to be living your design as you go through these cycles so you take in the unique perspectives that best support your life path instead of sinking into the homogenization that surrounds you.

Here is a snapshot of some phase-specific cycle or return readings available and the specific time frame or stage of development it focuses on:
SOLAR RETURN is an annual "birthday" reading covering the year ahead. Practical!
SATURN CYCLE happens at 28-29 years old and reveals the maturation issues that unfold as you move forward during this time.
URANUS OPPOSITION happens at approximately 40 years old and reveals the pattern for this mid-point in your life.
CHIRON/KIRON RETURN looks at your life from around 50 years of age until your death. It reflects the flowering or final cycle of maturation in your life and carries special significance for those with a 6 line in their Human Design Profile because it indicates their Role Model stage.

How these readings offer support:
·    They identify the conditioning influences including people that may surface during that phase so you aren't caught unaware and recognize the signposts.
·    They serve as short or long term weather forecasts so you can be equipped for the terrain and elements you are likely to meet as your life unfolds.

Putting Cycle/Return Readings into the correct perspective:
·    If you aren't actively using your inner authority to make decisions in your life there is a danger you may "become" the information in these readings instead of watching or learning from it.
·    Knowing what may surface from your environment is a road map and will help you to see what will challenge you. Trust your authority!
·    Each reading has a recommended time window for getting them that is logical but not intuitive so if you are considering one of these readings before I feature it, just drop me an email and I'll offer suggestions.

Life cycle readings do offer valuable insights that help you relax when used correctly. They can explain why certain people may move in or out of playing key roles in your life, or why certain issues or focuses that are important to you at one point aren't at another point. It is all perfect when you see it in context.  

So whether you review a cycle you've already lived through or one you are experiencing, one thing is clear: Human Design is valuable for understanding how your life is designed to naturally flow towards a unique purpose. What cycle in life are you in? Still living with the conditioning from past cycles?

Next month we'll take a deeper look. Where would you like to begin? Solar Returns? Kiron Returns? Please send your suggestions, inquiries, or stories about Life Cycles to : You can see my chart here.

Until then remember...these readings aren't about predicting the future, but rather flowing more naturally on the path that's already in motion. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to slip back into my Kiron outfit and marvel in the season now upon us.

Carol Zimmerman


  Relating with the Program by Leela and Dharmen Swann-Herbert

Hey, hey fellow travelers on this spaceship Earth, spiraling through space and time, it's time to give you a glimpse of the influences which shape December here on planet Earth.

As we enter the month of December, 2009, we continue with the theme of Mutation, the theme that deals with death and mutation. It just so happens that in the IHDS Biversity, we have just completed a lecture series on the Faces of Mutation, which was an in depth look at the forces which have shaped the Maia in this important quarter of the year. Don't miss the next one - next semester we will be offering a lecture series on the Faces of Initiation, which gives us a fascinating look at the forces which initiate the mind into form, the start of the yearly cycle of growth and transformation. But that's a story for another day...

So the question before us here in December: What is the face that dominates this month, and what is its significance? Prometheus is the Face, Threonine is the chemistry, and the gates are a mixture of logical, ego and abstract. The key to understanding this face is the aspects that gates 26 and 5 bring to the table. Gate 26 The Taming Power of the Great, the gate of the big ego, the salesman to the tribe. Its greatest significance is that its power literally creates the immune system. It makes it possible for the biological form to develop both offense and defense in order to maintain our survival. Here we see the fire, the gift that Prometheus gave to mankind. So the 26 is the heat that burns in humanity. The heat is the extraordinary will power that the 26 represents.

Now the power here is the energy which not only creates the immune system, but provides all of its warriors as well: the T-cells. T-cells are a serious piece of work as they will attack anything that threatens the survival of the immune system. Now of course with that kind of chemistry running through our DNA, you'd expect that there would be some correlation to our specie, and of course there is. It is also the 26th gate that literally gives us our warrior cults, our defenders of the tribe; but it also gives us our strategy for dealing with non-essential, excess or post-reproductive, males. This chemistry represents the male's predisposition for competition and war. Folks, you have to know that the rabbit hole runs deep with this Maya. Human Design is our chance to see through the veil of the Program, don't miss your chance.

On the last Saturday of each month, Dharmen presents A Look Ahead at the Monthly Transit as an IHDS Lecture in the JAM Player. You are invited to join him December 26th at 19 GMT/11 am PST for A Look Ahead at the Monthly Transits for January 2010. Click here for more information. December's lecture is available in the Self-Study Section of the JAM.

Enough for today.

Leela and Dharmen


  In Your Dreams with Deborah Bergman

Deborah Bergman
Dream Rave Gathering

Did you know that you have a different Design when you sleep?

It's called DreamRave and it has fifteen gates and five centers and no strategy or authority.  Its calculation is based on the movement of the moon, not the sun, so the activations aren't as numerous or necessarily the same, either.

You enter into it every time you go to sleep.  That includes dozing off during your massage, your meditation, or after you put the alarm on snooze.

These days, DreamRave is a very exciting and rich area of Human Design exploration, research and personal, practical uniqueness experiment.  It contains all kinds of useful insights and revelations, such as your deepest conditioning point, why you dream the way you dream, and how you get conditioned while you dream (everybody does and you're more vulnerable than when you are awake).

One of things I love about teaching DreamRave is the breadth of its appeal.  Everybody sleep and dreams so a DreamRave classroom can be a little like a one-room schoolhouse.  Some people are interested in practical information about how they can sleep better.  Others are just generous and easy dreamers, who want to solve some of the mysteries of their dream lives.  Others dream too much and wish they could stop.   Others are ready to focus on dream mechanics and maya.  Others dream just once in a while but really want to know about this or that dream that really changed their life or is burdening them and still others just want to learn about the matrix and the conditioning insight that can be provided for the everyday life,

People get good results from every approach, but this last one is really the most useful and empowering application all around.  It liberates misdirected energy from the Dream State that gets transferred into your waking life unconsciously and incorrectly and tends to direct you away from your strategy and authority and personal vitality instead of toward it.  When it is identified, which it can't be in the nine-centered rave, it gives you a key conditioning element to watch and a way to redirect that energy toward your own satisfaction and empowerment.  Dream analysis does the same thing, but the cornerstone is this conditioning element called the weak point.

DreamRave doesn't link up with Jungian or Freudian dreamwork.  It looks for the uniqueness of the dreamer, not the way in which we interact with specific universal patterns and it isn't about sublimation of drive either.  Like everything else in Human Design its basis is juxtaposition and separation-here distinguishing very clearly between the waking and dreaming designs and not confusing the two with each other but rather illuminating and refining the uniqueness of each. In a sense, you could say the point is to untangle them and give each their separate but related lives like the body and the mind.

DreamRave Analysis is cutting-edge in Human Design.  In the past few years I have seen notable and obvious changes in people's lives after DreamRave Analysis and the results vary from individual to individual.  They sleep better, they may find a new person or a place to live, they may change spiritual practice or teacher, they may rediscover something about their past...not unusual milestones but, as a professional, ones that are satisfying to see (although there is no requirement that they occur).   Most particularly they become very aware of dream conditioning.  DreamRave work has been called magical and potent and DreamRave professional practice bears this out.  Results often happen quickly.

Also, since people like to share their dreams--which is something we can do with skill in DreamRave gatherings, always keeping an eye to uniqueness and individuation-it makes for a rich and vibrant combined individual and group experience.

An important thing in DreamRave work is to have the option of working individually and in a group setting, so each individual can get to know the landscape and structure of their own dream life and persona, and learn about and maintain that precious uniqueness, but also benefit from the energy and resources of working with others.  Pattern recognition is  also what some of DreamRave analysis, education, and certainly research is about.

Aside from individual analysis which is always available, I will be offering the first Interactive DreamRave Clinic at the IHDS this winter in a dual format which takes advantage of the individual, the group, and the interactive possibilities of working together in a way that is directed but when called for can also move in response.

People ask me about these things, which is why I'm sticking my head out of my office, classroom and personal and general research to give you a shout. And, who knows, perhaps some teaching tales from the DreamRave annals in these pages later.

Deborah Bergman


Enter Eron:  Sneak Preview of Rave Cosmology V

Once upon a time, in a world far, far away, there was a strange creature.  At least we'd think so.  Just for instance, it didn't have a heartbeat, it had no bones, no biology enlivened its body, and not only that, it couldn't actually think.  It was not alive as we know life to be.

And yet, this creature still enjoyed remarkable characteristics and a certain destiny which humans often long for yet which eludes them.   For instance every one of these strange creatures was destined to find and then never lose its perfect partner.   This destiny was hardwired into them.  And each and every one would both have and fulfill a remarkable and vast cosmic purpose from which, unlike us silly humans, it could neither waver nor tragically or tragicomically sabotage.

Here's the rub:  odds are that this being, which lives far, far in the future of once upon a time looms in your distant future as well.   From our perspective, it's very, very strange but also in some ways, perhaps enviable.   And no matter how you might feel about it, the Human Design Revelation observes that the odds are that you may someday become one.  Although become might not be exactly the right word.  By then, in fact, it is unlikely that anyone will use words.  Odds are, there is a direct and unbreakable fractal line between it and you.   

The link is your personality crystal--that remarkable, beyond sub-atomic dark matter object imprinted with a unique geometry you bear through every incarnation.

This creature, called the Eron, is where, according to the Human Design revelation, the majority of our personality crystals are, eventually, some day going to relocate to play a great cosmic role.

In the meantime, lots of other things are going to happen.  Not tomorrow or anytime soon mind you, but in an evolutionary sense fairly soon, the world is going to change drastically.   It will be farther away in time than any of us can even fathom.  In the face of the cosmos, the ability of human beings to fathom expanses of time is not great.  Let's just say there will be a very long cosmic Night.  Ra Uru Hu named it Brahma's.  However, others also have felt and described its latent and unmistakable presence using other old names.  It can also perhaps be simply described as a great cosmic, mutative pause.

What has been given to us through the Human Design Revelation are the blueprints.  We don't have the data.  Data won't even look like data as we know it by the time any of this happens.  (And looking won't look like looking, for that matter.)

And the blueprints, some of which are mechanical designs and wheels and some of which come in story form, which has always been and still is a powerful and useful form, are remarkable.  First, for the illumination they shed on the nature of the cosmos itself and the evolution of the biverse itself.  And even on why it is a biverse, not a universe.  Second and perhaps more significantly, this wisdom also has what it takes to uniquely illuminate and empower self-understanding and the pragmatic particulars of our nine-centered potential right here right now.

Biverse is a basic Rave Cosmology term.   The term alone will turn your head; it more or less says it all.  Yin and yang.  Not one but two.  What we know and what we don't.

Sound familiar?   I invite you to please observe and if possible savor the easy and perhaps effortless continuity from your own nine-centered design to this vast cosmic perspective.

Isn't that beautiful?

I hope you said, uh huh.  (If you're Sacral, that is.  Sorry I can't get everyone into one sentence.  Language can be a little unidirectional at times.)

Next, if you look at scientific journals and also popular science you will see that science has also separately moved into the same territory, that is, not one but two, in its discussion of dark matter and dark energy.  These exist in a still unknown and unquantifiable realm whose influence can nonetheless be documented through phenomena like gravitational lensing.  This is an effect in which certain far-off galaxies clusters that have typically just gone through massive high-energy mutative processes look curved through telescopes.  Curving is the result of gravity. This "dark" matter or energy exerts more gravity on the matter and energy that we could otherwise measure, warping space and therefore distorting  and curving images of the light of galaxies beyond.  This phenomenon was predicted by Einstein.

Deborah hubbleGravitational Lensing in Galaxy Cluster Abell 370 indicates the presence of dark matter.

(Credit: NASA, ESA, the Hubble SM4 ERO Team, and ST-ECF)

Scientifically, it is becoming apparent that this dark matter and energy actually make up much more of the cosmos than our atomic world.  The atomic universe may be, in some sense, one. But the biverse, with its vast undetectable "dark" casing and dynamics that touches even us through the crystals we bear, is two.

Rave Cosmology is handy that way. All great revelatory and visionary stories are practical in their goals.  They are told by human beings for the benefit of other human beings.  In this case, the story of how we get past homo sapiens, beyond the Rave and on to Eron involves not only cosmology and evolution on the macro scale but on the micro scale circuitry.  And one thing I've noticed from teaching Rave Cosmology and studying the Design of forms, or even generally as a Human Design student, is that whenever we deal with new circuitry, whether it's a different form or a sub or minor circuit in the bodygraph and there are many, we also learn more about our own circuitry in our own nine centered design.

The design of the Eron is no exception.  It is made out of the same leggos, that is, centers and channels, that our design is made from.  Just fewer of them arranged differently.   Its gate matrix is a subset of our own.    Its circuitry is remarkable and very strange.

Which begs the question:  But why these gates and centers?  And here?  And in this form?  

That's the binary of the visionary and the practical right here right now that is a featured gift of Rave Cosmology all throughout, and in particular through the Eron story.  Because as we study the visionary future, we necessarily deepen our knowledge of our own nine centered human design.  You learn more about yourself and the bodygraph while you also receive evolutionary keys and departure points.

In a body of work like Rave Cosmology, we also get the benefit of very specific foundation and strong mechanics in Design areas such as circuitry in general, hexagrams and the wheel, solar plexus mutation and of course global cycles---not to mention juxtaposition theory, relativism and the quantum.  We get to cover a whole lot efficiently and practically while taking a long ride into the end of time.   In Rave Cosmology V specifically we also get to look at the very interesting chemical cosmological, and evolutionary topic of carbon and silica.

So does the Eron live happily after?

In its own way, yes it does--although even the word "happily" is used speculatively here.  Also, a great event comes to the entire biverse on a scale and for a purpose that can only be barely imagined.  Kind of the way that looking directly at the sun through binoculars at noon can make you blind, but looking at it briefly or at an angle can be not only revealing, but positively illuminating.

Part of the reason mythic stories stick around for so long is that they carry practical knowledge and relevance to individuals like you and me in our day to day lives.   It's all there synthesized in the mechanics.   In this case the story, and the mechanics are powerful and efficient so that's why we get to cover lots of keys.

Interestingly enough, perhaps the most common feedback I get from Rave Cosmology students is how much they learn about themselves as they learn Human Design cosmology. In its unusual nature, it has certainly taught me more about my own design, and also about cosmology and science in general.  

We are our own best reference points.  And when we see "how," circuitry changes.

But that's another practical fairy tale.  For another once-upon-a-time.

Rave Cosmology V:  Brahma's Long Night and Beyond starts January 12 2010 at the IHDS. Students may certify as Rave Cosmologists and teach or practice this remarkable range of material themselves, or simply attend the single semester because no previous Rave Cosmology experience required.

Deborah Bergman


  Sacral Journey's - An MG living his experiment in every day life.. by Michael Brown

Michael Brown with soft edges
Being the Passenger

This sacral journey is about waking up as the passenger.  I don't know if that sounds grand or not.  What it feels like is a lot of hard work most of the time so let me explain what I mean by this.  What I've come to notice is that there are different parts of me.  First there's my body where a whole consciousness lives inside of me.  This is where my authority resides and where I make decisions most of the time.  Then there is my mind - which is a whole other thing entirely.  This used to be the place where I made my decisions from - all the time.  (Click here to see my chart.)

Then there is this other me.  For lack of words let's call it the witness consciousness.  It's the "me" that can observe my mind doing its thing.  It can also notice what feels satisfying to my body or not.  Maybe it's what Ra refers to as the Passenger.  I guess it's the eyes I see through more and more.

I have a busy mind.  It drives me nuts if I listen to it too much.  I used to listen to it all the time.  It wasn't fun or pretty.  In fact, it drove me mad.  It hasn't been till the last year or so that I've begun to grasp how conditioning works.  If I had to say what conditioning is in one sentence - I would say it like this: Conditioning is all the mind chatter we hear that comes from our openness in our design.  

The mind chatter is going on all the time in our heads.  What I've noticed is that I can pinpoint where it's coming from.  Each of my open centers has its own particular flavor of dialogue.

The Open Ego seems to be the most powerful conditioning force in my life. It used to rule me.  What I now notice is that there's this undercurrent of feeling unworthy when my mind compares my life to my friends around me.  I compare my life to theirs.  I never seem to measure up.  It's at this point that I begin to get lots of ideas and thoughts about how I can improve my life so that I can feel worthy.  But I know now that it's a trap.  Watching this play out takes away the power this conditioning can have.

Open centers love to play and dance with other open centers.  I have an open G-center too.  So the open ego and the open G can create this thought that I have to find a direction or a new lover - so that I can feel worthy.  

What I've come to see is that this is not rocket science.  I know the general themes of each of my open centers - and so now when I hear my thoughts rattling off things I think I should be doing or initiating then I pause and reflect whether this is coming from open centers.  Usually it is.  I don't beat myself up and I don't act on whatever my mind's saying I should do.

I just completed my 4th year in this experiment.  I used to think I should be getting it faster.  Now I see that there are cycles at work that I have no control over.  This deconditioning process has a life of its own that I can really support with my awareness.

The power of my open centers is switching from being a conditioning force in my life to one of great awareness.  For example my open solar plexus is gaining expertise on the emotions and feelings around me.  My open G is sensitive to knowing which environments are correct for me or not.  My open spleen is getting better at telling me what's healthy to have in my life.    

The trick is to pause - often - and watch what my mind is saying.  This is usually enough to get me back on track.

How about you?  You got any tricks you want to share that help in being able to notice and catch your conditioned mind chatter?  I invite you to share them with me at: I'd love to hear from you!

Michael Brown

  It's All in the Living by Carol Freedman

Carol F soft Cr Wanted: Deep Explorations

I've noticed a trend developing... a growing desire for exploring and sharing Human Design at deeper levels.  I may be especially sensitive to it because I want it so much myself, but signs are everywhere.  Projectors are coming together to learn more about themselves (like in the Toronto Weekend), but then are wanting to stay connected.  Opportunities are springing up for them to explore more about themselves with each other in Study and Support groups, workshops like the one that Becky Markley will offer next semester, possible Projector retreats on Kauai, etc.   JAM radio programs like Genoa's are going deeper and deeper into knotty and important issues every day. In the Professional Development Program, we are beginning to share about our lives as professionals and to explore how we might further assist each other while helping ourselves.  Students are staying in study groups after courses end to explore and share further.

For me, I treasure the conversations I have with my colleagues, where we can talk freely about daily life seen thru our designs.  Where we can share about how a particular gate may operate and trade experiences about it, how our individual melancholy/pulse really works...or the topic de jour.  I especially love the conversations where we discuss all the 'fuzzies,' the concepts that seem clear until you are trying to live them or teach them.  For me, that's the real joy of the Human Design it, notice it, share it, compare insights and journeys, incorporate it back into your life. (click here to see my chart)

I really want more of that.  As I have said before, it's partly why I teach Guides.  They are the ones who have to present this information simply, but clearly enough to encourage others to really begin experimenting. We explore not only the "what" to teach, but the "why" and "how." They need to know what content to cover, what to anticipate, where the common misunderstandings may lie, so they can address them if they come up.  They may already know a lot from their ABC's and Rave Cartography courses, which gives them potential depth and grounding. Together, we explore the boundaries of what to teach, how to use their knowledge, where and how to hold back and gently remind eager students of courses to come.  

We get to explore the surface and the simple of Human Design, re-experiencing how powerful it can be. They get to ask all the questions that have been bothering them, or that they may worry students will ask.  They also get to keep seeing how the basic information of centers, Strategy and Authority, and splits affect them personally.  We talk really deeply, both in class and in our Discussion and Practice group.  They not only get lots of personal insights, but as they share, they each develop personal stories that make the information real...and valuable to their students.  And I get to watch, encourage, create a safe space, and reinforce what they share...while relating it back to their practice as Guides.  They also get to explore how they can teach as themselves (and what else would we want?), how their design might affect the mode of presentation they choose, the way they market and find students, the challenges they might encounter and how they can deal with them.

I've learned so much from this Guide training and am really looking forward to incorporating it into next semester's Guide training program.  If you would like to learn more about becoming a Guide, or about the other Professional Training Programs, please join Cathy Kinnaird, Lynda Bunnell and me on Saturday, December 5 at 10am PST in the IHDS Reception Room for a free Open House.

Please also feel free to contact me directly with comments about this article, about your desires to connect and explore, or any questions at 

Carol Freedman

  The Business Side of Design by Ilse Sendler

BG5 is a different training!

Human Design offers a huge variety of courses and trainings in many different fields. You can investigate yourself and/or the functioning of the universe from many many different angles, and many secrets are waiting to be discovered... BG5 is different!

Based on and using all the HD knowledge, it is meant for application in the corporate world, it aims at improving material life and business success no matter how far your personal and spiritual development happens to be.

Not only is the goal quite different to other HD courses, the clientele is or can be very different too. BG5 consultancy is business consultancy, our clients are mainly small companies and/or executives searching to improve their performance and of course their material success.

Personal career profile analysis is often the starting point - ideally you give a young person a (quick and inexpensive) career profile analysis, help them to find their material path and soon afterwards they will employ the BG5 consultant to engineer the perfect team for them or assist them in how to treat their personnel in the most effective way.

Business consulting fees are a different story than the pricing of personal analysis. Engineering an efficient work-team is paid very differently to analysing the relationship between your kids and your mother in law...! So - the BG5 training is priced like any business consultancy education - the only difference is: 'we' are much more effective!

I have been involved in design for nearly 17 years now and there is no doubt that I will continue for the rest of my life. As a powerful (all motors) triple split generator I have often been a kind of bridge between different worlds, the Cross of Planning (4/6)  making me stay connected with others and help provide for their future (37-40, 16, 9) without being drawn into any one thing. The huge variety of work I can now offer with HD suits me perfectly and I am so grateful to be able to say that finally I have arrived in the correct place. (click here for my chart).

The completion of Rave Cartography is the minimum prerequisite for this training, but we recommend that BG5 students are well into their professional training and have had time to collect practical experience.

You can listen to an Introduction to BG5 lecture that I gave in November of 2009 by clicking here.

A new round of training 'BG5 consultants' starts in January 2010 and I am looking forward very much to teaching this fascinating topic once again and to sharing this 'other end' of HD knowledge with you. And please join me for a live Q & A session and any info you might want about the training on Monday, December 14th at 18.00 GMT in the IHDS Reception Room.

Ilse Sendler


  On the Road Discovering Human Design by Beth Black

Beth Black soft to use How Do We Speak Design?

From almost the first moment I met Design I have been exploring how to speak about it to anyone in any situation. To me, Human Design is the tool-belt that any other tool or knowledge fits into and I had an opportunity recently to test this out.

(click here to see my chart)

I was running through my live feed for Facebook and up popped a question I had to respond to:  "We've all heard it said that this world is just an illusion, or Maya within the Hindu context. Do you believe this?" 

To which I responded very splenically: "What if we are a quantum? What if we are an incarnated consciousness that lives a life in this material world, in this maya of form, and we are also a soul or a spirit that enters into this maya to evolve its consciousness, to have a unique experience of self-reflected consciousness in form? And both of these forms of consciousness are us, dancing and weaving together to create the illusion of a singular life.

What if we have a choice as to how to live OUR individual lives in the most unique and magical and creative ways we can, while still within the choicelessness that is the greater surrender to a process or program or guiding force that is beyond our individual existence. What if we are all of it. What if we are the maya, and we are also the witness of the maya, soaking it up and learning from it. Who ever said we had to be just one thing to be true?"

I love the language of Human Design. I love giving foundation readings and teaching the profound information of Human Design to a group, initiating them, inviting them into their experiment. But it also felt good to be able to own this knowledge deeply enough within myself to be able to speak it with anyone in any context, and simply invite them to look deeper without even mentioning the words Human Design. And to receive their responses back that they too perceive the world in this way. And to know on an even deeper level how true all of this is ... and how even if people may not be on a fractal to directly explore the system of Human Design, that we are all being penetrated by the truth of it. That the program works for all of us, is all of us. And we as its messengers and teachers come in many types and colors, and will continue to find more and more varied ways of honoring this knowledge and its power.

gina beth tahLast month I was happy to spend some time with Gina Concotelli  (n the middle) and Tah Groen  (on the left) at a Healing Festival in San Diego where Gina was hosting a Human Design table. I was excited to hear Gina's continued enthusiasm (having been working with Design for quite a while now) as she shared mini chart readings with a variety of participants, and watch Tah (who is much newer to the training) soak up every nuance of what Gina was saying. And I was also able to stop in and visit Carol Zimmerman in Los Gatos, and Carol Freedman in Marin and learn more about their experiences with teaching through the IHDS and how their personal experiments with Design were going. What a pleasure to get together with both of them.

I look forward to spending time with many more of you across the country as I begin traveling next year to promote the LYD program and the greater HD community. But that is a story for the next issue.

I invite any of you who wish to, to please email me at and share your experiences with Human Design both personal and in community. Here's to the future of Human Design and "our redefinition of what it is to be human."

Travel well,

Beth Black


  Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered by Elaine Rogers

Elaine Rogers The Muse is a mystery and a wonder. There is a running joke in the film "Shakespeare in Love" with the reply to the question "But how?" repeatedly being "I don't know, its a mystery". And so it is.

When I first heard from my Human Design reading that I was here to be a creative being my mind could not do anything with that information, though I fancy it was very flattered by the description. As was my intellectually driven way, I set about trying to `work out` how to be a creative being; often with hilarious results. I did not go quite so far as to move to an attic in Paris in the hope that something would surely rub off on me, as if by osmosis, from sitting in cafes full of `arty` people. My mind set about this exercise in a logical fashion - I even recall having a checklist to try out various creative pursuits  just to see which was going to be the means of something emerging that one might recognize as being `what a creative being might do`. So funny, the mind trying to prove my worthiness as a supposed representative of this elusive Muse; how I worked at that and became upset when nothing seemed to be happening.

And then, as is the way of the Muse, suddenly and despite many nervous forebodings and not a little paranoia [of a variety akin to `does my mind look foolish in this?`] as I tried on the costume of writing originally, some contributions began to emerge of their own volition. I was surprised myself. I was more surprised still when I heard that my offerings were appreciated by others. I enjoyed being in this wave of newness as it emerged over time. Such a delight after years of dry intellectuality and always being at the receiving end of the creative process and wondering at its magic, like a child peering through the windows of a toyshop, round-eyed with pleasure.

Then, as is the way of the pulse, the Muse switched off as suddenly as it switched on. Nothing I did could bring it back, and oh did I try. I felt bereft; the writing stopped. No reason, no way to know - a mystery indeed. The impulse to write sank below the waves and returned silently to the watery depths whence it came.

  In the pulse, as with the emotions, one can only surrender to the limitations of the chemistry and its timing. Easy for me to type those words, not remotely easy to endure in reality. A real experience of helplessness. What flows deep in the blood surfaces when it does and not when I would like it to.

The Muse plays fast and loose. Here it is again, or so it seems. I can only be happy that it returns, whilst knowing that it may just as easily be gone again tomorrow - it is the way of these things, and no fault.

Attached is one of my articles, "The Wizard of Odd." I hope you enjoy its Design themes applied to what I see in the maya. The topic  is a popular film; I was so struck by the way the archetypes we know through Design exist and are recognizable, but simply lack the structuring that Design mechanics bring to our understanding of their originality, concepts and formulas. My chart is here for you to see.

Bye for now and thank you,
Elaine Rogers
Human Design analyst & teacher, High Wycombe, UK
De-conditioning for almost 9 year


  Gifts and Goodies

Here are a few goodies for you to watch and read:
The Animated Introduction to Human Design:

Watch Now: Human Design Introduction 
Daily posts and free HD downloads are available from Ra on Facebook and each day Ra posts a condensed version of the Neutrino Forecast

And we have a wonderful gift for you. A transcript from Ra's very popular Life Force Channels lecture. It's the most up to date lecture series on the Channels in the BodyGraph. Each month you will receive a pdf download for this until you have the complete set of lectures covering all of the Channels. It's an 11 part series and here is the pdf download for this month:

The Life Force - Lecture Four.

And a special treat this month is Randy Richmond's wonderful archival recording of Amelia Earhart's Human Design. Thank you Randy! (click here for chart) / (click here for mp3 recording)

Please enjoy. 


Remember, follow your Strategy and Authority and Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell
Human Design Analyst and Teacher
Dean, International Human Design School




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