February 2010                                                                                                    Vol 2, Issue 2
  Welcome to Human Design

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and having an interesting journey. My journey of late has been a real ride to say the least. I'm just so grateful that I understand the world through the lens of Human Design. I've learned so much about waiting, watching and accepting these past few months.
In February, the IHDS mid-semester classes and lectures begin and you can have a look by downloading  the IHDS Course Calendar by clicking here or go to the www.jovianarchive.com web site to have a look. The courses are also listed below.

The 8th Annual Human Design Event begins April 2nd through the 11th in Toronto, Canada. This is our opportunity to get together and have the experience of meeting and socializing with other Human Design folk. The past 7 events have taken place in Europe and I'm really excited to not have to travel so far this time! Click here to download the brochure.

Saturday, Feb 6 at 19:00 GMT I'm doing a free lecture in the IHDS Reception Room at www.jovianarchive.com called
The Provocative Nature of Auras - I hope you can join me.

Ra is giving a free lecture on Valentine's Day called How We Connect. One of the great gifts of Human Design is our ability to see the mechanics of how people connect with one another. Join us for a look at this fascinating topic. It's one of my favorites. Mark your calendar for Sunday February 14th at 20:00 GMT. It will take place in the IHDS Reception Room at www.jovianarchive.com.

On January 22nd Ra gave a talk on the Rave 2010 Forecast. We have provided the download link for those of you not able to attend in Ra's message below. It looks to be an interesting year. I hope you enjoy this month's Journal.

Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell

P.S. I've been on a break from doing readings but I am now available so please drop me a note if you are interested at lynda@humandesigncommunity.com or click here to download my brochure.




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The Messenger and Founder of Human Design - Ra Uru Hu

The Rave 2010 Forecast

I want to wish all of you a healthy and aware New Year.

We celebrate the Rave New Year when the sun enters into the 41st gate. It is the beginning of the genetic calendar, the way we are imprinted, the way life is imprinted, the way the program works. We begin the year on the Incarnation Cross of the Unexpected. I think that one of the most magical things for me in the way this unfolds is the beauty of the unexpected ... (click here to download the forecast.)

Love Yourself,

Ra Uru Hu

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International Human Design School

To get started with Human Design the first thing is to have your Human Design analyzed by a Professional Human Design Analyst. You will find a listing at www.jovianarchive.com in the Newcomers Center Professional Listing. The next thing to do is to take the Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop. This workshop will give you the foundation for beginning the experiment of living your design and deepen your understanding of the most important things to know about your personal design and how you fit in and interact best with the world around you. This is all you need in order to go out into the world and begin the process of deconditioning and living your life as yourself. A Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop is being offered in January. This link will take you to a page with more information: Living Your Design Course.

Two General Education courses are available once you have had a reading and taken the LYD Course. These courses are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Human Design and students find them fascinating. The two courses are Rave ABC's and Rave Cartography.

Mid-Semester Programs and Lectures Starting in February - March 2010

Two Free Lectures This Month!

February 6 at 19:00 GMT in the IHDS Reception Room
The Provocative Nature of Auras with Lynda Bunnell

February 14 at 20:00 GMT in the IHDS Reception Room
How We Connect with Ra Uru Hu

The IHDS Semester is now underway but there are several mid-semester
programs which have yet to begin.

Solar Plexus? Solar Plexus! with Martin Grassinger - Beginning February 8

Primary Health System Workshop: Enhancing Your Body's Potential
with Andrea Reikl-Wolf - Beginning February 15

Family Practice Analyst Certification with Alokanand Diaz del Rio - Beginning February 16

Rave ABC's with Carol Zimmerman - Beginning February 18

IHDS Lectures

Deborah Bergman - February 13
Do Androids Dream of Erotic Sheep? A First Look at Sex, Pleasure and the DreamRave

Alokanand Diaz del Rio - The Two Minds in Us - February 20

Andrea Reikl-Wolf -
Gender Differentiation - February 6
The Creative Channels - February 20

Martin Grassinger - The Mystery of Healing - March 7

Dharmen and Leela Swann-Herbert -
Decoding our Chemistry in the Faces of Initiation - Feb 19, 26, March 5, 12, 19
Relating with Children: Supporting Emerging Roles - Feb 2, 9 and 16

Click here to download the full Course Calendar!
And enjoy these recorded Open Houses that our professionals presented in December 2009 on: Going Further with Professional Training, and the Biversity!

You can register for classes and lectures today at www.jovianarchive.com.


  Articles and Recordings to RAVE About from the NEW Human Design Chronicles

Living Design Aura to Aura

Posted on January 27, 2010 by Lynda Bunnell
We had a Human Design gathering in my home on Saturday. It was a wonderful experience to meet so many lovely people with different levels of exposure to Human Design. There were people there that have not had readings yet but were very curious to people very immersed in the knowledge. We gathered together to meet one another and socialize a bit and then we moved into another room to sit and share our experiences. I only wish I had recorded the wonderful stories. Human Design and its impact on each of our lives was the common connection for all of us and it is what brought us together.

There is such a longing for self-knowledge and when one finally meets it there is no denying it. You feel it into your cells and bones as it goes very deep. There is recognition. We immediately begin to accept ourselves when we feel the recognition. We begin to relax - finally I am here and I am seen. We can let go of the questioning and comparing that has tortured us our entire life.
What a relief!

It was so wonderful to make a shift from the virtual world to the aura to aura world of Human Design. I do love the virtual world because there are no travel limits but it is so good to be aura to aura with others who love Human Design.

I'm looking forward to this local community growing and expanding.

With a warm heart, Lynda
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  Projector's Perspective by Becky Markley

Annual Cleansing

(to see my chart click here)

Almost 4 years ago I began my PHS experiment.  I follow my "Hot" regimen strictly as it is painful not to.  By that I mean it is intolerable to put anything below body temperature into my mouth.  I am always reheating food and my microwave oven is my best friend.  Not literally.  But I am designed to alter the energy of my food to suit my temperature preferences.  I need the heat to digest foods correctly so that my "active" brain gets the nourishment it needs in the moment for my differentiated brain to do its thing.   I don't "cheat."  I have no desire to cheat.  Not even a whimper or wish.  Bye bye hot fudge sundaes.  Hello hot apple pie.  

(click here to read the entire article.)

If you're a Projector, would you like to send me an email about your experiences?  We are a very diverse type, each with our own unique expressions.  Please feel invited to share yourself and be heard.  All levels of experimentation are welcome.  So are Questions or topics.
Wishing you your own perfect awareness in every moment,


  On the Road with Human Design by Beth Black

Don't Try This at Home!

(click here to see my chart)

I have always been in awe of Mary Ann Winiger and all others who completely surrendered themselves to the sacral experiment. And although I "thought" I had over the past eight and a half years done a pretty good job of surrendering myself, I recently discovered just how much farther I could go.

On December 29th I slipped while shoveling snow and in the blink of an eye fell flat on my face, hit both my face and head on the ground, and suffered a concussion. About 20 hours later (right after passing my Analysts exam if you can believe it in a very altered state) I was hit on the top of my head by a door being flung open while I was bending over in front of it to pick up my dog. These two cosmic adjustments as many have called them succeeded in creating a doorway for me to experience the greatest release of my mind as my inner authority, and acceptance instead of my sacral voice as my true authority, that I could ever have imagined.

(click here to read the entire article.)
I would love to hear about your real life experiences and revelations about Human Design. Please feel free to email me at beth@humandesignuniversal.us.

Enjoy the journey!


  A Manifestor's Experiment by Eileen Smith

Emotional Manifestor Readings
Click here to view my chart.

In response to my December article on emotional authority, I received an excellent question from Jakub Stritezsky who was wondering: "what are the essential tips for the emotional Manifestor regarding their authority. Manifestors are conditioned to wait and respond, so telling them to wait might only condition them more. How do you go about this dilemma in the reading?"  (click here to read the entire article.)

If you would like to respond or comment on this article or topic, I invite you to contact me at:
Eileen Smith


  Fresh Laws to Live By -  Carol Zimmerman

A Kiron Cycle Reading:
Is it just for those with 6th lines in their Profile?

No. It can serve anyone who is fully engaged in living their design. We often say that the Kiron Cycle is the time in life where you have the potential to blossom. That's because it is a snapshot that shows the potential within a person during the cycle that spans roughly 50 years of age until they die.
It is a glimpse at the enlightenment of you as a passenger in this life and the maturation of your full potential as a unique individual.  That is quite something if you think about it.

(click here to read the entire article.)

Please send your suggestions, inquiries, or stories to : carol@humandesignsupport.com. You can see my chart here.


Carol Zimmerman


  It's All in the Living by Carol Freedman

Carol F soft Cr

Update on Experimenting Generators

(click here to see my chart)

Thought I'd catch you up on my progress to date...and tell you that more will be coming soon.

So far, I've spoken to 5 generators, with several more to be scheduled.  Interesting enough, the first responses came from Emotional Generators.  Although I am using a core set of questions to explore people's process and experience with their response, each conversation has had it's own flavor and direction.  I don't have enough data to say much so far, but I am getting more and more interested in how varied people's responses can be... some use sounds, others began there till they could trust their response, and now simply feel the response in their body.  Like I had done, some had begun by asking themselves questions, using muscle testing, or other ways to get their own response...but now are doing their best to have others question them.  In addition, there's lots of variation in when and how often they use their response, who helps them, and what makes for a good sacral interaction.

(click here to read the full article.)

Please also feel free to contact me directly with comments about this article, about your desires to connect and explore, or any questions at callcarol@HDandYou.com. 

Carol Freedman

  Sacral Journeys - An MG living his experiment in every day life... by Michael Brown

Michael Brown with soft edges

Availability and Intimacy

(Click here to see my chart)

I've been reflecting upon the nature of response lately.   I'm a manifesting generator with the 34-20 channel as my only definition.   So you might say that I am here to be the eternal student of this dynamic energy flow in my life.  As a 34-20, I want to be busy doing things I love.  If you look at the simple center dynamics - I'm seeking to express (throat) my vital life energy (of my sacral).   When I do this through my response - the result can oftentimes be wonderful.  I'm using my energy in a way that feels good - and I can even look charismatic doing it.  Life is good, as they say.

(click here to read the entire article.

Please feel free to email me at Turningleafwellness@mac.com. I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Journeys to you this winter season.

Michael Brown

  From the East of Europe by Barbara Moser-Kranjcec

Having a Little Manifestor at Home

(click here to see my chart)

In one of Ra's lectures I heard that, when women give birth to a Manifestor there is this moment of  "oh oh" and exactly that is what happened when I gave birth to my little son:  There it was this loud and clear "oh oh - and what now???" when I got that little baby into my arms for the first time.

Having heard many many things about the four types I assumed that the Manifestor child is actually the strongest, the one that "goes out and does" - but let me tell you, that belief was a huge mistake! My little Sven, now 4 years old, is rather the type of a little rabbit - when there is action required, his action is to hide behind me first of all - and I was deeply disappointed because of that for a while. I did not get the point - I was holding on to a generalization that I assumed I'd have heard.

Barb and Svenclick here to see Sven's chart

The only thing I guess I never got wrong was to teach him to be friendly and sticking to his PHS. And what I do get right now is my wrong view on Manifestor children!

(click here to read the entire article.)

Until soon!


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And we have a wonderful gift for you. A transcript from Ra's very popular Life Force Channels lecture. It's the most up to date lecture series on the Channels in the BodyGraph. Each month you will receive a pdf download for this until you have the complete set of lectures covering all of the Channels. It's an 11 part series and here is the pdf download for this month:
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Remember, follow your Strategy and Authority and Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell
Human Design Analyst and Teacher
Dean, International Human Design School




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