March 2010                                                                                                    Vol 2, Issue 3
  Welcome to Human Design

Hi Everyone,

The 8th Annual Human Design Event begins April 2nd through the 11th in Toronto, Canada. This is our opportunity to get together and have the experience of meeting and socializing with other Human Design folk. The past 7 events have taken place in Europe and I'm really excited to not have to travel so far this time! Click here to download the brochure.

Ra gave a free lecture on Valentine's Day called How We Connect. Click here for a transcript of this wonderful introduction into how we relate to others energetically. A special thank you to Zsuzsa Starkey for sending me the transcription!

And a reminder, the Human Design Study group meets online every first and second Tuesday of the month and it's free! Here is the link to the IHDS Reception Room where the meeting takes place: IHDS Reception Room.
Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell

P.S. I've been on a break from doing readings but I am now available so please drop me a note if you are interested at or click here to download my brochure.


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The Messenger and Founder of Human Design - Ra Uru Hu

The Magnetic Monopole - Part One (In Four Parts)

One of the very interesting core aspects and most extraordinary mysteries of Human Design is the Magnetic Monopole. It's been very fortunate that, in terms of the information of the revelation, that so much of this information has been verified at some level or another. The verification of the neutrino with mass and the magnetic monopole leads to an ability for us to be able to mechanically have a reliable way to look at the way in which we operate and the way in which the world operates. (click here to read entire article.)

Love Yourself,

Ra Uru Hu

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International Human Design School

To get started with Human Design the first thing is to have your Human Design analyzed by a Professional Human Design Analyst. You will find a listing at in the Newcomers Center Professional Listing. The next thing to do is to take the Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop. This workshop will give you the foundation for beginning the experiment of living your design and deepen your understanding of the most important things to know about your personal design and how you fit in and interact best with the world around you. This is all you need in order to go out into the world and begin the process of deconditioning and living your life as yourself. A Living Your Design workshop is being offered in Toronto in April and again in May. This link will take you to a page with more information: Living Your Design Course.

Two General Education courses are available once you have had a reading and taken the LYD Course. These courses are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Human Design and students find them fascinating. The two courses are Rave ABC's and Rave Cartography.

8th Annual Human Design Event in Toronto April 2-11, 2010

You can download the Conference Brochure for complete information here.

Mid-Semester Lectures Starting in March, 2010

Martin Grassinger - The Mystery of Healing - March 7

Dharmen and Leela Swann-Herbert -
Decoding our Chemistry in the Faces of Initiation -  March 5, 12, 19

You can register for lectures today by clicking here.


  Articles and Recordings to RAVE About from the NEW Human Design Chronicles

Surprise, Change and Transformation

Posted on February 27, 2010 by Lynda Bunnell
Hi Everyone,

I'm very busy doing readings and I'm really enjoying the process. Everyone is so unique in their journey.

Something for newcomers to keep in mind is that entering into the experiment of becoming your own authority and working with your strategy is a process of discovery. A Human Design reading is not about getting 'the answer' to problems. It's not that at all. It is about a journey. And you are at the center of your journey. You are discovering new territory and learning about yourself. Human Design is a road map filled with sign posts and as you begin to walk through the journey using your map and sign posts you discover the hidden treasure that is your authentic self. It's a magical journey. It's not always easy but it's worth it. You might as well live your life and first you have to discover what your life is.

It's an on-going day by day process filled with surprise, change and transformation.

Enjoy, Lynda

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  Projector's Perspective by Becky Markley

The Wonders of PHS

(to see my chart click here)

Hello everyone!
I received several emails after the February Journal about PHS.  One email asked the question what does PHS stand for?  I forgot to mention that it is an acronym for Primary Health System.  This is also "Transformation 1," and interpreted at the Design Sun/Earth Color and Tone level.  When I work privately with clients I call it their Personal Health Strategy.
Further questions were how does PHS affect you in living your design?  Is it easy to follow it?  How does it affect your family life?  I'll respond to the first two questions here and save the last one for another article.  Yes, my PHS is easy for me to follow.  This is not generally true for most of my clients so I don't set my experience up as the norm.  I'd say that following my PHS rigidly for the last almost-4 years (on March 7) has gradually given me a very deep access and trust in my splenic authority.
Now that I know about my Design "outer vision" cognition, I notice consistently that I almost always need to "see" things to know/to decide, such as knowing if an invitation is right for me.

(click here to read the entire article.)

You are invited to send me an email about your Projector process and please also send your
birth information. I will respond if and when my authority says yes. My energy is inconsistent so I don't know when I will answer! I just wait and see what my fingers do. Or not.

Hope you enjoy watching your life with patience and surrender!

And thanks for being you, whoever you are, wherever you are in your process of living this
wonder-full life.

Becky Markley
HD Analyst/PHS Practitioner/Rave Psychologist

  Reflections from Inside the Experiment by John Martin

Freaking Mind
(click here to see my chart)

One of the common questions I get is:  "What IS Human Design and what has it done for you?"  Generally, my answer is something along the lines of:   Well, I don't care what happens anymore.  I just don't "mind" what happens.  When I say that, I'm not saying that the mind doesn't freak out - It Does!  It definitely does, it is freaking out right NOW while I am writing this fact, my mind generally lives in a state of perpetually freaked out.

(Click here to read the entire article.)


John Martin

  A Manifestor's Experiment by Eileen Smith

What a Manifestor is Not

Click here to view my chart.

I recently gave a presentation on reading for a manifestor and what seemed to impact some of those who listened was a table I constructed on what a manifestor is not, so I thought I would share this with a wider group. When we are new to design we focus very much on who we are not by looking at our openness and where we are conditioned. I think it is interesting to examine also who we cannot be in terms of channel definition.
(click here to read the entire article.)

If you would like to respond or comment on this article or topic, I invite you to contact me at:
Eileen Smith


  Fresh Laws to Live By -  Carol Zimmerman

Kiron Return and Health

I was touched by your responses to my Kiron Return article last month. Many had 6th lines Profiles, which I expected, but not all. How cool is that?
I haven't finished interviewing all who contacted me but will this month. I decided to share my findings in May so anyone else willing to share your "coming off the roof" stories can still contact me (would you like to?). It will also let me incorporate any thoughts from my "Rooftop Evacuation Planning for Late Bloomers" workshop I do at the Jovian Archive live Toronto event on April 11th.
So this month let's discuss why the Kiron Return phase can be a difficult time health-wise (or not) for us Role Models with a 6th line in their Profile.

(click here to read the entire article.)

Please send your suggestions, inquiries, or stories to : You can see my chart here.


Carol Zimmerman


  It's All in the Living by Carol Freedman

Carol F soft Cr

Further Updates on Experimenting

(click here to see my chart)

First of all, thanks to all you Generators who have responded.  I have really been enjoying talking with those I've reached so far.  If we haven't connected yet, I'm not ignoring you... the response was so great that I haven't been able to get back to everybody yet, but will soon.  Being so Individual (insert chart), timing for me is everything these days.  And sometimes I don't respond to that timing (and mood) being right for weeks at a time.  Probably should have warned you ahead of time...sorry.
The conversations are fun.  Each one adds something new.  A deepening sense of how response may operate when unconscious, the impact of having multiple channels involved in response, what to do when you live alone, etc. 

(click here to read the full article.)

Please also feel free to contact me directly with comments about this article, about your desires to connect and explore, or any questions at 

Carol Freedman

  Sacral Journeys - An MG living his experiment in every day life... by Michael Brown

Michael Brown with soft edges

When I Want Your Opinion, I'll Ask For It

(Click here to see my chart)

I didn't make up the title to this latest sacral journey - it's the title of a recent blog post I read by Seth Godin - a favorite author and blogger of mine.  He's passionate about putting what you do best out in the world. In his blog post he goes on to say that if asked, you should not be afraid to really stand up and offer your opinion.  I'm going to take a different direction for this journey. 

My take is that you shouldn't offer your opinion - unless asked.  As you know I write personal stories from the perspective of being a 34-20 manifesting generator.  The 34-20 is a very individual channel.  I'm going to let you in on a little secret - as a 34-20, it's very difficult for me to take in advice from others - unless I ask you. 

(click here to read the entire article.) 

Please feel free to email me at I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Journeys to you this winter season.

Michael Brown

Perception and Experiences - 6.2. Style by Gina Concotelli

Hermits Unite!

(Click here to see my chart)

This past holiday season I was shopping in a metaphysical book store, perusing for a special gift.  My eyes landed on a button pin "Hermits Unite."  Of course, I burst into laughter. All you 2's out there in Human Design land know exactly what I'm inferring.  Yes, we want to be left alone. And we also want to commiserate about our hermitage.
Ideally, 2nd lined beings would live in Hermitville where there are other Hermits and normal people too.  We love to interact and engage. Remember; don't put too much pressure on us, as we are likely to bark back at you.  We'd like to live in community, just as long as we have our cave to go to and stay as long as we like, alone.  We are the happiest when we can putter around in our own little world.  If you know a 2, remember to call them when there's something unique or creative to check out. Left to our own devices we can find plenty to entertain ourselves, alone.

(click here to read the entire article.) 

Gina Concotelli

From the East of Europe by Barbara Moser-Kranjcec

Transformation or ... Learning It the Hard Way

(click here to see my chart)

I love the knowledge of Human Design, I'm a certified analyst for individuals and families, certified for BG5 (the business application of Human Design)... but do you know what all the knowledge helps?
Let me I give you a hint: Nothing. Nothing unless you APPLY IT!
And do I always apply it? Let me give you another hint: Nope ... So I thought why not give you an example of what happens when I do not apply it ... let me call it:
Transformation or ... learning it the hard (and hairy) way!
Don't we all know about this wonderful thing called "follow your strategy, listen to your authority"??? I for sure do - and I really thought (ah, see, first glitch!) that I'm doing just that - but last year I collected quite some examples were I painfully fell into the mind's trap!

(click here to read the entire article.)

Until soon!

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Remember, follow your Strategy and Authority and Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell
Human Design Analyst and Teacher
Dean, International Human Design School




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