May 2010                                                                                                    Vol 2, Issue 4
  Welcome to Human Design

Hi Everyone,

Many of you have noticed that we did not have a Human Design Journal for the month of April and we have decided to put the Journal out every other month instead of every month, so the next one will be going out in July 2010.

The 8th Annual Human Design Event was great. It was so nice to see everyone and get reconnected again. The teachers did a great job in their lectures and workshops. I'm really looking forward to next year and I hope you will join us.

We have some nice articles for you in this month's issue so please enjoy.

Also, the 2010 Semester 3 at the International Human Design School begins the week of May 17th so please go to the website to check out the classes being offered and to download the course catalog.

Enjoy the Journal this month.

Wishing you all the best, Lynda

P.S. Just a reminder, the Human Design Study group meets online every first and second Tuesday of the month and it's free! Here is the link to the IHDS Reception Room where the meeting takes place: IHDS Reception Room.


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The Messenger and Founder of Human Design - Ra Uru Hu

The Magnetic Monopole - Part Two (In Four Parts)

One of the very interesting core aspects and most extraordinary mysteries of Human Design is the Magnetic Monopole. It's been very fortunate that, in terms of the information of the revelation, that so much of this information has been verified at some level or another. The verification of the neutrino with mass and the magnetic monopole leads to an ability for us to be able to mechanically have a reliable way to look at the way in which we operate and the way in which the world operates. (click here to read entire article.)

Love Yourself,

Ra Uru Hu

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International Human Design School

To get started with Human Design the first thing is to have your Human Design analyzed by a Professional Human Design Analyst. You will find a listing at in the Newcomers Center Professional Listing. The next thing to do is to take the Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop. This workshop will give you the foundation for beginning the experiment of living your design and deepen your understanding of the most important things to know about your personal design and how you fit in and interact best with the world around you. This is all you need in order to go out into the world and begin the process of deconditioning and living your life as yourself. A Living Your Design workshop is being offered in Toronto in April and again in May. This link will take you to a page with more information: Living Your Design Course.

Two General Education courses are available once you have had a reading and taken the LYD Course. These courses are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Human Design and students find them fascinating. The two courses are Rave ABC's and Rave Cartography.

IHDS 3rd Semester Begins May 17th

This upcoming semester offers a hosts of great selection of courses,
lectures and workshops.

For more information download our brochure:
Or browse the Courses & Lectures section of

3rd Semester Interactive Classes with Ra Uru Hu
- Holistic Analysis Class and Workshop
- The Science of Differentiation Master Program 2
- Variable Teachers Training
For more info or to register for Classes with Ra go to:

3rd Semester IHDS Training Academy Courses
- BG5 Small Business Analysis Semester 3 with Ilse Sendler
- Living Your Design with Lynda Bunnell
- Rave ABC's with Carol Zimmerman
- Rave Cartography with Carol Zimmerman
- Rave Cosmology VI: Profile Purpose and Function with Deborah Bergman
For more info or to register for Training Academy Courses go to:

3rd Semester Biversity Courses
- Channels and Purpose with Alokanand Diaz del Rio
- Deconditioning Workshop: Navigating and Transforming with your Strategy
and Authority with Andrea Reikl-Wolf
- Finding Flow: Success and Self Love through your Chart with Glenda
- Living in the Material World of the Body - The Tribal Circuit Group from a
Physical Health Perspective with Martin Grassinger
- Making the Most of Our Response: A Generator Workshop with Carol Freedman
- Mystical Way 101: Your Right and the Means to a Unique Spirituality with
Deborah Bergman
- The Caring and Nurturing side of Sexuality Workshop: It's role in home and
business with Andrea Reikl-Wolf
- Transformational Workshop for Beginners with Peter Schoeber
- Transits: Just-in-time Ideas for Real-time Conditioning with Carol
For more info or to register for Biversity Courses go to:

3rd Semester Science of Differentiation College Courses
- Interactive DreamRave Persona Clinic with Deborah Bergman
- Primary Health System Workshop: Enhancing Your Body's Potential with
Andrea Reikl-Wolf
- Projector Awareness: Part I - PHS & Environment Workshop with Becky
- Projector Awareness: Part II - Perspective and Environment with Becky
- The Two Minds in Us - Rave Psychology Clinic with Alokanand Diaz del Rio
For more info or to register for College Courses go to:

3rd Semester Lectures

- Decoding our Chemistry in the Faces of Civilization; A Lecture Series with
Dharmen and Leela Swann-Herbert
- Planetary Resonance in the Personality with Alokanand Diaz del Rio
- The Benefits and Rewards of the Defined Ego with Andrea Reikl-Wolf
- The Voices of the Throat with Andrea Reikl-Wolf
- A Diagnostic Look at the Human Vital Force with Martin Grassinger
For more info or to Register for Lectures go to:

  Reflections from Inside the Experiment by John Martin

Freaking Mind
(click here to see my chart)

One of the common questions I get is:  "What IS Human Design and what has it done for you?"  Generally, my answer is something along the lines of:   Well, I don't care what happens anymore.  I just don't "mind" what happens.  When I say that, I'm not saying that the mind doesn't freak out - It Does!  It definitely does, it is freaking out right NOW while I am writing this fact, my mind generally lives in a state of perpetually freaked out.

(Click here to read the entire article.)


John Martin

  A Manifestor's Experiment by Eileen Smith

Safe In My Logic

Click here to view my chart.

I love logic, not surprising then that it is part of my definition and I also have several logical gates (see my chart). You can always rely on logic to give you an answer that makes sense even if it is not necessarily correct. I loved mathematics at school and enjoyed the process of complex workings out in advanced mathematics that would deliver a solution at the end. Of course I was no genius and sometimes did not get to that solution but it was so satisfying when I did get a correct answer. When I would start a mathematical problem there was no knowing of how it was going to come out but the challenge was nectar. I love human design because it is a logical system and it suits my mind so perfectly that I am bathing in sunlight. What a warm glow it gives me every time I see something new, or when another solution falls into my lap.
(click here to read the entire article.)

If you would like to respond or comment on this article or topic, I invite you to contact me at:
Eileen Smith


  Fresh Laws to Live By -  Carol Zimmerman

Toronto 2010

As far as I'm concerned both sacral responses and mind complicate life. It was suggested that for this Journal issue those of us that participated in the live Human Design event this past April could share our experience of it.
Well nothing of what I experienced in Toronto was close to what I expected I would end up sharing. I was asked if I would like to present some sessions at this event back in October and I offered a couple of options. But as time went by those original ideas kept morphing and started getting complicated. I knew the creative focus and original insight was out there but precisely how I was going to present and organize it seemed to have no real anchor. My mind just waited in fascination to see how it would all come together (or not).

(click here to read the entire article.)

Please send your suggestions, inquiries, or stories to : You can see my chart here.


Carol Zimmerman


  It's All in the Living by Carol Freedman

Carol F soft Cr

Getting a Satisfying Response

(click here to see my chart)

As my boyfriend Richard so aptly put it recently, "Gee, all this time I thought life was about finding the right answers...Now I'm beginning to realize it's about asking the right questions." Of course, he was talking about his experience as a newly-practicing Generator, just beginning to see that the quality and value of response may well depend on the quality of the questions being asked. 

(click here to read the full article.)

Please also feel free to contact me directly with comments about this article, about your desires to connect and explore, or any questions at 

Carol Freedman

  Sacral Journeys - An MG living his experiment in every day life... by Michael Brown

Michael Brown with soft edges

Is There Any End to Our Uniqueness?

(Click here to see my chart)

Hola. Spring's arrived here in Boston. And my overriding feelings are - thank god and about time!  Winter's can get long in the Northeastern part of the United States. But when the flowers emerge and the leaves show their green aliveness - my body goes through a similar transformation.
Which brings me to my latest sacral journey. I'm embarking on a new direction on my path with human design.  Two things are happening simultaneously.

(click here to read the entire article.) 

Please feel free to email me at I'd love to hear from you!

Until our next journey, happy trails to you.

Michael Brown

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered by Elaine Rogers

Impressions of Toronto

(Click here to see my chart)

Here they are black, or at least in full sunlight a very deep, dark chocolate colour. In UK they are grey or, rarely, red. Toronto squirrels; black is the new grey.
In Allan Gardens someone has lifted an entire section of Kew Gardens' elegant Victorian  hothouses and deposited them in the middle of the city. To step in there on a sunny April day is to be swept up in a dense perfume cloud of lilies and wafted around the winding paths, past banana palms, orchids and tropical waterfalls that momentarily obscure the mirror-glass sky towers beyond them.
Beneath the streets, a labyrinth - miles of subterranean shopping that sprang from miles of transport links; and a blessing for residents subjected to a harsh winter climate. Practicality born of necessity.

(click here to read the entire article.) 

Bye for now and thank you,
Elaine Rogers
Human Design analyst & teacher, High Wycombe, UK
De-conditioning for almost 9 years

From the East of Europe by Barbara Moser-Kranjcec

My Motivation Is Fear

(click here to see my chart)

My motivation is fear ...

... but I fear I got it all wrong ... or maybe not?

Hi everybody. How are you these days? I'm spending many hours lately trying to figure out my chart ... although I know that on a deeper level - my mind cannot grasp it - and will never grasp it. Anyway, the one thing which I never took courses about ... or even understood - is that motivation thing. Yeah, yeah, I know - we should not start there. We should rather stay in the realms of our centers and Strategy and Authority but it is just soooooooo attractive to run ahead without understanding the basics really. At least it is for me - I mean I'm a manifesting generator after all ... give me the framework and I believe I know the details - give me more of that framework and I'm off like a rocket wanting more and more and more.

(click here to read the entire article.)

Until soon!

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Remember, follow your Strategy and Authority and Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell
Human Design Analyst and Teacher
Dean, International Human Design School




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