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Welcome to the November edition of the Human Design Journal. We have a nice eclectic collection of articles for you this month.

The IHDS is offering a special November Living Your Design Course with Leela Swann-Herbert. This online class is going to meet once a week rather than twice weekly. This will give people more time to digest the information and go further into their experiment over the 6 weeks. As an added bonus to this course you have the opportunity to meet with fellow LYD students in a Facebook group specifically set up to continue to support you in your experiment. There have been some great questions and answers posted in this group. Human Design has come a long way since I was first involved. It sure is wonderful to see the progress.

Be sure to check out the "Gifts and Goodies" section for the free downloads including the third pdf download on the Channels. We have also included for your enjoyment Ra's recent class "Anything Under The Sun" where he takes questions from students for a full hour. It's rare to have this opportunity to ask Ra anything under the sun. 

I'd like to welcome our new contributors, Gina Concotelli and Beth Black. If you would like to contribute an article please submit it to me at I would also like to hear any feedback about the journal. This is a work in process and suggestions are welcome.

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The Messenger and Founder of Human Design - Ra Uru Hu

The Manifestor

Manifestors are just over 8% of the population.  Even though, when you're talking about seven billion people there are a lot of them around, as a percentage Manifestors are a minority. What is it to be a Manifestor?  Mechanically, a Manifestor has a motor connected to the throat center and an undefined sacral center.

A Manifestor has the ability to be able to move its energy into action. It is an energy type. The illusion that people have about Manifestors is that they can do whatever they want.  Well, they can't, it's just an illusion.  Manifestors tend to operate on their own, and in operating on their own they tend to look like they're taking their own action.  In fact, they're like everybody else.  We are all reactive; we are all reacting to the impulse.  None of us are in control of the process, however, it certainly looks like Manifestors are able to take the initiative.

The Manifestor's aura is closed and repelling. Think about that.  A closed aura is the exact opposite of the Generator's.  The Generator has an open enveloping aura; the Manifestor has a closed repelling aura. As a matter of fact, as you approach a Manifestor the impact of his or her aura is that your aura compresses. Auras have a prana, they're not fixed.  They expand and contract, and the moment that you meet a Manifestor your aura contracts. 

Manifestors are controlled from the moment that they come into the world because there is a suspicion about them that stems from this aura contact, and this control leads to the theme of anger. Manifestor children with this repelling aura might be tribal, emotional, and collective, so you can imagine how difficult that is.  They want to be able to integrate and they can't. It's why there is all this potential anger and tension that builds up in the life of the Manifestor child until it ultimately explodes. 

Strategy is an incredible thing. It gives us a technique, an ability, through seeing the mechanics, to navigate correctly in the illusion.  That is what strategy is about. We have to teach Manifestors their strategy because it isn't natural for them. Strategy for Manifestors is a way to protect Manifestors from themselves, and to protect everybody else from them. Manifestor children must be taught to ask permission as their strategy. This is how they avoid being punished for what they do. This is how they get along in their environment and integrate with others.

The adult strategy for a Manifestor is to inform, which is a great freedom for the Manifestor who leaves the parental household and no longer will ever want to ask anyone or anything for permission.  Yet at the same time, if they are going to be able to integrate into society, if they're going to be able to have any kind of social dynamic in their lives, Manifestors are going to have to learn how to inform; otherwise, it is going to be very difficult. 

Informing, as a strategy for Manifestors, is simply a way of removing suspicion, because this is what gets in the way of their social life. When you meet a Manifestor you really do not have any idea what he is going to do. That means that if the Manifestor doesn't find a way to communicate effectively, then he is going to alienate others.  It's simply the way it works. 

The signature for the Manifestor is peace.  Manifestors seek to be freed of their anger, but can never be freed until they begin to inform so that they can reduce the resistance. Informing for the adult Manifestor is a strategy that has political and social value. Manifestors by their design are not negative forces.  They can make a valuable contribution.  The dilemma for most Manifestors is their isolation, and the anger that they carry within them. 

For Manifestors to operate with peace in their life they need the proper guidance and this begins with the parents of Manifestors. If the parent can teach the Manifestor child the importance of asking permission and informing, and this strategy then translates into an ability to inform as an adult, then the Manifestor has a chance of living a life with peace.


Love Yourself,

Ra Uru Hu


International Human Design School

To get started with Human Design the first thing is to have your Human Design analyzed by a Professional Human Design Analyst. You will find a listing at in the Newcomers Center Professional Listing. The next thing to do is to take the Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop. This workshop will give you the foundation for beginning the experiment of living your design and deepen your understanding of the most important things to know about your personal design and how you fit in and interact best with the world around you. This is all you need in order to go out into the world and begin the process of deconditioning and living your life as yourself. A Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop is being offered in November. This link will take you to a page with more information: Living Your Design Course

Two General Education courses are available once you have had a reading and taken the LYD Course. These courses are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Human Design and students find them fascinating. The two courses are ABC and Rave Cartography.

Mid Semester Programs and Lectures for November/December

Thursday, October 29 thru Thursday, November 26
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Sunday, November 1 and Sunday, November 15
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Saturday, November 7
Living Your Design - A Cellular Transformation
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Saturday, November 7
Liberation - A State of Mind
with Alokanand Diaz del Rio
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Monday, November 9
Dream Rave Portal Gates 3 x 3
with Deborah Bergman
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Saturday, November 28
A Look Ahead - The Forecast for December
with Dharmen Swann-Herbert
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Saturday, December 26
A Look Ahead - The Forecast for January
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We are hosting three 'Getting Started in Human Design' events in November/December: Sunday, November 15th at 19:00 GMT / 11:00 AM PT, Tuesday, December 1st at 19:00 GMT / 11:00 AM PT, and Sunday, December 20th at 19:00 GMT / 11:00 AM PT.

Join Cathy Kinnaird, Carol Zimmerman and Leela Swann-Herbert for a one hour highly active dialogue with three well known and experienced Human Design Teachers discussing the benefits of Human Design. They will share the deep impact that learning about Design has had on their experiment of living their unique nature. They understand and are dedicated to helping others take this journey of self-discovery. They will help you to understand what Human Design can do for your life and how to get started. These events are taking place online in the IHDS Reception Room in the JAM also available directly at this link: IHDS Reception Room.

  Projector's Perspective by Becky Markley

Mental Projectors do exist and have lots to say!

I was delighted to receive a diversity of responses from mental Projectors.  Interestingly, each one has a different definition as noted below - no duplicates.  How's that for serendipity?!  They speak so uniquely as themselves, so here goes-and two contributions are a bit long for the journal so they are available as a download if you click on their name.  Two others will be shared later with different themes.  Remember, we all have our own experiences wherever we are in our process and it is fun to see the unique way we express and experiment with our designs.  To see each person's chart, click on their name.

First from Dr. Sylvia Lusser-Brady, 3/5 Right Angle Cross of Consciousness, experimenting 2 years.  Her definition is the collective-logical 63/4 channel of Logic, a design of mental ease mixed with doubt AND the collective-abstract 64/47 channel of Abstraction, a design of mental activity mixed with clarity.  Sylvia's writing is more about invitations so that will be shared in a later journal, but I was struck by how she decided to start communicating with me - a kind of Projector dance.  We had several emails back and forth before this one. 



"Thank you so much for your effort and your interest in the dilemma of the MPs regarding invitations and being misunderstood.  Several times in different situations I have been tempted to share my experiences with invitations, especially as a MP.  The odd time I have dared to do so and every time it ended in the same empty space as always.  My "in between" question/email and your reassurance appears to be an important and necessary step.  I still have doubts as to how far it can protect me in such a process.  Anyway - I am a 3/5 - trial and error, I will be daring once again."


Again, more from Sylvia and her contemplations about the nature of invitations will be shared in a later Journal.

From Felicity Mansfield, a 4/6 Right Angle Cross of Eden, who has been experimenting with HD for 7 years.  Her definition is the 11/56 collective-abstract channel of Curiosity, a design of the Seeker (or not.) 



Excerpt from her believing:  "For major decisions, I try to do exactly as Ra said, and talk issues over with at least a couple of people, using them as sounding-boards, i.e. ignoring what they advise while listening carefully to what comes out of my mouth!  Sometimes I am surprised.  I am learning to trust my unconscious 11/56 (my only defined channel).

Minor decisions are easier.  If I am out walking, for example, I let my body choose the direction, drifting along, instead of making a mental decision, such as: 'I'll take the path up the hill because it'll be good for my heart-rate."  That usually works out well, so that I come across a beautiful view, or see a deer or a hare.  Something good happens if you relax and allow synchronicity to happen."

Read more of Felicity's contribution by clicking on her name above, which includes her chart.  

From Andrea Dumphart, a 1/3 Right Angle Cross of Maia, who had her Foundation reading 3½ years ago, LYD and one year of Rave Psychology.  Her definition is the individual 43/23 the channel of Structuring, a design of Individuality, Freak to Genius (or not.) 



Excerpt from her knowing: "Now I feel it in my body, if the invitation is good.  I can't explain how, there isn't a place, can't be, but I feel it with the whole body.  Maybe it has to do with my motivation Desire, because for me this is a body feeling (hope you understand).  Since I know the motivation it is easier to feel the difference.  

Often it is necessary to talk with different people about things I have to decide and afterwards I have a better feeling.  Sometimes it takes me a long time to come to an end, but I think it doesn't take as long as before HD.  Now, I make my own decisions and not what others want me to do.  That is the trap when you discuss with other people." 

More of Andrea's thoughts will appear in another issue about open centers. 


From Diane, a 6/2 Left Angle Cross of Wishes, experimenting 3½ years.  Her definition is the collective-logical 17/62 channel of Acceptance, a design of an organized being (or not.)



From Diane's thinking: "It's been 3½ years of experimenting.  I used to get very frustrated that my Right angle-emotional-ego-Manifestor husband would not participate in 'our' decision making process.  Being left angle myself and having a defined throat, I LOVE talking about all the options and working it out verbally.  It was mostly me making noise!  Now, I can be grateful that he is such a self-contained, Teflon sort of sounding board for my 'try on the sound of it/not written in stone' type of brainstorm process.  As long as I'm aware of his impact on my open centers, I can use his aura to come to my own conclusions.  I don't know about being 'misunderstood' but I do know I've wanted to throw a tantrum at times."

For more of Diane's thoughts and to see her chart, click on her name above. 


Resources about Projector Authorities

·       JAM/Jovian TV/Mechanics of the Maia/Authority.   Resources for Projectors include: No Direct Inner Authority (includes Mental Projectors and Reflectors). Minor Authorities (includes Ego Manifested), Ego Projected, Self Projected authorities, Splenic, Solar Plexus

·        JAM/IHDS/Digital Books/General Interest Material/Design Concepts.
Projectors are discussed in Lectures 2 and 7; Authority is discussed in Lecture 6.

·       Living Your Design Student Manual. (available at

Wishing you the perfect experiments,

  Cathy's Response by Cathy Kinnaird

Cathy K with soft edges2 The Channel 40 - 37 COMMUNITY
A design of being a part seeking a whole

This channel is part of the Ego Circuitry. It is part of the emotional stream of the tribe. That should be one of your first big hints about this channel. It is emotional and it is tribal. It is about the support of each other in a community. It is where the marriage contract is in the tribal circuitry. And, it has bargains as a fundamental aspect of how this operates.

This is a social emotional channel of the Tribe that supports each other. It isn't one of the sexy channels of the abstract emotional people or the deep, highly personalized and conversational individual emotional channels. As a matter of fact there is no conversation in this channel. It is more the day-to-day presence of you and another person busy with the details of living a life together. Touching, eating, making love, holding hands, chipping in when others need the help, flowing in and out of the day-to-day needs of your family and community. It is the natural support that at times seems to have a timeless quality about it. And yet, the seven-year cycle is felt very deeply in the channel of Community. This is where the seven-year itch comes from in marriage. It is based on the genetic imperative. It allows for the possibility of raising a child to their minimal age for survivability. Loyalty and hard work for the benefit of your family emerge from this facet of a Design. And there are bargains and trade-offs here. Each person has to feel adequately supported and honored. They will work hard for the tribes needs and they want to be acknowledged and rewarded for this. So they will work hard and then they want to play hard when the work is done.

There are a couple of curious phenomenons about this channel. The tribal emotional stream doesn't connect to the throat center for it's ultimate expression. Therefore, there are truly no words for the Community Channel. There is only touch and the looks. This channel is about the marriage contract. And in the beginning, one of the basics of marriage is that there are children. So in the early days of a Tribal relationship there is a lot of lovemaking. As the family expands and matures the focus moves to the traditions and coming together. There are gatherings and supporting that end in having a lot to do with food. A contented Tribal couple should get a little rounder as the years pass. It is considered a good sign as the focus shifts from building the family to enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Another curious phenomenon, if you have the 40th Gate, the gate of Aloneness and Deliverance in the Ego center, people always expect you to donate a portion of your time and your services to your community. There are never enough resources in any community to meet all their needs. If you have this gate or the whole channel, you know what I am talking about. Because this gate is in the Heart center, it has the power to work hard. And folks with this gate know others will always approach them to help out here or there. However, because it is affiliated with the Heart center, it expends a tremendous amount of energy when it does work. It needs periods of rest to recuperate after those expenditures of energy. As a result, it denies access to just anybody for that pool of energy. There has to be trade-offs for this and this is where the bargains come in that you hear so commonly for this channel. The 37th gate will give you their loyalty and their affection for your supporting them. These loyal people are great huggers. And remember this circuit is about touch.

Anyone who has this channel is always being asked what is the deal or bargain we need to work out to get you to commit to "X". (click here to see my chart) First of all, it is emotional and takes time to get clear. Secondly, when someone asks me what the deal needs to be, I don't know. They want me to use words (none in this stream) and they want me to "think" what I need. I need time and experience with you to feel my way into what my needs are. And in my case, it is an unconscious channel. It always surprises and embarrasses me when people ask what bargain do I need to do something for them. It doesn't work that way. However, ultimately there needs to be some contract. But you must allow me some flexibility (the bargain). There is a breaking point and a point of no return eventually. If you are my family, my friend, there is some leeway and then snap.  

There is much more that I want to say about this channel. I will have to continue it in the next two newsletters. It is too important to who we are right now in this stage of our development in humanity. It is impacting our planetary cycles right now that are in the process of changing and we can all feel it. And this channel is part of our Mystical circuitry. I think it is important to understand what it has contributed to our spiritual evolution and how that is changing too.

So interesting - I thought this would be a quick hour to write up a bit about the channel of Community. It has had me pondering all the ramifications of this one channel in our world and life. It is a big deal and deserves more time to tease out its many facets.

Until next month, this is Cathy responding.


  A Manifestor's Experiment by Eileen Smith

My Strategy and Authority
To continue with the discussion of manifestor themes I would now like to focus on my Strategy and Authority as a manifestor. Click here to view my chart.  In childhood we know that the manifestor child should ask permission before they act to smooth their path through life. When I used to ask for permission I was usually rejected, so I got to a point where I stopped asking and either stopped doing anything much, martyring myself I suppose, or lied about what I was doing. I always used to long for my next birthday so that I would get closer to being an adult where I could make my own decisions. As insecure as I was, part of me loved it when I finally moved from home to university and was away from being controlled at home. Such freedom was bliss.
As an adult, the manifestor strategy is to inform. We know this is not really a strategy but more of, as Ra would say, a honking of the horn to warn others to get out of your path. My personal modus operandi in adulthood has probably been more of a seeking permission in a veiled way. So I would say "this is what I was thinking of doing" to those who might be impacted and wait to see if there was any fallout before making my final decision. If there was any opposition it would ease over time, and I would do whatever it was I was going to do. This more subtle strategy approach was maybe more in keeping with my emotional authority.

Of course, before Human Design I was not conscious that I had a Strategy and Authority, but I always felt discomfort if someone wanted an instant decision from me, and I would always play for time on just about anything and everything if I could get it.

I have been fortunate in life that there haven't been obstacles in my path when I have arrived at a decision. The problem has always been getting to that decision in the first place, and the only obstacle has been my fearful mind holding me back. The discomfort in not knowing, sometimes for very long periods, has been enormous and what a relief it is when I have my clarity. Years ago I decided to leave a place of work after 7 years when my research contract was coming to an end. I could have tried to get another contract but I had had enough. I was then out of work for 1 and a half years before I decided what I was going to do next. Within a few weeks of making that decision I was being interviewed and accepted for a post that had just been created and was just perfect for me at that time. The long time I was out of work was not easy for my mind, as I really had absolutely no idea what I was going to do, and fortunately my savings managed to just about see me through on the financial front.

I can see that for other manifestors who move more quickly through life, informing is a useful tool. When I used to work for the government, whenever there was a new policy or report about to be published it would always be accompanied with a communications strategy and part of that strategy would always include stakeholder interest. This was all about identifying who would be affected or have a major interest in the policy or report that was about to come out, and to keep them informed of progress and then brief them before publication. This mitigated much of any potential negative response to the new initiative. This is kind of what a manifestor strategy feels like to me although, in my case, it is certainly not structured or planned as was the way of government. For me it is more of a natural built-in mechanism that just happens.
If you would like to respond to anything I have said I invite you to contact me at
Eileen Smith


  Fresh Laws to Live By -  Carol Zimmerman

Your Birth Date

Why do Human Design Analyst's use a person's birth date to confirm their type? Can't you tell their modes for operating by observing behaviors and preferences? The simple answer is no. Human Design isn't like other self-discovery "typing" systems. In fact, it isn't a system that categorizes people based on their observed behaviors or preferences at all. How a person behaves is a mixture of their conditioning and their true nature-and aspects of their true nature don't operate at equal levels of awareness.

Many self-discovery systems gain popularity because they follow a logical process. They observe common human behaviors and preferences; organize them into categories/types; and then gain acceptance by showing that the formula offers reproducible results.

When I was introduced to Human Design several years ago I was told it is a logical system and my strategy for operating as a Generator type was to "wait to respond". I assumed that meant anyone who preferred to wait for others to initiate things first must be a Generator.  The fact is a person's human design type is based on how their aura, or energy field, functions, not their behavioral preferences. (Lynda Bunnell talks about Type and Aura in October's Journal).

The strategy a person is given for operating correctly and interacting with others isn't about preference. Strategy comes from his or her bodygraph mechanics, as does the determination of a person's reliable process for making healthy decisions that supports his life.

As a logical, mechanical system a person's unique bodygraph shows precisely how he is biologically and mentally designed to operate, how his energy functions, and how he interacts mechanically with other bioforms. The bodygraph is created using birth information but is based on two distinct calculations, only one of which uses the birth time and location. The other calculation is a derivation of this information 88 degrees of the solar arc before the actual moment of birth. Each calculation creates a distinct imprint that to some degree has a "life of its own." That means the genetic matrix your bodygraph represents reveals a life that is more complex than what you think.  And, the bottom line is that without the correct birth data the information that can be extracted from your matrix isn't correct.

Human Design is a system that can accurately predict without actually categorizing an individual's behavior.  It takes a very deep and exclusive look at his potential as both a person and a bioform. It also takes into account the powerful mechanics of how energy works in the world and why that leads most people to blindly live a homogenized life. Most people don't have a clue that other options in life exist, except that occasionally they get a feeling something is missing or there is more to life than they are experiencing.

In the Rave ABC's classes I teach students how to begin dissecting the mechanics of their design so they see for themselves why a person can't consciously support his true nature without following his individual strategy and inner authority for decisions. And that holds true no matter how de-conditioned or aware a person becomes.

No two designs can be the same because a person's unique matrix can't be duplicated. That doesn't mean, however, that our experiences and behaviors as humans can't be categorized into common themes we all witness.

These behavioral themes are locked into the nature of our species. We just aren't designed as individuals to experience them the same way. Sharing and growing from our experiences, whether as a by product of our design or our interactions with others, is how we evolve. And truly knowing your design, begins with birth data.

What surprised you the first time you learned about design? Send emails to: I was surprised to learn how open my design is. You can see my chart here.

I loved getting your comments last month. They are fueling future articles, so stay tuned.

Carol Zimmerman


  Relating with the Program by Leela and Dharmen Swann-Herbert

Hey, hey my fellow travelers on this spaceship Earth spiraling through space and time.  Thanks for joining us for this look ahead at the month of November. We start out the month dealing with the program's godhead Minerva, which brings the realm of Duality to its close. We begin with the conditioning pattern in The Program of the theme of Triumph in Duality, and that survival success is derived by the preparation of the children for the future. Minerva, for the most part, is a tribal face about training the young for the future of the tribe.

What we've seen up until now is that this godhead with its chemical filtering agent's asparagin-acid and glutamine-acid brings the basic themes of tribal survival, with the 32nd gate of Duration being all about the tribe as a school for the continuity of the tribal culture; the 50th gate of The Cauldron with the rules of the tribe; the 28th gate of Preponderance of the Great as the way of the tribe; and finally here in the 44th gate, our lead-off gate for the month of November, the promise of the tribe.

The promise here is the promise of survival. Remember that we're dealing here with The Program and how it homogenizes us to pursue survival at all cost, including the cost of our individuality. Like the other splenic gates of this quarter, we're dealing with a primal fear here in the 44th gate of Coming to Meet, the gate of alertness, and the primal fear here is the fear of tomorrow, or the fear of extinction which tomorrow can bring.
Simultaneously, this is also the fear of the past, as in "If you're not careful and alert, something from your past can threaten your tomorrow." Understand clearly that it is not about the fear of individuals disappearing, but rather it's the fear that the tribe is disappearing. It is the energy for preserving the tribe that is so strong, tribally, that it's here you may find the belief that blowing yourself up will preserve the tribe and its way of life. This is the PROMISE of the 44th gate. The moment that you get to this 44th gate is the moment you get to whether the tribe will survive or not, and when you leave this energy, you leave the quarter of Duality behind.

Now the 44th gate is a critical place to begin the month of November, as this gate is also the source of the tribal memory when it comes to our immune system health. It is the home of our B-Cells with their management and direction for the killer T-Cells in the 26th gate at the other end of this powerful health channel of Surrender, with its design of a transmitter. We begin the month with this strong theme of our immunity and the health of our immune system, and our capacity as the human tribe to deal with infection as a survival strategy, particularly in preparing our young people. Do you begin to see the irony here?

We can expect that the fears about the Swine Flu (H1N1) are going to reach a fever pitch at the beginning of the month, as this theme with its fear of tribal extinction is going to be running through The Program. The irony here is that the Swine Flu is actually a new viral infection. It is something that our B-Cells do not have any previous experience of, there is no 44th gate memory to call upon. So right here, right now, that cellular and tribal memory of how to deal with Swine Flu is being created in our collective experience.
On the last Saturday of each month, Dharmen presents A Look Ahead at the Monthly Transit as an IHDS Lecture in the JAM Player. You are invited to join him November 28th at 19 GMT/11 am PST for A Look Ahead at the Monthly Transits for December. Click here for more information. November's lecture is available in the Self-Study Section of the JAM.

Enough for today.

Leela and Dharmen

  Sacral Journey's - An MG living his experiment in every day life.. by Michael Brown

Michael Brown with soft edges
The Journey of Relationship

This sacral journey is about relationships. It's not one of my usual success stories. When I speak about my relationships, I'm not talking about the fairy tale kind.  I'm talking about those gut wrenching ones where you live and die by how the relationship is doing. Sometimes I have those "easy" ones too, just not recently.

But let me back up here and explain some more about my design.  Click here to see my chart. First and foremost, I want to tell you about the big themes of my life.  Incarnation cross and stuff like that.  You've probably heard at least something about your cross.  If you're like me you're at least a little curious about it.  It comes up on every chart you print up for yourself, your friends, and family and maybe even that person you wonder about for reasons of your own.  Your cross gives you some of the major theme(s) you'll be living out throughout your life.

I'm on the Incarnation Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, right angle, 2/4 profile, MG and born in the Quarter of Duality.  That may be gibberish to you.  It was to me before I started studying how to be an analyst. Let me give you the shorthand of all that. I'm all about RELATIONSHIPS.  It's what my personal destiny and purpose is in this life, so you'd think that I'd be good at them.

Truth is, I get burned up in them.  That's part of being a Sleeping Phoenix. We go through these major cycles of birth and death before rising out of the ashes.  I happen to do it in relationships, because relationships are what I do. Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it right now. Hasn't always been easy for me, mostly because I get into them because I've fallen head over heels in love.  Which is fun, but not always the correct strategy for me.  Now don't get me wrong, I love being in love as much as the next person.  Every person - even you - has a correct way to enter into relationships. If you're familiar with your profile, that's one of the better ways to figure that out for yourself after your Strategy and Authority.

So let me give you the shorthand again. I wasn't really becoming friends first, which is very helpful for a 4 profile.  I'm also really open with my seven undefined centers.  I can ride the high of the emotional wave like no other! Truth is, I haven't been listening to my inner authority. Just because I think it's going to be the most wonderful experience ever, doesn't make it true. It's not all bad though.  I've learned much about myself through relationship.  

And there are always new beginnings. I'm starting a new romance these days.  She's a really cool splenic projector.  I love projectors, though I've never dated one before. We're taking it slow. I've talked to her about the whole Human Design thing.  I gave her an overview of her design. We talked about her being a split definition and how being around people can be helpful for her.  She really got that because she loves being social.  Me, I'm kind of a hermit. She loves the hustle and bustle of the city, I love the serenity of the woods.  Despite our differences we're giving it a try. So far my sacral's been giving me the go-ahead and her spleen's been giving her the okay.  Both being "in the now" kind of people, we're still moving ahead.

One of the things I want to get better at is having us ask one another questions.  Being the generator, I'm supposed to do the inviting.  Our dialogues go something like this:

Me: "You want to go out Friday night?"    
Her: "Yeah, that sounds great.  What do you want to do?"

Me:  "I know this sounds crazy - since I just asked you - but can you ask me if I want to go out Friday night too?"
Her:  "Umm . . . okay.  Do you want to go out Friday night?"

Me:  "Mmm hmm - yep!  Do you want to go see that new movie?
Her: "Yeah, that sounds good.  What time do you want to go?

Me:  "I'm sorry to be a pain - but can you ask me if I want to go too?  I don't really know how I feel until you ask me."

And on it goes! What I am really learning is Respect. You've got to ask me, and I've got to ask you.  I don't know my truth until I have the ability to access it from within.  My body loves good questions that I can answer with a simple yes or no. Am I in love?  I'm not sure yet.  So far, what I really love is how I'm doing this in a way that feels correct for me.  I'll keep you posted.

Do you want to share your stories of relationship, love and how you practice using your Strategy and Authority? Feel free to share them with me at: I'd love to hear from you!

Michael Brown

  It's All in the Living by Carol Freedman

Carol F soft CrThere's nothing like the real thing!

For me, there is nothing like the real thing - and I don't mean Coke.  I mean the sharing of real experience - any kind of experience, but especially people sharing their experience of Living Their Design experiment.  It's one of the many reasons I teach Living Your Design Courses and train LYD Guides.  In those classes I get to hear people share their experiences of their own awareness, as they notice how their Undefined Centers operate, what they see about their conditioning, how they grapple with their Strategy and Authority.  Their stories are often poignant, always meaningful, and convey what life is REALLY like with each area we discuss.  We get a fuller flavor of how being a Manifestor affects life at work, how having lots of open centers with an open Solar Plexus can have an increased impact on the willingness and experience of intimacy, what it's really like to have a completely open throat, etc.  These stories broaden all of our understanding of the meaning of what we are learning, as well as providing invaluable examples for Guides to use when they are conducting their own Living Your Design Courses.

I'm a glutton for that sharing.  I'd rather have those kinds of conversations than almost any other kind.  I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to know what it's like for you with your Design.  My individuality (click here to see my chart) may partly contribute to that.  I want to share my experiences with you, and hear yours back, and bat ideas around - back and forth - so I understand more and more, and so you understand me.  I find others' uniqueness endlessly fascinating - as you live it and see it.  

I've been watching my own Design as I try to write these articles each month, with great difficulty.  Again, that individuality may be working here - unless the pulse is on, there may be no creative flow, and no ideas.  At times, even though my Generator response has said yes, and my Defined Will wants to, I still can't push the river, and I can't write till I can (like now, when this has finally happened effortlessly, right at the 11th hour.) But even worse, even when I have written something, as I have for the last several Journal issues (where I sometimes wrote 5 or 6 different articles), once the "mood" passed, and I was in another moment of presence (my 34/57/20), I would lose interest and would no longer respond to saying those things. Those articles would go into a file, possibly to emerge another time. Some bite the dust because they can't pass my 18 gate critique and don't feel good enough for 5 Profile reputation.  Finally, some of the articles I couldn't send because when I went to hit "send," I would get an unh-unh and a feeling that they were not "innocent" enough, my motivation.  Hence, no article last month.  We'll see whether this one makes it thru all the "screens" to the send button.

So, this month I'd like to begin hearing from you about your experiences.  Right now, I'm especially interested in how Generators operate using their Response, since I've been exploring this a lot for myself and with others.

If you are a Generator, (or if you live or work with a Generator), would you like to share about your experiences making decisions.  Feel free to respond to any of these questions, or anything else you would like to share.
·    Which kinds of people do you use to help you respond? (friends, spouse, colleagues, other
·    How often do you use others for this?  For what kinds of decisions?
·    How do you set up the interaction, etc.?  
·    Do you always get the same people to ask you for response?  
·    Do you find certain kinds of questions more helpful than others?  Can you share about the
·    What do you do when no one is available?
·    What else have you noticed about your/their decision making process?

If you would like to respond, please send your replies to  I look forward to sharing your replies in my next columns and incorporating them into my Guide training class.

Carol Freedman

  The Business Side of Design by Ilse Sendler

Before There Was BG5

The first time I introduced the Human Design System to business clients was in 2003 at a two-day "quality improvement" workshop for one of our big banks.  One of my friends (I am a 4th line) is the manager of this department, loves HD and asked me to be one of the speakers.  It was years before BG5, so I could only "adapt" the usual HD language to fit the business side.  I had already been in Design for about 10 years, but had never given a course or even an intro lecture, so this was really a huge challenge.  And with a big ego and all 4 motors, I took it on!
I was so nervous I nearly died, but still I delivered my talk to over 30 bank directors, and it went quite well.  During the coffee break that followed, I was approached by a number of participants who ordered readings, asked for details and seemed genuinely interested.   My friend told me about last year's speaker,  a well-known and successful business consultant, who introduced "his" system. The core of his work was dividing people into many different "types."  You had to fill out endless forms and answer all kinds of questions, and in the end you were qualified as "tiger" or "giraffe" or 'tortoise' etc.

I could hardly believe my ears! Is this really what "serious" and extremely overpaid business consultancy is about? And I am worried about being seen as "esoteric?" I asked about the benefits of knowing that you are a tiger, and most of the time the answer was, offered with a smile and a shrug, that it helped to look at things from a different viewpoint. Well, we can do better!
This was a very helpful and reassuring experience.  A lack of self-confidence is definitely not my main problem and so, from then on, the ease and certainty in my presentation of HD was a lot bigger than before.   It was also an ideal starting point as I got paid well, received the most exquisite bunch of flowers I had ever seen, spent the night in a 4 star hotel, and had a wonderful dinner in the fortress-restaurant overlooking the city of Salzburg, which they had rented for the event.  The little intro lectures I give now are not quite as grand, but reaching people through HD is always one at a time so the environment and circumstance makes no difference.
It was also clear that there is a huge potential for applying HD to the straight forward and simple material plane.  "My" bank directors were not at all interested in developing their true self or discovering their purpose in life.  Although, in the end, who is, if the mundane restrictions so often seem to be too strong?  They wanted a way to make their business run smoother, be more efficient and make sure their job was secure. A personal reading and at least an overview for their employees was a very good and helpful start.
And now, with BG5, we can offer a lot more. BG5 analysis uses the same information as any HD reading, but it is tailored to the needs and language of the mundane, material plane. Penta analysis goes far beyond the possibilities of composite readings and can help any manager to improve the performance of his employees and teams. It is perfect business consultancy - for tigers and tortoises alike!
BG5 is an exceptional Human Design program and can give you access to a whole new world of clients. And of course, as always - it is SO interesting! For more information go to the IHDS Professional Training Academy. (The new semester starts in January) If you have any questions about becoming a professional BG5 Consultant please contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Ilse Sendler


  On the Road Discovering Human Design by Beth Black

Beth Black soft to useComing Soon to a City Near You!

Allow me to introduce myself.  I first discovered Human Design in 2001, and the moment that I had my type described to me, I felt like I had always known it. It felt like I was remembering a system and a way of life that I had strayed from and now was blessed with the incredible grace to be able to return to. And that return has colored and flavored everything that I have done for the last eight years. The first seven-year cycle was everything that one could have imagined. I tested myself against all of the information I was learning; I tested the information against every other system I had studied; I struggled with relearning my sacral response; I struggled to trust my sacral response; and most of all I learned the true depth of surrender that was necessary to live my design and not all of the pictures that I had in my mind of what I thought my life was supposed to be.
I am a Manifesting Generator with a 3/5 profile, and no logical or tribal channels. (click here to see my chart). I have a unconscious abstract mind tickled by a bit of conscious knowing, and I am on the Cross of the Sphinx. My experiment has truly been one of discovery and acceptance, and learning to empower myself with the truth of who I am and what I am here to contribute. My discoveries bump into me in ways I still marvel at, and I have finally grown to love that part of myself that is always going to notice what is wrong before it embraces what it right. I have grown accustomed to finding myself stepping up with a solution that is heretical and mutational, and am still learning the hardest lesson of all: that it not about me personally as much as the energy I bring to any situation. I am happy now to simply show up where my vehicle takes me and respond from the truth of what and who I am.

In 2006 I made the decision to become a Human Design Professional and a new playing field opened up for me in my Human Design experiment. I endeavored to absorb 32 channels, and 64 gates, and 384 lines and all that this incredible system of knowledge entails. But most importantly I listened and experienced with all the cells in my body while witnessing the little and big transformations that took place within me. I found that 3-1/2 years into my experiment I really had hit a kind of critical mass where it was impossible not to notice my sacral response. The next 3-1/2 years were all about finally honoring it, really getting out of my own way. And when I reached my 7-year marker, I was given an amazing opportunity to stop studying for a while, and go out into the world and see where my response took me, to quite simply live my design. I found myself looking at Design through yet another lens, and once again needed to start from scratch and discover for myself how and where Human Design wove into the new worlds I was experiencing.
In just the last 4 months for instance I have lived, questioned and embraced the profundity of Design with shamans in the Andes in Peru, with indigenous grandmothers by the Pacific Ocean, in ceremony on sacred land in New Mexico, and most recently on a 6,500 mile 22 day cross country speaking tour to promote awareness for domestic violence. In each of these places I have had to start anew to discover where this system that I hold so dear can interact with people and places whose daily life experience is so different from mine. I have had to re-examine all of my stories around the impact that Human Design should have, and simply allow my experience of it to percolate out in whatever ways were most appropriate in the moment.
I truly feel that the sharing of Human Design is the most important work that I can do in this lifetime, and my sacral continues to confirm and guide me in that. And yet, on another level, I am learning to surrender again to discovering along with everyone else how that work will play out. And what impact it actually will have. And whether I will even be around to witness that impact. I honor the integrity of this knowledge the best way I know how, by living it. And I know that if I simply walk my human design talk, and love myself, and accept all others in the truth of what they are, that I have done my work.

I see myself as more a messenger than a teacher, as an ambassador for this vital knowledge and all who share it and live it. Beginning next year, I will be embarking on another form of outreach as I travel around the U.S. to promote and share the tremendous resources available through Human Design, and the amazing HD community of professionals, with new experimenters from all walks of life. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity that my sacral and my geometry has brought me, and I look forward to sharing more of the details of this tour with you in future newsletters.

Most of all, I am grateful for the opportunity to meet all of you in whatever ways our fractals guide and magnetize us. And I invite any of you who wish to, to please email me at and share your experiences with Human Design both personal and in community. My personal goal is to continue to discover and understand all of the practical ways that this work can be shared, no matter where life takes one, no matter what the life circumstances one is dealing with. I would especially love to hear about your work with children. Here's to the future of Human Design and "our redefinition of what it is to be human." Thank you all for joining me on this unparalleled journey.

Travel well,

Beth Black


  Perception and Experiences - 6.2. Style by Gina Concotelli

Gina C to use "Chiron Return" Yes!

Hello Everyone. Many of you may remember me from a few years ago. I've been in and around the Human Design community since 1999. About 4-5 years ago I had a column called The Waiting Room in Lynda Bunnell's newsletter. Since then, much has changed and much has stayed the same. The most significant change is I completed my Chiron return.  I am a 6.2 Sacral Generator, now 54 years old, fresh from the hill top. My natal design is Cross of Healing, Gate 25 in Personality Sun, Single Definition, Channel of Initiation (25-51), and Channel of Discovery (29-46), (Both conscious). Click here to see my chart.

I find it interesting to read or hear people describe their experience with Human Design. In some instances people find Human Design and begin to devour every class, recording, training and book they can get their hands on. They describe their experience as a coming home and never wanting to leave. Many are our teachers today in the IHDS at Jovian Archive.  Others students describe their journey as moving in and out of the study. I fall under the later category.

In 1999, I found Human Design. Actually, it found me.  When I first heard the words "Manifestor, Generator, Projector and Reflector," I felt a surge of energy and I could not wait to find out my Type.  My self-directed spiritual journey began in 1982 (first Saturn return), so by the time I connected with Human Design I was a pretty experienced warrior.  Like many of you, I found nothing had resonated with me quite like Human Design. I jumped in, both feet, studying and experimenting for several years.  I took a couple of years off. Then, a friend asked me if I'd give mini-readings for a group of her business associates.   This led me back to the classroom - I was ready for more.  In 2003 I was certified as an analyst and in 2004 as a guide.  I was certain my life direction was set.  It's at this juncture the rug was pulled out from under me. Drum roll please - Gina enters her Chiron return. 

Chiron is considered a Planet by some astronomers, an asteroid by others, and often called the Wounded Healer. As your Human Design study explains, the Chiron transit is most life changing for a 6.2 Profile or anyone with a 6th line in their Profile. The transformation available during this transit is quite profound.  There is 3-½ years leading up to and 3-½ years after to integrate the changes. This return occurs at 49-50 years of age. 

A respected astrologer, Eric Frances, explains Chiron:
Another way to look at healing is as a process of becoming aware. We give special words to describe this awareness, such as "enlightenment," "mastery," "expertise," "spirituality," and so forth. But awareness is awareness. The choice to use it, I might add, is another story entirely. Where Chiron is present in the natal chart, and where Chiron is acting by transit (that is, where the current position of Chiron is acting upon the natal chart), we will feel some form of need, desire or compulsion to raise our awareness. Chiron is associated with healing crises, that is, the conscious confrontation of that which makes us sick or holds us back, and inspires the ultimate use of such "negative" things as opportunities to grow and learn. In this way, pain and suffering do not enter our lives to teach us a lesson, but rather, we learn how to learn lessons from that which would otherwise be pointless struggle.

My Chiron return exacted January 2006. My return Chart, or the costume I'll put on, is a 1.3 Projector, Cross of the 4 Ways, Single Definition, Channel 13-33, The Prodigal, Gate 19 in Personality Sun. 

Leading up to and the following year were dark times for me. My body stored up an extra 25 pounds to help cushion the ride ahead. I experienced physical illness (6 months in bed and 2 years recovery), broken relationships, broken career, broken finances, broken - you get the picture. During this time I was living with my ex-boyfriend. He is a 5.1 Manifesting Generator, Cross of Duality. No scheme, maneuver or healer could lift me from this karmic relationship and situation. My lesson plan was laid out for me. I had two choices, give up or ride out the storm.  When there is nothing to respond to, there is nothing to respond to.

Until, one day I happened to bump into a former colleague. As my body began to heal, rarely I would get an 'uh huh' response to attend a business or social function. It was at a coach's association meeting where we reconnected. She asked me if I would like to apply for a coaching position at the company where she worked. Having the Channel of Discovery (29-46) is quite an adventurous route.  I never know when the surprise of opportunity is going to come, but when it does, it moves very quickly. I was hired March of 2007 and left March 2009. Just in time to complete my Chiron integration. The two years back to corporate America presented a different set of lessons. But that's another story.

My experience on the integration side of Chiron, as Eric points out, was an opportunity to apply my awareness.  My ex and I split amicably, I moved to my own place, the extra pounds faded away and I left my job on my terms. I'm now enjoying improved relationships with my son, brothers and sisters. Most importantly, I've learned to set healthier boundaries.  If your Incarnation Cross is Healing or if you know someone whose is, then you'll understand why healthy habits in all areas of your life must be number 1.  That means an appropriate personal health routine with food and exercise as well as the people with whom you associate. My not-self conditioning is to give away energy or stay too long in unhealthy situations (Open Spleen & Emotional Centers). I learned to develop a keener sense of whom and what drains my energy, like staying up late on the computer.  The Channel of Discovery loves to explore the inner world as well. One of my new habits is to ask myself "What do I really want, what do I really need." (Gate 19, wants and needs)  I've discovered just in asking I detect where I need to either let go or tighten boundaries. It is in setting limits I become more authentic and whole, and (not to sound too dramatic) - alive.   When the Cross of Healing is in its highest frequency everyone on its fractal is blessed. It's not about striving for perfection. For me, slowing down to be more of who I am enables me to carry on my theme of Healing.  Gate 25 - Universal Love, Gate 46- Serendipity and Delight, Gate 58 -Vitality for Life and Gate 52 - Focused Stillness.

If you are in or approaching your Chiron return, or if you provide counseling or giving readings to people who are, remember everyone has their own lessons. For me, though dramatic, the strife and upsets were worth it as it has brought me to where I am today. And let's not forget the kinds of havoc the Channel of Initiation (25-51) can unrest, for Self and others. This channel is Superman - "Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound." Once I leap, I'm not sure where I'm going to land. Afterwards, I'm glad I did.

Through the last ten years, whether I was immersed in study or just tracking my transits, Human Design has been one of my spiritual practices.  My design is very simple to follow. And yes, certainly it is not very easy with six open Centers.  My daily practice is to pause and intentionally connect with my genetic make up.  I honor the power of the Sacral, even when I felt powerless.  In my powerlessness and struggle Human Design showed me my purpose and the plan to follow. All I had/have to do is wait - and respond.

Have a gratitude-filled November!

Gina Concotelli


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Lynda Bunnell
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