October 2009                                                                                                     Vol 2, Issue 1
  Welcome to Human Design

We had another successful kickoff of a new year in the International Human Design School. It's obvious that the word is spreading about Human Design as we have tremendous newcomer  participation this semester.

I'm personally enrolled in several courses this term and I must say that my mind continues to be blown with the depth and breadth of Human Design. The Post Graduate courses are terrific. I am so fascinated by the mechanical architecture of a human being. I feel really blessed that I am on a path in this life that is showing me the workings of humanity at this level. It changes everything for me. I just don't look at the world the same way at all. Human Design is truly a path to transcending the mind.

We have some great articles this month. A few new contributors are with us - Leela and Dharmen Swann-Herbert have started a column called Relating with the Program, giving us a look into the planetary transits and what the 'weather' will bring. This month is an introductory article and next month we will begin to take a look at the forecast month by month. Jakub Stritezsky and Ilse Sendler are new article contributors as well.

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This Journal is a work in process and suggestions are welcome, send to lynda@jovianarchive.com.

Please enjoy,
Lynda Bunnell



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The Messenger and Founder of Human Design - Ra Uru Hu

Decision Making and Transcendence for the Generator
It's so easy for you as a Generator to have the transcendent life you are intended to have. It's just a matter of decision making.  It isn't a matter of anything else.  Most human beings really think life is deeply complex.  They do.  They think that the navigation through the serendipity of what life presents is just an overwhelming thing.  For that they hold on to their homogenized purpose in this life.  They hold on to their suffering and their dilemmas because they just assume that that's the way life is, that life is not going to be anything else.
There are billions of Generators in the world and their experience of life is that it is a frustrating thing.  This is what they live.  And yet, how remarkable it is when you look within the mechanism itself, at the mechanics of what it is to be a Generator, that the solution is so damn simple.  It just is.

Surrendering to waiting is a transcendent state because life delivers.  Most human beings living in this dysfunctional Generator world don't think that life delivers.  For them there is just the frustration of what it is to be on this plane and all the limitations that go with it.  But, it's not so.  It truly is not so.  The Generator is blessed.  They're blessed with the perfection of their strategy. 

Human Design is about experimentation, not belief.  As a Generator, the only way you are going to discover your potential is to experiment with making decisions in response.  That's all.  You live the experiment.  Take that journey and discover for yourself what that means.
Everybody is unique.  Everybody has the potential for differentiation in this life.  The magic that lies behind the veil of any form, Generator, Manifestor, Projector, Reflector, is that underneath is an extraordinary potential, a potential that is inherent in each of us to express our uniqueness, to express our true outer authority, to live as an aware passenger consciousness.  It begins with a catalyst, the catalyst for you as a Generator, if you're interested in this journey to awareness and fulfillment of your purpose, begins with responding in decision making.  Make decisions in response. It will change your life.
Love Yourself,

Ra Uru Hu

International Human Design School

To get started with Human Design the first thing is to have your Human Design analyzed by a Professional Human Design Analyst. You will find a listing at www.jovianarchive.com in the Newcomers Center Professional Listing. The next thing to do is to take the Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop. This workshop will give you the foundation for beginning the experiment of living your design and deepen your understanding of the most important things to know about your personal design and how you fit in and interact best with the world around you. This is all you need in order to go out into the world and begin the process of deconditioning and living your life as yourself. A Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop is being offered in November. This link will take you to a page with more information: Living Your Design Course

Two General Education courses are available once you have had a reading and taken the LYD Course. These courses are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Human Design and students find them fascinating. The two courses are ABC and Rave Cartography.

Mid Semester Programs begin in October

Monday, October 5, 2009
Primary Health System Workshop: Enhancing Your Body's Potential
with Andrea Reikl-Wolf
Click here for more Information

A Healthy Look at the Existential Fears
with Martin Grassinger
Click here for more information

Thursday, October 15
Rave Psychology - Skills for Self Discovery
with Jagruti Illana
Click here for more Information

Monday, October 26
Rave ABC's
with Carol Zimmerman
Click here for more information

The Manifestor Manifesto
with Ra Uru Hu
Click here for more information

Tuesday, October 27
Post Graduate Primary Health System
with Ra Uru Hu
Click here for more information

Thursday, October 29
The Faces of Mutation Lecture Series
with Dharmen and Leela Swann-Herbert
Click here for more information

Monday, November 9
Dream Rave Portal Gates 3 x 3
with Deborah Bergman
Click here for more information

Getting Started in Human Design

We are hosting two 'Getting Started in Human Design' events in October: Sunday, October 18th at 18:00 GMT / 11:00 PT and Tuesday, October 27th at 23:00 GMT / 4:00 PM PT.

Join Cathy Kinnaird, Carol Zimmerman and Leela Swann-Herbert for a one hour highly active dialogue with three well known and experienced Human Design Teachers discussing the benefits of Human Design. They will share the deep impact learning about Design has had on their experiment of living their unique nature. They understand and are dedicated to helping others take this journey of self-discovery. They will help you to understand what Human Design can do for your life and how to get started. These events are taking place online in the IHDS Reception Room in the JAM also available directly at this link: IHDS Reception Room.

  Projector's Perspective by Becky Markley

Invitation Stories.  In response to last month's request to send examples of invitations that worked out, I received the following two stories about this dance between Projectors.  Sometimes we wonder, since Projectors can't initiate, how does anything ever happen? 
This story has two sides, first from Paula Tzitzyanuv(chart), a splenic Projector:

"I got interested in human design about a year ago and I was desperate to find a teacher.  It was a great dilemma for me.  I listened on JAM and I spoke to some teachers.  The money was tight and I was eager to find the teacher for me and nobody seemed right, or far too expensive.  It seemed to all take so long and I felt so stupidly indecisive, then I heard an analyst on the radio, and she felt for me the one.  I emailed her and she refused the reading as she was busy.  Never mind I thought, and I forgot about it.  2 weeks later she invited me to a reading for free.  I had never known really how to take, but this was a real genuine invitation from a stranger, a very beautiful one.  She didn't know my financial problems and it was a magical invitation.  I learnt a lot from my first waiting for the invitation experience on an energetic level."   ~ Paula ~
From the inviting analyst's perspective: "I wasn't able to give a reading at the time she asked.....but then somehow later I just had the urge to contact her and offer her a reading for free, a feeling thing.  I didn't think it or process why, it just happened.  Guess it was about demonstrating how the invitation thing goes; it comes when unexpected and pottering around."  

~ Emotional Projector Analyst ~
Thanks to both Paula and the long-time analyst.                                                                  
The second story is from a splenic Projector who has been in Design quite a few years.  My gratitude and appreciation to him for writing and sharing this experience with the Human Design Community.
[An account of a wordless experience of a perfectly formed mutual Invitation between two Projectors ~ names, places and details altered to protect the innocent.....]
"A while ago I was at a Workshop with some other Human Design people in a lovely place, and gradually got to know some of the other participants, as they were all strangers to me.  One day, it came up that two of the women wanted to look around the town we were staying in, and asked if I would like to come along.  I happen to like exploring, and it can be more fun if the experience is shared, and my Splenic response said "Yes!", so off we went.  We spent a very pleasant day, did some sightseeing, had coffee, did some shopping, had a meal etc, and eventually got back to near our hotels, which were fairly close to each other.  One of the women said goodbye, gave a hug, and went off right away to her hotel.  The other one came up, we started to give a hug, then a little kiss on the cheek......Which somehow moved to the lips, such a slight move, so innocent, so unplanned, unexpected, yet there we stayed, immobile, gently touching lips.....Which we both realised was mutually sharing something so pleasurable and so right that we continued, inviting each other to become more invited .....Time melted away, absolutely....The kiss deepened, softened, opened, melting us inside, almost no movement, almost not breathing......The shopping dropped to the ground, un-noticed, irrelevant.......The awareness between us grew to electrical intensity, as the shared invitation through that kiss to blend to the highest possible level with each other became the only thing we were both experiencing in that long moment, which might have been hours rather than minutes.....
I realised afterwards, on reflecting on that magical occasion, that this had been a true Invitation of equal magnitude for both people in which we had stepped up the level of mutual invitation and recognition of that depth of invitation in complete harmony and response ....  A rare perfection for two Projectors ....  And yet, the moral of this tale is ~ that the real Invitations should always be like this, with that kind of depth and fullness, as those are the ones that we, as Projectors, will find worth waiting for."    ~  
Next month (probably).  Misconceptions about Mental Projectors: Their Perspective. 
MPs!  Now's your chance to speak to the HD Community!  You are invited to send me your perspective of being you, especially with regard to how you best make decisions.  Thanks to A.D. for her idea.
·         How can you tell when an invitation is a yes?  Or a no? 
·         What are your experiments with deciding what worked and didn't work? 
·         Could you please tell me the ways you've been misunderstood?  (I hear this all the time.)
·         Also, how long have you been experimenting? 
·         Please send your birth data. 

No one but you knows what it's like to have this kind of decision making Authority. 

Deadline: October 12 for the November issue.  Keep it as short as possible to make your point.

Wishing you shocking awareness,


  Cathy's Response by Cathy Kinnaird

Cathy K with soft edges2 The Channel of Discovery 46.29
A design of succeeding where others fail (or failing were others succeed)
This channel is part of the Sensing Circuit, which is where we find our abstract experiential human experience. Gate 29 in the Sacral center allows us to commit our life force to a process. It is the gate of saying "Yes". The Sacral center gives us the fuel to persevere through this gate. Gate 46 is the gate of the body. It is the determination that our self brings to our journey in life. There is always the serendipity of being in the right place at the right time (or the converse) with this gate.
When you have this channel of Discovery, the secret of this channel is that you have to wait to be asked before you jump into an experience. This is a generated channel and has to wait for the response of life. Now it's part of the abstract/experiential circuitry, whose focus is usually on the past. However, there is an odd quality about this particular channel. It is the most existentially present channel in the entire bodygraph. You must be 100% immersed into the experience - NOW. You must have no expectation of the outcome. Trying to plan the outcome is counter to the whole purpose of this channel. As a matter of fact, it guarantees failure in my opinion. As soon as you are not in the experience, you are unable to discover what the potential of the experience is about for you.
I have the channel of Discovery in my Human Design. And for years, I thought I understood its impact in my life. However about a year and a half ago, Ra was talking about this channel in a lecture. He said that if you had this channel in your design, that it is not a good idea to multitask. You must immerse yourself in the experience completely. If you are always adding new tasks and adventures, you will never be successful at any one of these. It takes the deep commitment and perseverance to surrender to the experience now. Wow! That is not how I had been doing my life.
There was another aspect of this channel that I did not understand. Once you're in the process, don't try to forecast or imagine the outcome. The moment that you attempt to figure out where you're going beyond that current moment, that is the moment all the momentum dissolves instantly. I have struggled with health and weight issues all my life. Recently it dawned on me that every approach I ever took to these issues was to develop a plan (on my own or with a healthcare provider) and attempt to forecast what the results might be. There have been a few times in my life where I just spontaneously responded and took an action for my health and had fabulous results. Then what would happen is that people would begin to tell me their vision of my results. They could see that I was going to end up being like "this" or like "that" when I was done. I now realize once people began to tell me what they saw as the outcome, everything fell apart. It would literally disintegrate. All my commitment for the process would evaporate. Of course at times like that, I felt like an utter failure.

Now I realize that when I enter into a new adventure or process for myself, it is best for me to just be in the experience and not discuss it with other people. I will wait until the end of the experience and reflect on it and see what it means to my life. Then is the time to share with others what the journey revealed. I love circuitry!! It helps explain so much to me about myself and others. I am learning how not to get my circuits and wiring crossed and short circuited. Ah – the beauty and gift of Design.


Cathy Kinnaird

  A Manifestor's Experiment by Eileen Smith

I would like to share with you my personal experience of some of the themes of the manifestor and perhaps the best place to begin is with the notself theme of anger. This is what manifestors experience if they are not correct. I was not aware of being angry as a child and even as a young adult I did not display anger. Click here to view my chart.
When I studied homeopathy in the 1980s, I learned that each homeopathic remedy had a picture of mental and physical symptoms. In looking at what remedy might suit me I discovered that the ones that seemed to mirror me the most included suppressed anger as a major mental symptom and I wondered if that applied to me. Even with this new knowledge I still did not feel anger.
I grew up in a family with an autocratic father who did not permit displays of anger from his children and I also had a Christian indoctrination that turned me into something resembling niceness. I was always uncomfortable around displays of anger from other people whether it was directed at me or not.
When I discovered my human design type and notself theme I did not relate to it at all. Perhaps it is because my definition is all unconscious and therefore my anger was also unconscious. Of course the 12-22 channel in my design elicits an emotional wave that planes and suddenly spikes. So for most of the time it is a calm sea and then when you least expect it - it's a tidal wave - boom. I remember well one of my first displays of anger. My boss at work got the wrong end of the stick about something and started angrily accusing me of something I hadn't done. Out of nowhere I felt this surge of energy to my throat and out came this rage. I said in a raised voice, "How dare you speak to me like that". I then explained what really happened and stormed out of the room. The release of anger made me feel really good but at the same time I thought well that's me fired from my job.  As it turned out my boss came to me a few hours later looking sheepish and asked if I had forgiven him and was I speaking to him now. I guess my anger really made an impact.
Since then there have only been a few occasions when my anger has spiked like that. The anger appears more often now but without the huge drama and I feel the anger in my body when it is there. When people irritate me I feel the anger immediately as a physical reaction. I engage torpedoes, ready to fire, and somewhere a decision is made whether to commence battle or let it go. Most of the time I let it pass.
Where did all that anger go when I was a child? I imagine it went into the cells of my body and in my skin particularly, manifesting as physical irritation possibly, as I had all the complaints of childhood that involve skin itching including some unusual ones.  In fact red skin rashes are often referred to as being `angry'. The body is the key to the unconscious and those notself keynotes of anger, frustration, bitterness and disappointment that we experience depending on our design may be locked somewhere in our body waiting to be released. As we become more aware we can let go of those patterns which are not ours.
If you would like to respond to anything I have said I invite you to contact me at eileen_smith@btinternet.com
Eileen Smith

  Fresh Laws to Live By -  Carol Zimmerman

Pssst, do you sometimes suffer from Design envy but don't want to admit it? Me too. 

But if you waved a magic wand and could change any aspect of your Human Design configuration what would it be? More importantly would it serve you in the end?
Let's say you could decide to change aspects of your design. Have you also factored in what you'd give up?
At one point I would have said I'd like to have a defined Spleen and a channel that connects my Throat center to a motor. I don't have a preference for which channels connect my Throat center to a motor. I just don't want it to be the Solar Plexus.That's because that would prolong my decision making process even longer."  
But the longer I study my unique design the more I realize it is better to leave it alone. I would be trading my design for speed and efficiency without understanding the true implications.
You may have noted I wasn't asking to be a Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector...even though I am in awe of their designs. I actually like "waiting to respond".  I just don't like being left in the dust by all those Manifesting Generators out there! At least I didn't think I did until I considered how being a Pure Generator suits the aspects of my design.  
Genetic continuity is a term Ra Uru Ru uses to explain why no matter what design chart you analyze you can always find a common thread that speaks to the what, when, where, and how it all seems to come together in a very individual way. It is always there in a person's design so they serve their purpose as themselves.  I see it when analyzing charts. 
It is only our conditioning that makes us want to attract things that are different from our design.  The more you understand the ins and outs of your design the more comfortable you'll become with its various aspects.
So I'm hoping this article offers a powerful clue that if you still don't yet know the power behind your own human design configuration then you may miss how integral all the components of it are designed to support your unique perspective in life.
Genetic continuity is that thread that surfaces from a series of themes and they are all interrelated. Without it, the design (and life) seems arbitrary and disjointed. In a nut shell, it is basically something you don't want to mess with.
Think about things that have really touched you in life. What you love about your life is ultimately a reflection of the consistent aspects that at some point allow you to live it out. When those aspects are touched correctly, your whole body comes alive. Do you really want to give that up?
If you do it would be like ripping out infected files from your computer you don't want anymore.  It might seem like a good idea at the time, until you realize you actually tampered with your computer's Registry files, and they pull it all together so your computer functioned seamlessly.
In essence changing your design means changing more than you realize. But it doesn't mean there isn't value to looking at what you would change if you could.  As a Human Design professional and coach I realize that where there is confusion and attraction there is also a juicy story waiting to be examined and ultimately better aligned to your nature.
What are you learning as you get to know yourself through the eyes of design?  Send your thoughts to me at carol@humandesignsupport.com.
And while you are at it, why not "pick my mind" for yourself. What subjects are you curious about? How might you put this girl's mind to work in future Journal articles? 
I look forward to your comments.

Carol Zimmerman

  Relating with the Program by Leela and Dharmen Swann-Herbert

Hey, hey my fellow travelers on this spaceship Earth, spiraling through space and time, each month in this newsletter we're going to give you a little glimpse into The Program and how it influences our lives.

Remember, conditioning is not good or bad, but it is a fact of life here on planet Earth. From conditioning by the transits we can learn about those things that pull us away from ourselves, things that are so attractive that we can give up our individuality in order to try to hold on to them. We can also learn to experience the momentary flavor of the transits, the delicious movie that they show us every day, and in the process learn about those aspects of ourselves that are fixed, that are changeless, that are what makes us different than any other human being who has ever lived.
The key for all of us, as we are looking into the movement of the planets and their influence, is to see how they can move us away from ourselves, where they will condition us by creating transitory definition or potentially changing the way we operate. Take a look at your design, and you can see where you have hanging gates: those open receptors that are so eager to take hold of the connections the program brings, and in the process moving you away from yourself.
The dilemma arises when the conditioning becomes a factor in our decision making, when the mind gets identified with the temporary conditioning, and begins to act based upon it. Now those of you who are experimenting with your strategy and authority may be wondering - "If I'm using my strategy and authority, and my mind is no longer running my life, then why bother paying attention to the transits by The Program?"
Strategy and Authority give the life back to the form, which is why they are so effective. This life belongs to the form, and the passenger is here to observe the life in order to experience consciousness in form, to self-realize. Unfortunately, however, most people aren't actually observing their lives, because they remain caught up in their mind. The mind may not be able to make the decisions any longer, but that doesn't mean it isn't demanding all of the passenger's attention. And what does the mind focus upon? Whatever is passing through The Program at this particular moment in time, or on conditioned patterns.

When we begin to understand what is passing through The Program, we can start seeing how the mind can be so easily run by it.  We can observe how the subtle, internal pressures to change, to initiate, to defend, get set in motion by the mind; that those passing thoughts are not taking place randomly, but rather a product of The Program passing through. When we start unraveling the mind's relationship with The Program, we start the long process of releasing our identification with the mind, and begin to see it for what it is.
Observation changes everything. It isn't through great effort or willpower that our lives are transformed. That which we can name loses its power over us. The very act of observing the experiment changes the outcome of the experiment. When we can observe the mind and its relationship with The Program, it isn't that The Program loses its power over the mind, but rather that the mind begins to lose its power over us. It no longer captivates us in the same way, and we can relax more easily into the passenger's seat.
On the last Saturday of each month, Dharmen presents A Look Ahead at the Monthly Transit as  an International Human Design School Lecture in the JAM Player. You are invited to join him October 31st at 18 GMT for A Look Ahead at the Monthly Transits for November. October's lecture is available in the Self-Study Section of the JAM. Click here for more information. Enough for today.

Leela and Dharmen

  Sacral Journey's - An MG living his experiment in every day life.. by Michael Brown

Michael Brown with soft edges
Sacral "no's" and My Open Solar Plexus!

I had a little epiphany this weekend. Click here to see my chart. It was about the concept of Sacral Journeys  I realized what the Journey is about.  It's about waking up.  One decision at a time.  That's pretty radical - and simple.  Mary Ann Winiger speaks about this waking-up process as a Revolution - one person at a time.  I've decided that I'm joining that damn Revolution!
Let me tell you about my most recent sacral journey . . .
A friend invited me to go camping with her for the holiday.  My body got a solid response - so I said 'yes'.  I've known her for more than 20 years - we go way back!  Lots of history and lots of patterns we've developed over the years.  You know the kind of friendship I'm talking about. 
Our journey begins with her driving up to the mountains to find a campsite.
She's driving - like you imagine an MG would - fast, furious and tailgating anyone who's driving too slow.  I can feel my body pulling back in the seat - I realize I hate the way she's driving. HATE it!  I realize I'm getting a big huge fat sacral "NO". 
A little mini war begins inside me.  My body is saying "no - I don't like this - ask her to stop driving like this".  My mind is saying - "it's not a big deal - let it go".  So I do . . . .
A day later we are sitting next to the river talking and my friend brings up a relationship that I'm in.   She starts to give me advice about it.  She doesn't ask if it's okay to talk about it - she doesn't ask, "do you want to hear my feelings on this subject".  She just starts sharing her thoughts.  Again I can feel my body screaming "NO, I don't want your advice!"
My sacral's speaking.  Loud and clear.  But I don't say anything.  The mind chatter begins.  "It's nice out, the scenery is gorgeous, we don't see each other that much", I can hear my mind saying.  But deep down I know I don't like some of the things that are going on between us.  Even though they're little.
Then I remember - I have an open solar plexus and my tendency is to avoid conflict.  I avoid saying the hard things that need saying because I know it's going to change things in some way.  "Why not just let this go and avoid the feelings that saying 'no' are going to stir up?".
I suddenly know that this is a big deal for me.  My sacral is speaking to me, giving me information all the time.  I have a choice.  Honor what it's saying - or not.  The choice has huge ramifications.  When I honor my sacral response - I am being mySelf.  My true Self!
This is how I am waking up - little by little - each day.  Each decision takes me closer to myself or away from who I truly am.  With my open solar plexus - the decisions that are going to stir things up are the ones that I avoid making because it can potentially mean creating conflict. I'm afraid of the feelings that are going to course through my body.
I finally say to my friend - "you're driving makes me a little uncomfortable, do you think you could not tailgate?"  She laughs and says, "no problem!".

Wondering . . . I'm also wondering about you.  What kind of success have you had with your authority?  What kind of "wow" moments have you had? Feel free to share them with me at: Turningleafwellness@mac.com.

Michael Brown

  Profile and Line - the Music of Design by Randy Richmond

My recognition of Human Design as a valid construct came at the time of my first reading in January of 1999. It was an intellectual recognition based on my twenty-five years of experience as a psychologist counseling alcoholics and drug addicts. I had learned early on that my ability to help others with these maladies was effective only when I was asked, or invited, for my help. Verification of strategy as to type (mine being a projector) was familiar to me. In May of 1999, I asked Ra if he might instruct me in the basics of Human Design. He agreed and for a period of one week we did what now would be called an 'analyst's training.' On the last day, he said, "Today, I will teach you profile." My first thought was "Let's not get too esoteric. I'm most interested in the basic channels and gates leading to definition." Fortunately I didn't voice this objection. By the time I left that night, I really noticed a hum, a vibration that the day's course in profiling had created within me. I am a mental being - no Tinker Bell, and yet I knew and felt that this was the music that went with the picture.

The interplay of the two profile lines (in my case a '6' and a '3') and the resonance that this had with all the other 3rd lines in my chart (seven) was immediate. The number and placement of 1st lines (seven) was also quite revealing. So much of my work had been concerned with teaching the value of past experience (the 33.1) and that one didn't always have to repeat the unpleasant experiences (the 35.1). And that, bottom line, if one must, it's okay to go down with the ship (the 5.1). The timbre and meter of my work with others (post-Saturnian) is revealed in these lines and gates, and yet this description is my intellectualizing of what for me is an acoustic experience of looking at a chart. At first my own, but now anyone's rhythm can be revealed through seeing the number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th lines, etc.

For instance, I was looking at a chart with a 6/2 profile, but also containing ten 2nd lines throughout. Immediately you know the tone of this person's life, their inner song. You already know without looking at a gate what the sound of their relationship to life is. The harmony, resonance, or dissonance between the profile lines and the other lines in the chart reveal the relationship (harmonic or otherwise) that that person has within them.

You know too whether this is an introverted right-angle experience or an extroverted transpersonal dynamic that guides and sets their course. In the above mentioned chart, the presence of a transpersonal profile in conjunction with ten 2nd right angle, 'leave me alone' lines, conveys immediately the inner struggle this person must experience and the conflict of needing others as part of their process and yet wishing to be a hermit. We have not, as you can easily tell, looked at what centers are colored in, whether or not that person is a single definition or split, whether they are emotionally defined or not. You know without looking at any of these determinatives the beat that underlies and drives the song.

Profile in Neutrinos allows you to see the exact number of each line and whether they are conscious or not. If you have not already enjoyed the music of design, I invite you to experiment.

Randy Richmond

  Finding My Sacral Response - A Search of the 20-34 MG by Jakub Stritezsky

Hi, my design is that of a 2/4 Profile, Manifesting Generator with an undefined Solar Plexus. Here is my chart. I have the channels 34-57, 34-20, 20-34, 5-15, 23-43 and 21-45. All my channels are partly or completely red (unconscious). When I first met Human design and learned about the Sacral response, I tried very hard to realize when am I responding and when initiating, watching myself throughout the day - with little luck. Sacral sounds were especially tough. At first, I was NEVER sure if it was my Sacral or my mind answering. The channel 34-20 is specific in not always answering in sounds - words, if they come out spontaneously in response, are also my Sacral response. But how to make sense out of it in the beginning? In fact it took me some two years before I became comfortable with Sacral sounds and started using & trusting them in my decision making.
I believe it's my unconscious 34-20 that also made it so difficult for me to know when I respond and when I initiate. This is the channel where thoughts become deeds. I have been always on the move, accelerated by my open Root and Head centers. The dilemma here being that I do have the potential to be extremely fast in my True-Self, but in my Not-self, I'm supersonic. The only problem is that in the Not-Self mode, there is a mountain in my flight path.
Since I just couldn't rely on my Sacral sounds, the understanding of what it is to respond for me grew gradually, in stages. After several months it became clearer in a sort of shift, like going to the next level in a game. It usually happened when I became aware and realized that what I've been pondering about seems pretty clear all of a sudden. There were several of these stages and shifts in understanding and the last one happened more than a year after my first reading. It was quite a process to get to a place of knowing when I respond and when I initiate.
The trick for me is to allow my body to do what it wants to do. Just like that. That's it. Sure there's a lot going on in my head, but just allowing my body to do what it wants to has been the best way to get out of constant initiation.
When I experience a pressure I just tell myself: Respond. It simplifies things a lot. Most of that pressure is only in my head and not real, therefore there is no need to act. I never get what my mind is telling me I'll gain from initiating. It's never worth it. Mind is the best salesman in the world, but it simply can't be trusted. With my personality Sun in 55th gate, I can be extremely indecisive. Again, the answer is just allowing my body to do what it wants, feeling the life in me that is separate from my mind. Recently I was buying cheese in the shop and it felt so wonderful when asked 'Do you want this one?' In response and without me thinking about it my Sacral just did 'U-un' (the no sound) and I pointed to the one next to it :)


Jakub Stritezsky

  The Business Side of Design by Ilse Sendler

When I started my Human Design journey I thought it would be just a little interesting side step and my life would go on as before. Now, 16+ years later it is so funny to see what huge changes it has caused and is still causing. I often jokingly divide my life in 'before design' and 'after design'.
BG5 was one of the major changes. Although big and complex, it gave me a simple and easy way to apply the enormous amount of Human Design knowledge in very practical, day to day, material life. Far away from esoteric and right in the middle of business and money, being efficient and following the rules of economics and material survival.
I took my training with Ra three times, loving it right from the start and watching with great pleasure how things became clearer and easier and more directly applicable. And when I then got the opportunity to teach it myself, it was one more sign of how correct things work out if one stops interfering.
BG5 aims at material success and is not about changing your life through Strategy and Authority. But rather, it gives everybody, no matter where they stand in life, guidelines and clear recommendations of how to develop and uncover their business capacities. It also directs everyone to their correct working environment. This alone can make such a big difference as the vast majority of us work and live in the wrong circumstances - only a small percentage of the population is actually built for the little workplace teams and groups that most people end up in.
Team training, developing your team spirit, how to strengthen your willpower etc. etc. -  there is endless propaganda, education and courses to improve the working performance. So much of this is in vain! If you are not designed to be a team person, no training in the world will turn you into one. And if you are built to be part of a group, you cannot possibly find fulfillment in an  executive's office on your own.
And fulfillment is not to be underestimated! If you do not enjoy your job, it will not go well. It is nice to earn good money, it is nice to have a secure job, but in the long run it will leave you frustrated or bitter, disappointed or angry, if it is not the right job for you. It will always cost more than it earns, as it costs you your freedom and ease, your health, your well-being...
Real success simply feels good and can show in so many different ways.
BG5 is not about teams only. BG5 - base group 5 - also looks at individuals - this is where it all starts. One big part of the BG5 education is doing 'career profile' analysis. Every individual has their own best way of functioning on the material plane. Often this is not in line with how we are brought up and educated, with what is expected of us or even with what we expect from ourselves. What a relief to see where we belong and to be empowered to live and work accordingly.
Group engineering is an other part of BG5. What a difference it makes if you work in a functional team or in a dysfunctional one! What a difference it makes to have a functional team work for you! Often economic problems have nothing to do with qualification or training, but solely with the way a group interacts. If some qualities are missing, you cannot compensate for it - you have to change the team! There are many ways to do this - add people, change them around, split the group etc. Each case is different and the BG5 consultant has to find different solutions.
Human Design work is always interesting, it is never boring, it is always unique!
The 3rd part of BG5 training is the 'Alpha' analysis and training. Every individual has a unique way of being a guide or leader for others. You do not have to be a 'big boss' to benefit from knowing where your alpha potential lies and how you can use it in the most efficient way.
BG5 is an exceptional Human Design program and can give you access to a whole new world of clients. And of course, as always - it is SO interesting!
(The new semester starts in January)
Ilse Sendler

  Gifts and Goodies

Here are a few goodies for you to watch and read:

The Animated Introduction to Human Design:
Watch Now: Human Design Introduction 

Daily posts and free HD downloads are available from Ra on Facebook and each day Ra posts a condensed version of the Neutrino Forecast

And we have a wonderful gift for you. A transcript from Ra's very popular Life Force Channels lecture. Its the most up to date lecture series on the Channels in the BodyGraph. Each month you will receive a pdf download for this until you have the complete set of lectures covering all of the Channels. Its an 11 part series and here is the pdf download for this month:
The Life Force - Lecture Two

Please enjoy.

  Human Design Professionals

Professional Development Program
The Art and Business of being a Human Design Professional
Meetings are every other week beginning in September
The Professional Development Program is an ongoing program running each semester in the IHDS.  The focus of the program is to create a supportive and sharing environment where professionals can work together to continue to develop their skills as professionals and tools for running their business.

Topics to be covered:

The Art of the Professional's Practice
The Building of Long Term Client Relationships
Support Systems for you as a Professional
The Professional's Business Practice

The content of this semester is geared toward the business side of things, covering technology available for the professional such as marketing, social networking, resource tools that are needed, on-line classroom/workroom orientation, documentation/materials/brochures, long term client relationships, and follow-up readings as part of a business plan. Highlight your skills, develop a client newsletter/blog, form client study groups, as well as the importance of record keeping, creating power point material, and so on. It should prove to be a content-rich semester.
The program will be facilitated by well established analysts and teachers Lynda Bunnell and Cathy Kinnaird. In addition, we will have various guest speakers come and share their experiences.

This class will include an e-mail discussion group, archived recordings and supporting documentation for the Professional.

Pre-requisites: Open to all Human Design Professionals and students enrolled in professional study programs.
Required Materials: None
You can still register by sending an email to: office@jovianarchive.com



Remember, follow your Strategy and Authority and Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell
Human Design Analyst and Teacher
Dean, International Human Design School




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