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– issue #11–September 2006

A Very Special Living Your Design Newsletter


icon Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell



We have more exciting free treats for you this month!

Ra's web site has a special newcomers portal and by visiting this site you will have the opportunity to join this new community and receive many free gifts!

You will receive the following free gifts:

1) A beautiful Rave Mandala Screen Saver.

2) A download for the 'new' JAM player which includes a weeks     worth of radio show programming.

3) A free copy of the just released new updated Human Design software so that you can run your own charts.

4) A free chart with intrepretation!

click here to receive these free gifts and view the new Human Design newcomers site!

When you order your free chart on his site you will receive the following recordings from Ra covering:

  • Introduction to Human Design Types
  • Introduction to Strategy
  • Introduction to the Not Self Theme
  • Introduction to Human Design Profiles
  • Your Personal Type Commentary
  • Your Personal Profile Commentary
  • The Vehicle – Looking out the window

It's a very nice newcomer's portal so please visit and enjoy!

Special Upcoming Human Design Events for Summer & Fall:

Rave ABC Course begins September 28th

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           This course is packed with great stuff!


Professional Level 1 Analyst Training begins in October

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           For those wanting to become a Human Design Analyst

Living Your Design Guide Training Program begins in September

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           For those wanting to offer the Living Your Design events 


icon Products

The Living Your Design Book by Ra Uru Hu - edited by Richard Rudd

Price $135.00 – Reduced price is $85.00 –


This new revision of the Living Your Design Manual is an absolute must for anyone interested in Human Design, at any level. It includes basic HD theory on definition, conditioning, ‘not-self,’ detailed new descriptions of all 9 centers: both defined and undefined, and the Types (including manifesting generator). This book should answer all of your questions. It includes new ‘red sections’ packed full of stories, articles, insights and meditations. Full color with illustrations and examples throughout. 230 pages.

This book is informative, clearly written and packed with inspiration. It will likely become a cornerstone of this knowledge for advanced students and beginners alike.

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Human Design Books - Click here for recommended reading.

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