September 2009                                                                                                Vol 1, Issue 1
  Welcome to Human Design

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of the Human Design Journal. We are very excited to launch this monthly Journal. Our hope is to bring you useful articles, news, education and some surprises related to the latest in Human Design.

I've been privileged to witness the impact Human Design has had on thousands of people and I'm certain everyone will find value in exploring this amazing body of knowledge. I hope this communication will inspire you to explore it further.

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Please enjoy,
Lynda Bunnell



The Messenger Ra Uru Hu

The Four Types - Generators and Manifesting Generators
What is the difference? By Lynda Bunnell

International Human Design School

Message from IHDS Dean, Lynda Bunnell

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The Messenger and Founder of Human Design - Ra Uru Hu

Endless possibilities for individual uniqueness lie within our genetic matrix, yet all human beings belong to only Four Types.  Within each Type there are millions of variations, yet each Type has a simple pattern to understand and an easy strategy to follow that automatically aligns one to their uniqueness. Human Design is not something to be believed; it is a life-long experiment. If you begin by just experimenting with the strategy of your Type, your life - and you, yourself - will naturally become what it was always meant to be. It truly is that simple.
In looking at thousands of charts, one thing stands out: No two are exactly alike. Simply put, each of us is meant to be different from everyone else.  We are to live our lives  and express our truths in our own unique ways. Understanding this can be a great unburdening. How often have we compared ourselves to someone else? How often as children were we compared to someone else by a parent or teacher?
Comparing ourselves to others creates an impression deep inside us that it is not okay to be who we are. Then, adding to the conditioning of our early years, we distance ourselves farther from the person we were born to be by trying to change ourselves even more to suit others. When we begin to understand our own uniqueness, something inside of us opens up and relaxes. Our inner essence begins to emerge. The layers and layers of conditioning slowly fall away, and the person we were meant to be finally receives the breath of life.
Deconditioning is a slow process because it is a deep process. When we change how we make decisions, we actually change the way our cells function within our body. Life moves in seven-year cycles, so it takes approximately seven years for all the cells in our body to be renewed. The moment we align with our own nature, the moment we allow our body to live its life without resistance, we begin this deep process of deconditioning. Seven years later, we emerge closer to the person we were born to be. It is not easy to start as an adult. but as you have heard over and over . . . it is NEVER too late to begin.
Know thy self . . .  The Human Design System shows you how.

Ra Uru Hu


  The Four Types - Generators and Manifesting Generators
  What is the difference? By Lynda Bunnell

Generators are the people in the world who have the Sacral center in the bodygraph defined in red (the square red center). The Sacral center is very powerful. It literally generates the life force energy on the planet. Without the Sacral there would be no life. The other 3 Types have this center undefined or open and they do not have this energy and force available to them on their own. Generators come in two flavors: The Pure Generator and the Manifesting Generator. Before we talk about the differences, we need to understand more about the Generator, and to do this it's helpful to understand their Aura. The Generator's Aura is open and enveloping. It literally pulls people into it. It is very magnetic in how it operates and it creates the dynamic of being asked. Generators are being asked for their Sacral energy. The other 3 Types do not have a defined Sacral and this makes the Generator very attractive to them. After all, they have THE life force and the other Types want and need access to this force. Because of their Aura life comes to a Generator - they do not need to go looking for it. It has been said for years that Generators have the quickest path to enlightenment if they would simply drop the dictates of the mind and wait for things to come to them.

To give you perspective, here is a short description of each of the Four Auras, and  as you can see, they are distinctly different. The Generator Aura is open and enveloping; The Manifestor Aura is closed and repelling; The Projector Aura is focused and absorbing; and the Reflector Aura is resistant and sampling.

There are some people who have adopted the idea that there are Five Types in Human Design, the Manifesting Generator being the 5th Type. This is simply not true. As we can see from the Aura dynamic, a sacral person is a sacral person whether they are a Pure Generator or a Manifesting Generator. I happen to be a Human Design purist and the integrity of the knowledge is important to me. When Ra Uru Hu had his experience with the Voice he was told that there were Four Types, not Five.

So, what is the difference then between a Pure Generator and a Manifesting Generator? The technical difference is that a Pure Generator does not have a center with "motor" capability connected to the Throat center. A Manifesting Generator does. This means that a Manifesting Generator can move quickly into action once initiation and response take place. A Pure Generator moves into action through a step by step process. On the surface, it appears Pure Generators are moving slower than the MG. MGs do move very quickly. However, moving quickly does not always get you to the finish line first.

Both Pure Generators and Manifesting Generators are designed to work. If they are in the correct work, they will feel satisfied rather than frustrated. It is the defined Sacral center that gives them this powerful juice for work.

The Pure Generator is interested in perfecting and they move through each step not skipping a step until they have completed the previous step. A Manifesting Generator is interested in efficiency and they skip what they see as the non-essential steps.

You can see that the Pure Generator and the Manifesting Generator have much more in common than different. Both are Sacral defined, both have the same Aura, both are designed to work and be satisfied in their work, both are designed to respond as their strategy and the only difference is in how they do their work.

Enjoy your flow,
Lynda Bunnell


International Human Design School

To get started with Human Design the first thing is to have your Human Design analyzed by a Professional Human Design Analyst. You will find a listing at in the Newcomers Center Professional Listing. The next thing to do is to take the Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop. This workshop will give you the foundation for beginning the experiment of living your design and deepen your understanding of the most important things to know about your personal design and how you fit in and interact best with the world around you. This is all you need in order to go out into the world and begin the process of deconditioning and living your life as yourself. A Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop is being offered in September. This link will take you to a page with more information: Living Your Design Course

Two General Education courses are available once you have had a reading and taken the LYD Course. These courses are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Human Design and students find them fascinating. The two courses are ABC and Rave Cartography.

Once you have completed these courses you will have a very good foundation in Human Design and then can move on to more advanced courses. Our new 2009/10 International Human Design School year begins the week of September 14th. You can go to this link: IHDS Courses to learn more about the offerings or download the IHDS Brochure.


Message from the IHDS Dean, Lynda Bunnell

I've been working as a professional in Human Design since 2001. I jumped in with both feet right after my teacher certification trainings and I've loved every moment of it. It has been a profound journey for me as I've been so privileged to work with so many talented and gifted people and to watch them go through their transformation into themselves. It was a long time dream of mine to work with people in this way and I feel very blessed.

If you have the desire to work with people with a profound body of knowledge such as Human Design then you might want to consider becoming involved in this work.

Each September the IHDS offers the Analyst Training Program which certifies professional to perform Human Design Analysis for the public. It is a very comprehensive program. We are also offering the Living Your Design Guide program this September which certifies professionals to give the Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation workshop to the public.

We are hosting an Open House Thursday September 3rd at 18:00 GMT / 11:00 PT to meet you and talk about the upcoming IHDS semester and your Human Design professional options. You can join us in the IHDS on-line reception room. Here is the link: IHDS Reception Room.
Feel free to drop me an email at to find out more about becoming a Human Design Professional.


  Projector's Perspective by Becky Markley

Do Projectors really get juicy invitations or is this all theoretical stuff?  Most of us probably have our stories of invitations that didn't work out and some that did bring that sweetness of success we hear about so much.  Both types of stories have their value, but I'm going to start with a sweet invitation.  By the way, I want to share your stories here so be sure to catch the end of this article. 
In my experience, great invitations have come when I'm not panting and salivating for one.  Just when I'm minding my own business doing my 1st line thing and boom.  Somebody asks.  They want something, of course.  Segue to authority.
I'm in my 7th year of deconditioning and am increasingly aware of my splenic authority.  That's another story, but it is important here to make a point.  Authority is the linchpin for accepting correct invitations.  So I had an invitation from Lynda to contribute an article for this newsletter.  Now, I have more than plenty to do with digital books and I love it.  And she asks if I want to write a Projector article.  I usually need to see things first in order to decide.  Then my spleen knows.  Lynda magically sent me a draft of the newsletter.  Ah, Yes is the answer.  I just let the Yes sit for a few hours; I wasn't in a hurry to respond.  I had other things to work on first. 
Out of curiosity, I just now looked at the emails and there was a 4 hour 1 minute gap.  If you're an open rooted, splenic Projector then you know how long that is.  Eons.  I was interested in what my mind would come up with.  I knew that saying No would be a not-self decision.  "Oh thanks, but I'm too busy."  But this invitation fits me.  I can write about my perspective.  That's what I like to do.  I'm here to do my own thing.  Sweet.  My spleen nods an ok.  But my mind says do I have the time and what in the hell am I going to write?  I'm splenic.  I have no idea what I'm going to write until I start.  Plus, I have no idea how it will end up.  Score 0 for the mind.  Segue to mythical 2005.
If I had been asked couple years ago, my mind would instantly have gone nuts with excitement.  Yippee!  Somebody thinks I'm of value!  (Remember this is just my story.)  I would have immediately, within seconds, shot back a Yes reply, my body would have been in fear from insecurity and I would have been thinking of all the reasons why I would be good (given the defined ego) and I would conjured up a list of things to write about and asked others what to write about and I would've stayed up all night hurrying to get something perfect to Lynda ASAP and lost sleep and given myself a headache.  (The run-on sentence makes the point.)  Pure craziness.  My splenic response wouldn't have had any chance to get noticed, let alone seen what I needed to see.  Score 120,874,234+ for the mind. 
So Projectors want to know:  How do the good invitations come? 
Well, I was just doing what I love.  Simple. 
The drama and drudgery of 'Waiting' is not an issue any more.
Now how long did that take?

Contentedly hanging out,

Becky Markley
p.s. I'd like to share your brief story of a great invitation.  Please send your brief story to with the subject line "Projector."  By brief I mean approximately a paragraph.  (Sorry, if it's long, I won't read it.)  Also I invite you to send suggestions for an article.  Let me know your profile and type, if possible, birth data, too.


  Cathy's Response by Cathy Kinnaird

Cathy K with soft edges2 What is Responding?

For years I pondered and had been confused about what is response. I understand the waiting part. And I even understand the difference between waiting for an invitation and waiting to respond. But what does it mean to wait to respond and to what? We are taught that response comes from the Sacral Center. It has a voice of its own that is comprised of primal and guttural sounds. And the sacral is the source of the life force on the planet. These are all mechanical descriptions of the nature and function of the Sacral Center.

Slowly, I have come to understand the distinction between manifestation and response. If I allow the conditioning to impact me as a Generator, then most likely I will initiate like crazy. Of course, all of this will be deeply frustrating because it's not me. However, as a Generator, I am responsible for maintaining the life force on the planet. It comes through me uniquely. If I allow my Not-Self mind to coerce me into manifesting, I am too busy to hear what life needs me to be responsible for. I'm not available to contribute my piece to life.

For Generators life is a moving platform. We must be available to the many directions life can move us. Life is always evolving. It is never stationery. This life force shows us how to survive in the now, create new life, nurture that life, deal with the pressures of that life, how to love in that life and what direction to move in that life. Each one of us as Generators contributes a piece to the mosaic of life. Look to those areas in your chart where you have a channel from the Sacral Center. Allow yourself to be available to the response of life in that area. We are the only ones that have this capacity - this is the work of our life.

Our Sacral Centers attune us to the patterns of life, the primal empowerment capacity, the unexplored, to breaking down the barriers to life, to focus on the smallest details that can impact our survivability, to become aware of the newest energy on the planet that brings change, the cycles of life, the caring of others which all ultimately allows a deeply unique individual to emerge.

Wow! I want to engage with that kind of energy. It sounds so exciting when I think of it this way. I think - "How lucky am I." It's amazing that I have some of these possibilities hardwired in me as part of my intrinsic nature. Being a Generator is quite a gift and not a punishment. It all depends on your perspective. My dear fellow Generators are you ready to see where this magical journey of responding takes you?


Cathy Kinnaird

  A Manifestor's Experiment by Eileen Smith

As this is my first contribution to this newsletter I would like to introduce myself and briefly describe my journey in human design to date. I have a 6/3 Profile and am an emotionally defined Manifestor with only 2 channels, the Channel of the Alpha, 31-7, and the Channel of the Social Being, 12-22, all unconscious. Click here to view my chart.
So it should not be a surprise to hear that I feel a bit of a fraud writing a manifestor column as I actually don't feel like a manifestor or think of myself as a manifestor.
Having said that I can see how my type has played itself out in my life but it is a bit like a having a blind spot, you know it's there but it's out of sight. In fact if there was one thing in my first human design reading in 1999 that really resonated with me, it was being told that my life is like living in a dark tunnel. The other thing that rang true was that my life had been chaotic.
It took me a further 2 years before I decided to look further into human design and to have a second reading and this time it had more impact on me. A few more months down the road I decided I wanted to do a living your design course and that evolved into my participation in training as an analyst.
In April 2005 I took a career break from my regular job with no plans on how I was going to spend it. A few months later Jovian Archive opened the International Human Design School online and I was able to embrace many of the various courses that were on offer which continues to the present day.  
I am still as passionate about the science as ever, in fact when I started learning I had no idea that I would still be taking courses for this long or that it would be such an adventure. A magical mystery tour indeed.
What is so fascinating about the subject is that whenever you think you have grasped something there are always deeper levels, other nuances and different perspectives to explore. I feel it is a great privilege to be living now as this knowledge is being revealed and to see the inner truth of life on this plane.
Eileen Smith


  Carol's View by Carol Freedman

Conditioning: What to do? 

As Ra often says "what to do?" Seven years ago, I couldn't 'get' conditioning at all...and didn't think it applied to me. I couldn't see its relevance...and then when I began to, I had no idea what to do about it.  For a long time, it stayed a 'concept' with no real practical application. Now I find my awareness of my conditioning to be one of my greatest gifts from Human Design.  I'd like to share some of what I've discovered in seeing and dealing with my own conditioning.  For me, it's sort of a 3 part process: 1) notice it; 2) see it for what it is and 3) decide what if anything to do with it.  Of course, as an MG with a 34/57/20, it may be over in a flash, and all I can do is reflect on the (mistaken) action I took and wonder what to do now.  Obviously, the sooner I catch it and the longer I wait before (re)acting, the better off I am. To see my chart click here.
I find that conditioning affects the things I say, how I interpret what's happening in my life, my attitude and tone, how I react to others. I notice my conditioning in my 4 open centers (Head, Ajna, Root and Solar Plexus) in a number of ways. Sometimes I feel something, like the pressure I can feel physically in my root (tightness in my back and neck) to get this article done right now.  Or the automatic behavior of getting impatient when people tell me things more than once (Open Head and Ajna always fearing that they thought I was stupid) or why I was always saying "I know."

I've spent a lot of time noticing the behaviors that repeat...and catching myself more and more quickly at them.  Looking at my family's charts has been eye-opening for seeing the main way my SolarPlexus may be conditioned and how I am most likely to respond emotionally.  They all bring me a combination of connections from the Root thru the SolarPlexus to the Throat and make me enormously sensitive to things that provoke me around needs and then cause a crisis (which I express through my 35) which then threatens my feelings of intimacy and affection or belonging.  Seeing that has given me lots more freedom in relationships and explains that frequent sense of nervousness I have experienced.  How has your family affected you?  Looking at their charts may help you see your own familiar or 'default' sensitivities or ways of responding in your open centers.
Or when I feel something that seems 'off' for me which I can't explain (like when I am suddenly feeling pressured to meet others' needs, but feel no one is noticing or caring about mine), I check the transits to see if anything is defining my open centers (and may notice that the 19/49 is in).  I also look at the charts of the people in my life to see where they define me (like how most of the people I work with define my root) and how, when and what kind of pressure I feel from them.
Once I've seen what's happening, I'm left with looking at what if anything to do with it.  I might simply remind myself "It's my mind talking...or my root being pressured, etc." Recognizing it for what it is seems to give me some space... and keeps me from adding 'insult to injury' by being hard on myself. But when I feel or hear that strong urge to act, I often use my Strategy and Authority and check it out with a friend to see how I respond (as a generator).  I use questions like "Does this matter?  Is this anything to worry about?  Do you need to resolve this now? Do you need to do anything about this?  Etc."  Depending on the responses, I may look further at specific actions.  Sometimes, I just laugh about my Open Head and need to know.  With projects, I might let people know about my sensitivity to needs and deadlines, tell them what I may need to do to take care of myself (e.g., get back to them about that project or deadline).  When I emotionally overreact in ways people don't understand, I can discuss what happened afterwards...or let my closest friends know beforehand about my nervousness. And the good news is, as I decondition, certain situations no longer get reactions from me.
As a Jovian teacher and coach to others, I am always looking at ways to make key concepts more practical and easier for others to understand.  Preparing to teach the Living Your Design Guide program has allowed me to notice how crucial it is for Guides to see how conditioning works in their own lives in a real and powerful they can explain it to others, give good examples, and begin to teach and guide as themselves.  In class we will explore how conditioning (from our families, people currently in our lives, and the daily Neutrino weather) personally affects each of us and how we condition those around us. We'll bring that same practical looking to each of the types and their strategies...and how they weave together with their Authorities, so Guides can use and share them effectively.

Wishing you all the best,

Carol Freedman


  Carol Z's Observations by Carol Zimmerman

"How can a Rave Bodygraph contain such vast information and ultimately describe all aspects of what it means to be human?  How does it offer such profound and accurate insights about YOU? And why should you attempt to support your unique Human Design? 
When you get a Human Design reading the door for discovering how to enrich your experiences, progress, and ultimate satisfaction in life is opened. Those who begin experimenting with strategies that support their design integrate them more quickly by completing a Living Your Design Program. But is that all you need to know as you de-condition? Is it enough to stay committed to this process over time? There are different views regarding this. Below I offer mine.
As a Jovian Archive Professional I've supported hundreds of people to learn the nuances of their own design. I've seen those who move forward successfully and what breaks down. I've decided that to increase your chances for success requires upgrading how your mind interprets the mechanics that unfold throughout your life. Upgrading your mind takes education, ongoing experimentation, and often reflection. It also takes objectivity which at times means engaging with "educated others".
I've also concluded that the fastest way to upgrade your mind (yet not fall victim to it) is to learn the mechanics behind the Human Design System. That way you have a context for refining your own process and understanding of how things work in every day terms.
But how do you do that? One verified way is by taking the Rave ABC class. It is the first step for those wanting to establish a basic understanding of the system and is being offered at the IHDS starting on Monday, October 26th.
Next, you deepen your understanding of the various components of the System through the Rave Cartography Class. Those who have previously taken Rave ABC class can begin this class on Wednesday, September 16th.
From there, you'll have a solid foundation for understanding the language and concepts used within most educational options. These classes are pre-requisites for anyone wanting to engage in the Professional Human Design training track, but more importantly they offer valuable insights on how your life works in a way your own mind can accept.
Most of us have experienced the impact of our first exposure to Human Design. It is amazing. But unlike other self-discovery systems, it's just the beginning. The process for presenting human design knowledge has been refined over the past couple of years so it's a great time to jump in whether you've just discovered Human Design or have known about it for years.
I hope like me you feel the excitement of the season and start of a new IHDS semester. You can review class details, and hopefully decide to join us at:

Carol Zimmerman


  Sacral Journey's - An MG living his experiment in every day life.. by Michael Brown

Michael Brown with soft edges
Hey There!  I thought I should begin this article by telling you a little bit about myself.  My thought is that if we're going to hang out a bit here - you should get to know me a little better. 
Sacral Journey's  - First off - do you like the title of my section?  Yeah, me too.  Named it myself - 18 months ago - like way before Lynda even came to  me to write for this great noozletter! That happens a lot to me.  I have ideas, I mean, lots of ideas . . . more than I care to tell you.  In fact, I'm a vertible idea factory.  If you looked at my HD chart you notice a lot of white floating around in all those 7 open centers of mine.  Click here to see my chart. I've come to learn that all my openness means a lot of mind chatter.  Good stuff, bad stuff - it's all there floating up from my open centers.  Can I tell you how hard it's been for me to learn that just because I am thinking about something - say one of my good ideas - that doesn't mean I have any business of actually trying to do them.  Nowadays my body - my sacral response - puts the nix on almost all of my ideas.  Which is a good thing! 
I'm bouncing around here a bit.  Let's get back on topic.  What was I talking about - oh yeah - ME!
Openness - I guess that's the first thing I want to tell you about myself. I have a lot of openness.  In fact - a huge amount of openness in my design.  If I had any less I'd be one of those rare breeds they call Reflectors.  I have one channel defined - the 34-20 - which makes me one of those super breeds that they call a Manifesting Generator.  That sounds super cool, doesn't it?  Kinda like a cross between a sleek Manifestor and a power-house Generator.  The super-efficient model.  Yeah, except no one gave me the operating instructions on how to run this baby.  Thank the heavens for this thing called Human Design.  It's really been a huge help in getting my mind around - well - Me!
Response and all that good stuff - So if you've been around the HD circuit for even a month - you've heard Ra talk about Strategy and Authority as the KEY to all life.  I believed him.  I really did.  I just didn't know what the heck it meant in practice.  My only channel - which really, really defines who I am - is colored in Red.  That means my authority - the place I make decisions from - is unconscious.  I kept waiting for all those generator sacral sounds to come pouring out of my mouth. Those u-huh's and ahn ahn's to sound forth from the heavens.  For me it didn't really work that way.  Mostly just feelings that crept through my body in small or big ways.  It's taken me a long time to discern what's a good true response and what's my mind being excited by something.  What I'm learning is that our Authority is so unique to us.  There's little nuances that we can only pick up over time.
Putting this Stuff into Action - I like to travel.  I had the summer off this year and decided to do a cross country trip across the U.S.  My goal was to make it from the East Coast where I live, all the way to the Western Canadian Rockies - using only my sacral response as my guide.  The idea was to make every decision on my trip based on my sacral response.  That's a lot of decisions! When I got up every morning I would tune into my body - ask the question - do I stay or go?  Based on the response - I would either get in my vehicle and move on or stay to explore whatever area I was based in at the moment.  I also used my sacral to pick my routes, where to stay, what to eat and a myriad other decisions one has to make when taking a journey.
The Results - You know what?  It worked - Big time!  I had an amazing trip.  What I discovered was that my sacral has this unbelievable ability to find the best campsite in a 30-mile radius.  It somehow knew when to approach strangers and strike up conversations (made a lot of new friends that way).  It also had a sense of timing that would make a symphony conductor proud.  Wanna know what else I learned - that there is a wisdom that my body possesses that is far beyond what my mind can conceive.  I bet the same is true for you.
Wondering . . . I'm also wondering about you.  What kind of success have you had with your authority?  What kind of "wow" moments have you had? Feel free to share them with me at:

Michael Brown


  9 Centered History Chart Overviews by Randy Richmond

Each month Randy will share his take on various famous people. This month he is talking about the Kennedy's. He is reviewing each of the Kennedy brothers' charts individually plus Caroline Kennedy. Then he looks at the family dynamic. Enjoy.

John F. Kennedy Chart
John F. Kennedy Recording

Bobby Kennedy Chart
Bobby Kennedy Recording

                                     Ted Kennedy's Chart
                                     Ted Kennedy's Recording                                    
                                     Caroline Kennedy's Chart
                                     Caroline Kennedy's Recording

                                     Kennedy Family Overview

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The Animated Introduction to Human Design:
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Daily posts and free HD downloads are available from Ra on Facebook and each day Ra posts a condensed version of the Neutrino Forecast

And we have a wonderful gift for you. A transcript from Ra's very popular Life Force Channels lecture. Its the most up to date lecture series on the Channels in the BodyGraph. Each month you will receive a pdf download for this until you have the complete set of lectures covering all of the Channels. Its an 11 part series and here is the pdf download for Part One:
The Life Force - Lecture One

Please enjoy. 


  Human Design Professionals

Professional Development Program
The Art and Business of being a Human Design Professional

Meetings are every other week beginning in September
The Professional Development Program is an ongoing program running each semester in the IHDS.  The focus of the program is to create a supportive and sharing environment where professionals can work together to continue to develop their skills as professionals and tools for running their business.

Topics to be covered:

The Art of the Professional's Practice
The Building of Long Term Client Relationships
Support Systems for you as a Professional
The Professional's Business Practice

The content of this semester is geared toward the business side of things, covering technology available for the professional such as marketing, social networking, resource tools that are needed, on-line classroom/workroom orientation, documentation/materials/brochures, long term client relationships, and follow-up readings as part of a business plan. Highlight your skills, develop a client newsletter/blog, form client study groups, as well as the importance of record keeping, creating power point material, and so on. It should prove to be a content-rich semester.
The program will be facilitated by well established analysts and teachers Lynda Bunnell and Cathy Kinnaird. In addition, we will have various guest speakers come and share their experiences.

This class will include an e-mail discussion group, archived recordings and supporting documentation for the Professional.

Pre-requisites: Open to all Human Design Professionals and students enrolled in professional study programs.
Required Materials: None
Link to sign up: Professional Development Program


Remember, follow your Strategy and Authority and Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell
Human Design Analyst and Teacher
Dean, International Human Design School




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