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– issue #7– April 2006

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icon This month’s issue contains the following segments:

  • Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell
  • The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli,
  • Manifesting Generator Observations by Susan Wight
  • Q & A with Randy by Randy Richmond
  • Projectors by Suzanna Stephan

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icon Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell


The G Center

LyndaAm I looking for love? Am I looking for purpose and direction in life? Am I trying to find out who I am? Am I worried about where my life is going? These are the questions that arise from the Undefined G Center.

The G Center is an amazing center as it is the home of the ‘Magnetic Monopole’ which holds us together in our illusion of separateness. Without it we could not experience life as we know it.

All the gates of the Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love and the Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx are in the G Center. Love and Direction are the themes of this center. This is the only center where all of its gates form, not only one complete incarnation cross, but two.

During the process of coming into form as a human, the Design Crystal and the Magnetic Monopole enter the body together. Once in the body they separate and they are not reunited until death.

Because of this separation of the Design Crystal and the Magnetic Monopole we are born with the feeling that something is missing and it gives us the feeling that we have to go out there into the world and find “it”. This feeling of something missing sets us on an illusory path to find what is missing. Until we realize that we cannot find ourselves ‘out there’ it can be a very painful and empty search.

The truth is that it has been ‘in here’ the whole time. It has never left us – we are just under the illusion that something is missing. more...

Love Yourself!

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icon The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli

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Hello Generators

“The G Center represents direction, love and identity.” What does that mean…really?  Does it mean if you have a defined G Center that you never feel or get lost? Does it mean you don’t look for love? Does it mean you never wonder or question “who am I?” Not at all!   

Many times I have turned around and lost my sense of direction. Countless experiences of looking for love in totally wrong places.  Years of examining who am I, and where do I go next has brought me to the conclusion that I need to follow my strategy!!

As I investigate below the surface I find the G Center slightly difficult to give a concrete description of its function.  Perhaps it is easer to understand what it is not.  It is not a source of energy to the body. It is not a motor. Unlike the throat, it is not a gear box. Even though it provides direction, it has no awareness.

As a Generator with a defined G I’m often stopped and asked for directions from strangers in a grocery store, airport or public walk way. Usually I am able to render a simple instruction that provides relief and harmony to the passer-by.  Many times I have experience a love energy emitting from my chest area when encountering an innocent child or any fond connection. 

People with a defined G contemplate their origin, reason for living and question aspects of their identity.  This is a recognized part of the human condition on a pathway to awakening.  However, Defined G’s do not have a driving need to look for others to reveal their identity. It is an internal process. 

The greatest beauty of the G Center is in its mystery. It is the container for the Higher Self, with an untouchable purity and ethereal quality.  Following our strategy, ‘wait to respond’, will naturally bring us to the correct experience.  Whether it is to ask for directions or give them, to give love or recognize it, to be anchored in our identity or reflect it.

Regardless, if you have a Defined or Undefined G, you’ll be drawn to your precise and unique experiences. 

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icon Manifesting Generator Observations  by Susan Wight

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Hello dear Manifesting Generators and Human Design community,

This month’s theme is the G Center. 

46% Defined

54% Open or Undefined

G Center’s biological correlation: liver and the blood

The G Center is about direction, identity and love.  We are traveling at 245,000 kilometers an hour in space.  That’s the relative speed of our solar system around the edge of our galaxy. We are moving objects in space.  I used to think we had choice.  When I look at the bigger scope of things, I often just laugh at my not-self mind when it thinks it can control things.

Basically, the G Center is a compass.  The main function of the G Center is to orient us in space, whether that is in relation to Love, Direction or Self.

For both Defined and Open G Centers, if you do not live your Strategy, you distort the process and do not find your place. You will live in the wrong place, eat the wrong food, and love the wrong people. The list is endless. more...

icon Q & A with Randy Richmond

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RandyQuestion #1: Could you please tell us about The G Center... click here - MP3

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icon Projectors by Suzanna Stephan

Exploring and Sharing the Open G Experience…

I love investigating (1/3) the polarities of the open centers. I’ve recently had a shift of awareness and have begun to step outside my own feeling victim to the range of experiences that come with having an open G. After a collapse into the depths of aloneness that was deeper than I’d experienced in a long time, if ever, I came out of it going, ‘aaahh so maybe that’s the open G in action’, laughing a bit at myself for getting lost in the not self story I’ve been reading about for the last 2 years! I guess you get it when you get it. Having an open G, there is this ability to experience amazing connection… and then, nothing. ‘He loves me, he loves me not.’  Imagine Steve Martin, in his ‘My Blue Heaven’ NY gangster accent, When I’m ‘wich’ you, I’m ‘wich’ you. It’s the ‘when I’m not ‘wich’ you’ that, in the words of an open G friend, feels like a lobotomy. It’s a wild ride for sure. Yet in feeling the absence of the connection (or love) with the other, is this the gift? The opportunity to learn self love?

In the 80’s there was much talk about the ‘impostor phenomenon’. Feeling like a fake, like you were going to be ‘found out’.  I’d love to know out how many of them had an open G. Yet to look at it from another perspective, within it to be able to ‘play’ doctor, fireman, manager, etc. When you shift from fear to curiosity, it changes the game entirely!  To be able to immerse yourself in a role or a position and fully identify with it, knowing that the truth of who you are is quite flexible. What fun!

Now, what if you are emotionally defined with the open G? As with many combinations, it’s an interesting dance between the two. On the high wave, you can identify with pure potentiality or love, the substance of life. On the down wave, feelings of being nothing. Lost. Unlovable. Experiencing it so intensely in the peaks and valleys, as if you have your ear directly on the speaker. If that weren’t enough, throw in the open sacral, never knowing when enough is enough. Can there ever be enough love to satisfy? When you’ve gone into the depths of aloneness, is there ever an end to it? The cosmic joke is that when you feel most loved by another, it could just be them loving the reflection of themselves!

In the words of Ra, the gods do love a good joke and we can too. As an open G, when you laugh at yourself, you don’t have to take it personally!

Enjoy the showers of April’s program.


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Thank you so much for recommending the Tao Oracle on your website! In my study of Human Design, this divination pack is helping me tremendously. Trying to wrap my mind around the Rave IChing has been very challenging, so having the gorgeous illustrations and very clear, well-written descriptions and key words has really helped me to begin to grasp the meanings of the hexagrams.
The line that I just read, from Hexagram 50 "The Cauldron" communicates the depth of this wonderful tool:
"Finally, you can appreciate the unique individual you are. Offering that uniqueness to others is the way to return something, in gratitude, to Existence. The more you give, the more you will continue to be rejuvenated. Your life can become your art, your prayer, your meditation. In its wisdom and abundance, Tao gently guides us to follow its course, and when we do, it gives back a thousand fold."
This, to me, speaks of the heart of what the Human Design system is...a way to know oneself and tap into our greatest gift, our self.

Lena O'Neill
Spiritual Counselor & Energy Healer
Seattle WA

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