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– issue #5– February 2006

Living Your Design Newsletter


This newsletter is for sharing information about getting and staying on purpose in life through Living Your Unique Design.

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icon This month’s issue contains the following segments:

  • Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell
  • The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli,
  • Manifesting Generator Observations by Susan Wight
  • Q & A with Randy by Randy Richmond
  • Projectors by Suzanna Stephan

icon Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell

Definition in your Design~
When we look at "Definition" in our Design charts we are looking at "channels". Channels are colored in black, red or black and red combinations, and a channel defines the center at either end of the channel. This is Definition. There are many ways that Definition is configured in each unique Design.

Definition represents our life force energy. It is who we are and what is fixed and reliable in us. Definition is very important. Without knowing our Definition we don't know our Strategy and Authority. Strategy and Authority provide the foundation for correct decision making in our lives. The most important thing we do in our lives is make decisions. The decisions we make directly impact the quality of our relationships, work, environment and where and how we express our Purpose. No matter how big or small the decision, it is the most important thing we do in our daily life.

By understanding our Definition we know just how our life force energy is expressed. Definition also shows us how we impact others in our lives. It shows us how others perceive us and what they experience when they interact with us. The key for our life force energy to express and operate correctly in the world is strategy and authority.

We hear a lot of 'stuff' out there about finding our purpose in life. Well, the key to finding our purpose in life is so simple. Live according to your life force energy (strategy and authority) and your purpose in life expresses organically and naturally.

The first step in discovering who you are through Human Design is a reading and participating in a Living Your Design Awakening workshop.

The Living Your Design Awakening workshop is where you will more fully integrate what you learned about yourself in your reading. It will give you insight about yourself, those close to you, and how you impact those around you, and how others impact you.

You will see the deeply profound power of the Defined and Undefined in your Design. You will see how you impact others and how others have conditioned you all your life. This workshop is the support and foundation to beginning the experiment of following your Strategy and Authority and the de-conditioning process which will lead you to a new and correct life where your life force will begin to be fully expressed

Love Yourself!

icon The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli

February Reminds Us to Love

Hello Generators!

It's February, and that special holiday for lovers is upon us. FTD, Godiva,and Victoria’s Secret remind us that it's Valentines Day, and stimulate us to respond by showering gifts of love upon our beloved's. Now that's my kind of conditioning!

What type of romancing have you planned for your most important beloved, your Sacral? You may think I’m being silly. But the number one question I get from Generators who are new to HD is 'how do I connect with my Sacral voice'?

Like any intimate relationship, it begins with and is sustained by tenderness, kindness, attentiveness, respect, and honor. And sometimes, even a little gentle coaxing. The energy of the Sacral is yin, receptive, female energy. It will respond to a pampering approach. Don't you?

In this hectic, fasted-paced world we live, it's easy to let our heads alone do the talking. We react so often from a desire to please others or avoiding our fears that we place our authority outside of own true nature. No wonder we can't find our sacral voices!

Valentines Day is a day to remember your heart and those you hold dear. Everyday is a day to pause (that means stop for a moment, for all you rabid multitaskers), smell the roses, connect to your heart, and then move your awareness a bit lower in your body and say hello to your Sacral Voice. This is your truth. Can you hear it?

icon Manifesting Generator Observations  by Susan Wight

Manifesting Generators

Hello dear pure energy dynamos,

SusanManifesting Generators are Manifestors with a Generator strategy. They have an endless resource of energy as they have at least one motor connected directly to the throat. Generally they love to be in the thick of life. Their greatest dilemma is to learn that their true power lies in waiting for opportunities to come to them. If they actively try to pursue their goals and dreams they will encounter only resistance and pain. When they relax, then their lives can be poetry in motion.  Mmmmmm – poetry in motion.

What does relaxing look like for a Manifesting Generator?

I have experimented with relaxing by observing my mental thoughts, letting my thoughts float away, dropping down into my body, feeling my breath go in and out to support being present, and lo and behold, it is possible for a Manifesting Generator to slow down enough to hear, feel and be present with Inner Authority.  It amazes me how beautifully my life opens up with things to respond to when I do this.  It takes practice.  Remember when you were first learning how to drive a car?  You practiced and now it’s much easier.  By responding from your Inner Authority, you no longer are governed by busy mental thoughts.  Patience, being present and listening to your Inner Authority are the three greatest gifts you can give yourself as a Manifesting Generator.  Would you like to give yourself these gifts now?  If you responded with a yes or uh-huh, you can start right now.  You don’t have to wait.

Happy awakenings to all!

icon Q & A with Randy Richmond

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icon Projectors by Suzanna Stephan

After running charts for all my friends, as we all do, I’ve found I know a good number of Projectors, and am beginning to recognize that it’s a good thing we’re not being invited yet. We’re not ready. I’m sure at least a few of the other types would be in agreement! As much as the lot of us ‘think’ we ought to be recognized and seated at the head of the table, God help us if we were in our present Not Self state. Remember the old saying.. ‘watch what you ask for?’ The world’s a pretty crazy place. I say until we’re more ourselves, we’re best to let the Manifestors take the heat. But we get impatient, and often in a most irritating way, invite ourselves, only to contribute to the problem.

I’m really beginning to see the waiting process as a maturation, of sorts. While we may think that we see that which needs our input, life always has it’s own rhythm and timing. Might be the right people, but not the right time. Pressured by our conditioning and the consequential bitterness, we have our own unique ways of trying too hard. Often we can find ourselves manipulating our behavior in attempt to positively influence the others’ receptivity of us. At times we’re ‘successful’ only later finding ourselves saying uh-oh. Typically however, it involves a few more expletives than that! To trust the process and the timing is like birthing a baby. The difference is, what’s being created or birthed is constantly new and we just don’t know the gestation cycle. If it sounds more like philosophy than strategy, I guess I’m recognizing that when we really get it and live it, we’ll see that we’ve been waiting all along the way. By using the guidelines of our strategy, in a sense we’re just going in the back door as the front door is heavily guarded by our Not Selves.

The next time you think it’s not happening fast enough, and you find yourself caught up in the addiction of wanting it now vs. being in the now, try to remember that evolution takes a really long time and if you can step out of the drama, you may find the comedy of it all. In the words of Stuart Wilde, ‘Life is too important to be taken seriously’. So if you’re going to invite yourself anyway, leave the poor Generators, Manifestors and Reflectors out of it and invite yourself to have fun, be in the mystery, find the pleasure in the journey and quit asking ‘are we there yet?’

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Thank you so much for recommending the Tao Oracle on your website! In my study of Human Design, this divination pack is helping me tremendously. Trying to wrap my mind around the Rave IChing has been very challenging, so having the gorgeous illustrations and very clear, well-written descriptions and key words has really helped me to begin to grasp the meanings of the hexagrams.
The line that I just read, from Hexagram 50 "The Cauldron" communicates the depth of this wonderful tool:
"Finally, you can appreciate the unique individual you are. Offering that uniqueness to others is the way to return something, in gratitude, to Existence. The more you give, the more you will continue to be rejuvenated. Your life can become your art, your prayer, your meditation. In its wisdom and abundance, Tao gently guides us to follow its course, and when we do, it gives back a thousand fold."
This, to me, speaks of the heart of what the Human Design system is...a way to know oneself and tap into our greatest gift, our self.

Lena O'Neill
Spiritual Counselor & Energy Healer
Seattle WA

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