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icon This month’s issue contains the following segments:

  • Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell
  • The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli,
  • Manifesting Generator Observations by Susan Wight
  • Q & A with Randy by Randy Richmond

icon Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell


After a nice holiday break we are back! I hope you all had a wonderful time.  

According to Human Design we still have a couple of weeks before the New Year actually begins. The New Year begins when the Sun enters the 41st hexagram and this event takes place on January 22, 2006. The 41st hexagram is called Decrease. This gate is in the Root Center and is the fuel for a new experience. So, save all your New Year’s resolutions for the real New Year!

New Year’s resolutions are a funny thing. Think about it, 90% of the population on the planet is designed to wait to respond or wait to be invited. What good are New Year resolutions! They are just another promise to yourself that won’t be kept, which is not a very good thing to do to yourself. If you don’t enter into something new as yourself chances are you will only experience frustration and resistance.

Sixty percent of the population on the planet has an undefined Ego Center and they are designed not to make promises, yet they are all running around at this time of year making promises that cannot be kept. With every broken promise they feel badly and their self-esteem suffers. So, they make another promise and the cycle continues! What a way to begin a new year!

If we could just give up and surrender and stop trying to create a life based on what our mind thinks our life should look like and instead allow our Strategy and Authority to make the decisions, what a different world we would live in!

Honoring your uniqueness through living your Strategy and Authority gives you a real chance to discover who you really are. It’s a worth while experiment for sure.

Generators are designed to know who they are. It’s through responding to life that you truly discover yourself. It’s not something that you can mentally figure out by setting goals and making resolutions. It comes through responding moment by moment. It’s a real unexpected surprise to discover that what you think your life should look like is not what is correct for you.

May your new year be filled with experiences and decisions that are truly correct for you!

Love Yourself!

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icon The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli


Less is MORE

Hello Generators!

Have you defined your new year’s intentions?   I don’t know about you but what I have found over the years of my HD experiment is that my ‘goal’ list has become shorter and shorter. 

Writing yearly goals, intentions or resolutions comes from the head – goals like working out at the gym, buying a new car, meeting your soul mate or having a 6-figure income.  Any or all of these goals are wonderful but unless you have some real ‘juice’ behind them it’s not likely that they’ll be checked off any list in December 2006.

We Generators carry the life force energy within our Sacral Center. It’s like an all-night convenient store, always open and ready to serve.  As you begin to check in with that force through out the day you’ll find that your life force does not want to serve everyone.  Generators find in our experiments that their Sacral energy responds to less and less invitations and potential opportunities. When you learn to trust and follow your Sacral response you’ll find your life has MORE simplicity and passion. Your pathway to trust is very simply – risk it.

Consider reviewing and editing your ‘goal’ list to help you along.

Do you have the courage to have only one intention on your list - one whose practice is guaranteed to improve your daily life? Try This:

"I listen to and trust my sacral response".

Wishing you peace and prosperity in 2006!

icon Manifesting Generator Observations  by Susan Wight

Manifesting Generators

Hello dear ones,

SusanWhen I first heard Ra’s CD on Manifesting Generators where he talked about how MG’s don’t listen, especially if they have the 20/34 channel because they’re even busier being busy, I thought, “Not me. I listen. I’m not like that.  And, well, I don’t have that channel, so this must not apply to me.”  A year later I realized that I wasn’t listening.  Ra was talking about waiting and listening to your sacral response.

Manifesting Generators have a high frequency.  They simply are ready to take action and most of them don’t want to be bothered with the details, let alone having to WAIT.  There’s that word – WAIT.  It’s a funny thing though, as a Manifesting Generator, I’ve learned that WAITING actually speeds up the process.  Resistance to waiting slows the process down.

Here’s a great true-self pattern for a Manifesting Generator:  Don’t try again.  If the door doesn’t open easily, WAIT and see.

Manifesting Generators are creative builders or powerhouses.  They are the essence of intelligence and creativity.  They aren’t here to be led by anyone or anything.  They are light itself converted into a human frequency.  They are the very Heart of humanity.  MG’s have the highest potential if they can learn to wait and respond from their inner authority.  Then and only then will they be skipping the correct steps.  And then watch out – you have pure energy in action and you get to score the goals you’ve been waiting for!      

icon Q & A with Randy Richmond

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