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– issue #9–July 2006

Living Your Design Newsletter


This newsletter is for sharing information about getting and staying on purpose in life through Living Your Unique Design.

Created by Lynda Bunnell, Analyst/Teacher and founder of Human Design Consulting. Past content is archived at the website:  www.HumanDesignCommunity.com, Copyright © 2005 Human Design Consulting/Lynda Bunnell.

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icon This month’s issue contains the following segments:

  • Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell
  • The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli,
  • Manifesting Generator Observations by Susan Wight

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icon Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell



This month our theme is Living Your Design. This is what it is all about. What’s the point of knowing about Human Design unless you are actually living it?

Susan, Gina and I are hosting a live 2 day Living Your Design Awakening seminar in August in San Diego and we want to ask and invite you to come and play with us. Living our Design is what really matters after all. The other stuff is interesting information about Human Design, but it’s just that, interesting, mental information.

When you begin studying Human Design you will hear the incessant mantra “follow your strategy and authority”. This IS the bedrock of Human Design. When you combine following your strategy and authority with the understanding of your open center conditioning your life will be transformed... Period.

This is all you need to have profound life changing, getting back on your true path, life experiences… sounds simple huh? Well simple, but not necessarily easy. Change, growth, transformation is not always easy. But don’t worry; I don’t know anyone who likes their true self life less than their not self life!

The Living Your Design Awakening course was developed and created as a companion to your reading and it’s highly recommended that you not have one without the other.

The LYD course sets the stage and gets you prepared to go out into the world fully informed about your conditioning and equips you with the experiential techniques you will need to begin the experiment of following your strategy and authority.

You will “know experientially” how to do this by the end of the course. And, we will have some support structures in place for follow up should you desire it.

The stories that come back to me once someone begins to experiment with their design are rewarding and heartwarming and this is what keeps me engaged. It works. It’s real. Come and see for yourself.

Love yourself,


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icon The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli

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Hello Generators!

Our life journey through Human Design is a fascinating one.  Generators, who are willing and have the courage to live their Design are promised a life of wonder and surprise. 

The first time I consciously practiced my strategy, I refused an invitation to attend a workshop.  I thought it was odd but I went with the experiment.  Instead, I was drawn to explore a State Forest Reserve located outside my city limits. Since then, those hiking trails have become a favorite. Had I listened and followed my mind chatter that day I would’ve missed out on many wonderful experiences.    

To live your Design requires you to pay attention.  Without attending to your Sacral responses, you are left to the traps and weakness of the mental field. The mind wants to know and plan things out. The Sacral energy operates moment-to-moment. It is waiting for something to respond to.  There is no way to know what it will respond to until that present moment. Stay tuned for your latest news.

To live your Design, Generators, requires you to slow down.  There is no quick fix to the life of your dreams.  If you are like me, I was busy being busy.  I was busy trying to make things happen.  And when things did not happened I pursed some more, thinking I just needed to try harder to make things happen.  Whew!  I was exhausted! Slowing down and saying no more often then saying yes, I found my truth and a lot more energy for myself. When you slow down, you have the opportunity to observe your process. You can ask yourself “am I initiating this or am I responding?”

To live your Design, stay connected and stay in conversation with your community. We are all designed, one way or another, to be with others. Wither it is to make an impact, connect a split, give or receive an invitation, share insights, to be recognized or to respond.  It takes time and repetition to break down the conditioning field of the not Self.  Your learning and integration process accelerates when we share our experiences and insights. Take advantage of the support that is provided through discussion groups and classes.

Living your Design is as unique as you are. There is no one who can tell you your truth or what is correct for you. The more you practice your strategy the more you will identify with the different nuances of the Sacral. It can be an amazing and beautiful journey Generators – enjoy the ride of surprise.

Have a great summer!  We look forward to meeting some of you at our next Living Your Design class, August 5 & 6


icon Manifesting Generator Observations  by Susan Wight

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The purpose of ‘Living Your Design’ is very simple. It will help you to love and accept yourself more deeply than you do now. The most common feeling expressed by people learning Human Design is relief.

Terms to know before reading on:

True Self - Our original nature
Not-Self - Our conditioned nature
Awakening - The continual surrender to both

The most important thing to remember about the Not-Self is that it isn't bad, and it isn't something we are trying to get rid of. It is simply a fact of the way in which the world works. We humans do not know ourselves. We are caught in a great complex web of conditioning.  Beware of the person who claims to know secrets that you do not.  You already have everything you need to make decisions that are correct for you.  It is simply under your Not-Self patterns of conditioning.

The Not-Self is a dysfunction of ALL your centers. The more clearly you can see your Not-Self, the more clearly you can see your True Self.  In simply seeing the Not-Self, the conditioning loosens its grip and you come home to your true, intrinsic wisdom.

Living Your Design teaches you how to know who you are under that web of conditioning. It teaches you how to come back to trusting life.  We have forgotten to trust and allow life to move within us because we have been so conditioned to try to control our life.  We exclude other perspectives to the degree that we have forgotten that life might know better than us.

If you accidentally cut your arm, the innate wisdom of your body heals your cut. Your body doesn’t need your help.  Healing simply takes place.  Healing takes place everywhere in nature as well.  We have forgotten this beautiful truth.  Everything about you is already correct.  Human Design shows you how to trust in life again rather than meeting resistance that stems from ignorance in not knowing who you are. 

In Human Design, the term Authority refers to our own unique decision-making capability. There are several generic modes of Authority, each with many possible variations. Knowing and following your own Authority can change your life in a matter of minutes. It will keep you in perfect health. You will eat the correct food for you, have the correct relationships for you, and ensure that you never have to doubt a single decision you make, no matter how controversial it may seem.  When you follow your own Authority, it means that you answer to no one but yourself.

For example, my Authority is Sacral/Spleen generated.  If I respond from my sacral and listen to my instincts from my spleen, my decisions have always been correct for me even if I didn’t understand why.  With my defined spleen and certain DNA or hexagram activations, the moment I shake hands with someone or meet them in their aura, my instincts tell me if that person is an ally or not.  I don’t have to mentally understand this, but simply trust my instincts.  I have observed this for years, and my instincts have always been correct.  The many times I did not listen to my instincts, (and there have been many) it hurt my health, put me in danger, or I found myself in the wrong relationships.  This created all kinds of suffering.  Suffering can be a great teacher.

This is one of many examples why it is so important to live your design.  I bet you have some of your own experiences where you knew you should have trusted your Authority, but didn’t.  This is the beauty of experimenting.

When you truly experiment and honor your Authority rather than making decisions from the Not-Self, it gives you access to the truth of intrinsic wisdom found there.

To live your design, you must clearly understand your Authority and Strategy to apply, live and experiment with it.  This way, you know from your own experience and not because you read it somewhere.

You are invited to join me, Susan Wight, Gina Concotelli, and Lynda Bunnell in the classes we teach to support you in this process of coming home to YOU.   Check out what is here for you on this web site.

Happy experimenting!    


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