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– issue #6– March 2006

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icon This month’s issue contains the following segments:

  • Living Your Design by Lynda Stone
  • The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli,
  • Manifesting Generator Observations by Susan Wight
  • Q & A with Randy by Randy Richmond
  • Projectors by Suzanna Stephan

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icon Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell

The Solar Plexus Center

50% of Humanity are Defined and 50% are Undefined


LyndaThe Solar Plexus Center is the most powerful Center in the Body—this cannot be emphasized enough! Whether it is Defined or Undefined, the Solar Plexus Center has the most significant impact on our lives. The Solar Plexus Center is the Emotional System of the Body.

The Solar Plexus is an awareness Center and also a Motor Center and it operates in a wave that goes from hope to pain and has impact on all people, regardless of Definition. If you have a Defined Solar Plexus Center you have an awareness center that operates over time and therefore, you are here to wait for the emotional wave to reach a place of equanimity and clarity before making any decisions or taking any action. You don’t want to make a decision while you are feeling low or feeling high. Actually, the only decision when you are low or high is the decision to wait for clarity! more...

Love Yourself!

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icon The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli

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Hello Generators

Growing up as an open (undefined) emotional center (Solar Plexus) being, my primary survival strategy was to tip-toe lightly around the house.  My early environment showed me every swing of emotion, from a slow simmer to boiling and spewing. Quickly, I learned “don’t touch a hot stove” as my secondary strategy. Since then, when I’m in the presence of upheaval or uproar – my first reaction is to hide or withdrawal.   

There are hurdles to overcome with an open emotional center. The most difficult being when faced with telling someone something that you know will cause a disturbance.  The mind will step in with reason and justification to NOT speak up. It will say things like “why bother” or “don’t say that, they’ll just get mad” or “just wait until…” It is common to fall into a compromise of half truth.  Most people don’t like getting caught in a cold rain storm either. Occasionally, it happens. When it does, it usually isn’t long before you can dry off and get warm. To be self-expressed you are going to have to get wet sometimes.  The key is to recognize the pattern of avoidance.  Generators who are undefined emotionally always have a safe haven to visit after the storm, their Sacral.  

Integrating the knowledge of Human Design and following your strategy can bring understanding and model a healthy way to flow in and out of the emotional swells of others. Checking in and honoring your authority provides guidance. You may find that you have avoided a touchy situation all together.  Other times, you may experience pandemonium where you are the calming force for others. If you are undefined emotionally, it is your destiny to experience the magnitude of emotions. We’ve all heard our open centers are where we gain wisdom. Exercise your wisdom, choose your relationships carefully and remember the umbrella.

Happy Springtime Generators!

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icon Manifesting Generator Observations  by Susan Wight

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SusanHello my dear Manifesting Generators,

Today’s theme in March is about the solar plexus.  Lynda has written a great piece on the solar plexus center. I have an UNDEFINED solar plexus.

About 50% of the population has the emotional solar plexus center defined (colored in) and the other 50% has it undefined or open.  Defined centers send their emotions out and open/undefined solar plexus people receive and take in the other’s emotions.

As a WaveMaker coach/counselor, I see clients on a regular basis.  I have their Human Design chart in every session.  Many of my clients have a defined emotional solar plexus.  When they are high on their emotional wave (feeling good), I am receiving that emotion into my undefined solar plexus.  When they are low in their emotional wave (feeling bad), I feel that too.

In my initial Human Design reading, I was told that I can be an expert at feeling and reading the other’s emotions.  This has now become true.  At first, I thought all emotions that I felt were my own.  Through lots of experimentation, I have learned that this is not true.  They are not my emotions.  more...

icon Q & A with Randy Richmond

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RandyQuestion #1: Could you please tell us about what it's like having an open Solar Plexus... click here - MP3

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icon Projectors by Suzanna Stephan

Emotional Clarity – It sounds great but what the heck is that really?

Is it the sense of ourselves projected into the experience? Is it the sense of a preference that is absent of motive? Can you even describe it? What does correct feel like, or is it more important for those of us learning what this means to know how you access it? Like spending time alone to get a sense of your own frequency? Solely making decisions from a place of stillness or joy? Using the mind beneficially for gathering the information about the decision rather than for making the decision? Remembering that correct is neither right nor wrong?

After years of trying to be correct in my correctness, often second guessing myself, I recently stopped trying to justify my decisions. It just hit me. Kind of a joke really, listening over and over about correct decisions for Generators being non-verbal and not from the mind, I finally realized that Projectors can heed that advice as well (needless to say I often appreciate the proverbial 2x4!)  I guess I didn’t get it as I was so lost in the difference of being a non-sacral being that it never really registered the same way. Is it that Projectors are such mental beings? Is it just me? What about emotionally defined 3’s where correct often shows up as looking incorrect?

Its funny, Ra says we Projectors have a long road to being ourselves. Emotionally defined Projectors must rely on our clarity after the emotional processing, but yet it never stops. The metaphor of the beach, after the wave crashes and the water settles, we must find the clarity before the next wave hits. The open sacral, never knowing when enough is enough, do we keep riding wave after wave and miss the clarity? It becomes an art, to discern our unique truth, filtered thru our definition and openness.

Time for sure is an ally. And a sense of humor doesn’t hurt.

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Thank you so much for recommending the Tao Oracle on your website! In my study of Human Design, this divination pack is helping me tremendously. Trying to wrap my mind around the Rave IChing has been very challenging, so having the gorgeous illustrations and very clear, well-written descriptions and key words has really helped me to begin to grasp the meanings of the hexagrams.
The line that I just read, from Hexagram 50 "The Cauldron" communicates the depth of this wonderful tool:
"Finally, you can appreciate the unique individual you are. Offering that uniqueness to others is the way to return something, in gratitude, to Existence. The more you give, the more you will continue to be rejuvenated. Your life can become your art, your prayer, your meditation. In its wisdom and abundance, Tao gently guides us to follow its course, and when we do, it gives back a thousand fold."
This, to me, speaks of the heart of what the Human Design system is...a way to know oneself and tap into our greatest gift, our self.

Lena O'Neill
Spiritual Counselor & Energy Healer
Seattle WA

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