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icon This month’s issue contains the following segments:

  • Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell
  • The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli,
  • Manifesting Generator Observations by Susan Wight
  • Q & A with Randy (new feature to the newsletter)

icon Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell

Generator and Manifesting Generator


Each Type has a correct way in which their energy interacts with those around them and with life. Once we have our Human Design Analysis, then we know our Type, Strategy and Authority. And once we know these things, we know how to make decisions correctly for our life. When you really think about it, making decisions is the most important thing we do in life. As most of us have experienced, just one incorrect decision can really take us off our path in life. 

If you come into the world as a Generator or a Manifesting Generator, you are here to “respond to what life brings to you”. The Generator is fortunate because they can begin to experiment with their Strategy immediately. Life is always happening and so there is always something to respond to moment by moment. Generators can respond to anything and therefore they can begin their journey of finding out what is exactly correct for them immediately!

Pure Generators and Manifesting Generators make up about 70% of the population. One of the things Human Design reveals to us is how we humans can operate in the world with as little resistance as possible. It shows us how we can align our energy (our design) with the environment. It shows us the different types of people and their roles in life, and how each type is designed to operate correctly with little ‘resistance’.

Generators are the ‘builders’ of our world. They are put on the planet to work and the key is for them to have the right work. If they are not involved in the right work then they become unhappy frustrated slaves. The magic for a Generator is that they have the Sacral Center defined in their Design. And this Sacral Center is where the energy for work comes from. So, this is why the Generator’s Strategy is to respond... so that the Sacral Center gets a chance to say yes or no to engaging its energy in something.

The tricky part for a Generator is to let go of what they think their life is supposed to look like. This is what we mean when we say that a Generator needs to surrender and let go of allowing the mind to be the authority in their life. The mind does not know what is correct for the sacral. Only the sacral knows this. And the sacral has a voice. It makes noises of no or yes and it is important to get in touch again with your sacral noises.

One of the most difficult things for a Generator to let go of is ‘initiating’. Generators are deeply conditioned to initiate things and when they initiate they leave out a very important ingredient... the response. By initiating they have no chance to respond. Initiating comes from the mind saying “I think I should do this because of bla, bla, bla.

Think of a Generator like a Ferrari sitting at a red light. If they jump the gun and go before the light turns green the results could be disastrous. If they wait for the green light, which is something to respond to, then they can go and traffic is clear (no resistance).

When a Generator is confronted with resistance they become frustrated. And often this frustration can lead to quitting. Generators are notorious for starting and quitting... and this is because they are initiating and not waiting for something to respond to.

When a Pure Generator enters into something through responding they can be powerful builders and creators. Pure Generators “perfect” things. They build things step by step. In their process they also hit plateaus where they can feel stuck. It is typical that when they are in this stage where they feel stuck a breakthrough to the next step is immanent. The trick is to not quit before the next stage!

When a Manifesting Generator enters into something through responding they can be powerful as well. This is when they get the opportunity to manifest efficiently. They know which steps are not essential to the task and therefore can quickly move to the level of manifestation. The trick for the MG is to cultivate enough patience so that they do not rush through their project and skip essential steps. If they do skip the essential steps they will have to go back and clean things up (and they get very frustrated when they have to do this!). The key for the MG is patience!

Each Type has a Strategy. The Strategy for a Generator is to Respond. If he responds he will meet far less resistance in the form of frustration. The Generator will need to learn to trust that their aura will pull to them all the people, places and experiences they are designed to meet in this life. It’s all about surrender and trust.

Love Yourself!

icon The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli


Unlocking the Sacral Voice 

Making decisions about your life from your head is what causes us to wonder “what if?” and can lead us to that awful feeling of regret and buyer’s remorse.  There is an inner voice that is available for you that can bring magic and flow into your life. The Sacral Center is a holy place that holds your truth.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a book or a web site that would show you step- by-step how to unravel the mystery of the Sacral Center and it’s voice? As analysts and teachers we do our best to explain this process to you.  But what it comes down to is for you to experiment to find your truth. 

One of the most powerful tools I have found is to have someone ask me questions while I answer from my Sacral. My answers are often surprising! Surrendering to that answer typically brings me calmness and balance.  The path of the Generator is truly a moment to moment strategy - your mind simply cannot know what the Sacral does.

To experience your sacral truth and create a pathway to revisit this truth whenever you desire, attend the teleclass entitled “How to Manifest Without Initiating” facilitated by Gina Concotelli.  This 6-week class starting November 11th, 2005 is for Manifesting Generators only. It also includes lots of other goodies from Gina’s treasure chest of Human Design techniques. For more information and registration please email Gina at ginaconco@san.rr.com

icon Manifesting Generator Observations  by Susan Wight

Dear Manifesting Generators,

SusanWould you like to have a breakthrough and lessen your frustration?

Manifesting Generators loose their frustration when they respond instead of initiate. If you are a Manifesting Generator and you meet resistance, you can be sure that you have just initiated.

The Response Field is discussed in the Living Your Design book.  The Response Field is a state of consciousness reached by a Manifesting Generator when they are living out their true nature. You can reach this state by waiting and responding.  As an outcome, you get to experience what is called magic in the form of synchronicity where everything just flows in your life without feeling frustrated.  The experience of the Response Field is described as a field of energy that softly lowers itself on you as you practice responding until you are living fully within it.  The Response Field shoulders all the responsibilities for you.   

Is this something you would like to experience?  If your answer is uh-huh, (yes), then I encourage you to practice waiting, and respond from your inner authority.  Play with responding instead of initiating.  If the door doesn’t open easily, wait and see.  Have fun with this.  Human Design provides you with strategy to make life easier.  We just have to practice applying it.  The more you have your own direct experience with being in the Response Field, the more you are apt to stay with the application and practice of responding until it becomes second nature to you.

Happy experimenting!

icon Q & A with Randy Richmond

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