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icon This month’s issue contains the following segments:

  • Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell
  • The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli,
  • Manifesting Generator Observations by Susan Wight
  • Q & A with Randy (new feature to the newsletter)
  • Famous Designs (audio) by Randy Richmond
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icon Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell



LyndaEach Type has a correct way in which their energy interacts with those around them and with life. Once we have our Human Design Analysis, then we know our Type, Strategy and Authority. And once we know these things, we know how to make decisions correctly for our life. When you really think about it, making decisions is the most important thing we do in life. As most of us have experienced, just one incorrect decision can really take us off our path in life. 

If you come into the world as a Manifestor, you are here to “initiate”. The Manifestor is the only one of the four types that is designed to initiate. The other three types are not initiators and they can become very frustrated and bitter from the resistance they meet when they do initiate.

Manifestors are rare beings. They make up only 8% of the population. One of the things Human Design reveals to us is how we humans can operate in the world with as little resistance as possible. It shows us how we can align our energy (our design) with the environment. It shows us the different types of people and their roles in life, and how each type is designed to operate correctly with little ‘resistance’.

Manifestors are very powerful beings and they are usually unaware of their power. Each decision they make has an impact or consequence which affects the people in their life. Most Manifestors are unaware of the impact they have on others so when they go through life just doing their thing without considering how they impact others they are usually met with resistance. It is the powerful Manifesting aura people sense in Manifestors that causes them to feel the need to control the Manifestor, and this creates resistance in the life of the Manifestor.

When a Manifestor is confronted with resistance they become angry. They do not like dealing with resistance. They do not like someone questioning them or controlling them. Manifestors have an aura of being able to go through life without the need of others. And, in a way, it’s true. They don’t ‘need’ the other in terms of creating what they want to create because they are the one type that is designed to initiate.

However, it’s because of this aura that people try to stop and control Manifestors. To other people the Manifestor seems out of control. This theme of being controlled begins in childhood. From the start, the parents are aware that they have a child that can and will do what ever he wants. This creates the dynamic of the parents controlling the child. If you have a Manifestor child the best thing to do is to teach her/him to be polite and ask permission before going off to do what she wants and explain that by asking permission she will avoid getting into trouble.

Unfortunately most Manifestors have been so controlled in their lives that they are not living up to their fullest potential. They have been so beaten down by control that they are out of touch with their own power and have become either very passive or very angry people.

Each Type has a Strategy. The Strategy for a Manifestor is to Inform. Once a Manifestor has made a decision, he needs to settle in and consider all the people that will be impacted by his decision. Before he takes action toward his new decision, he needs to inform those that will be impacted. If he does not then he is setting himself up for resistance. If he informs he will meet far less resistance. It does not mean people will like his decision but fewer people will be concerned with trying to control him.

In the next IHD Newsletter we will talk about the Generator.

Love Yourself!

icon The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli


When I started in Human Design, one of the sage wisdom dispensed to the Generator was “get yourself a comfy chair, some good books to read and movies to watch.”  In other words, stop initiating and prepare yourself to wait (for a response).  How long? As long as it takes.  Frustrated Generators can’t wait for the waiting process to end. The funny thing is that Generators don’t have a clue about what they want until they have something to respond to from the Sacral Center. Even then it is a moment to moment discovery.

Take a break from your frustrations, set aside a couple of hours to go shopping and practice responding. First, the chair; go to the furniture store or hit the Garage Sales and try them on, really feel the chair.  Don’t look at the price tag or your head will tell you if you like the chair or not.  Allow your Sacral to select the chair.  Then, mosey on over to the video, music and/or book store.  Keeping your focus on the sacral, with no talking, and notice what appeals to you. Experiment with different selections and ask your Sacral if it wants/likes this or that.  Can you hear the “uh huh” or “uh uh” or maybe you can hear a grunt or a hum? When the mind starts in with its opinions and commentary, politely thank it and move your focus back to the Sacral.  Notice when other parts of yourself want to take over the job of the Sacral. 

Regardless of what you are in the market for, have fun and let your mind do the walking and let your Sacral do the talking.

icon Manifesting Generator Observations  by Susan Wight

Hello Manifesting Generators!


Have you ever felt you are carrying too much of a load?

I work at a clinic with 22 other practitioners. Recently, I observed one of my colleagues, a Manifesting Generator, carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.  She felt she had to be responsible for this and for that.  She was forcing outcomes to alleviate the weight of responsibility she had created.   Upon observing my colleague, I asked myself:  Am I forcing or initiating instead of responding?  Am I taking on more responsibility than I need to?  Just in asking myself this question gave me a sigh of relief towards remembering and knowing that I can relax and respond as a Manifesting Generator.  When I respond from my inner authority instead of initiate, I feel peaceful.      

Experiment with responding from your inner authority for an hour, a day, or even a week and see what happens.  You can master the difference between experiencing peace and frustration by practicing.  Would you like to start the experiment right now?  You can respond to this question.  Notice if you’re in your mind or your inner authority.  Check again – mental or body feeling – Would you like to start the experiment right now?  (There is no right or wrong answer.)  Just experience the difference between a mental feeling and your inner authority feeling.

Happy experimenting!

icon Q & A with Randy Richmond

RandyQuestions and Answers with Randy is a new addition to our Newsletter. This column is for you the reader! Please ask any Human Design related question by sending an email to

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icon Famous Designs by Randy Richmond


Deepok Chopra

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