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This newsletter is for sharing information about getting and staying on purpose in life through Living Your Unique Design.

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icon This month’s issue of Living Your Design contains 4 segments:

  • Feature Article: Introduction to Living Your Design Newsletter

    Human Design Consulting and What does it mean to “Live Your Design” by Lynda Bunnell

  • The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli,
  • Manifesting Generator Observations by Susan Wight
  • Famous Designs (audio) by Randy Richmond

icon Feature Article by Lynda Bunnell

LyndaHuman Design Consulting was formed with the purpose of creating a Human Design Community to welcome newcomers to Human Design; to create a place which supports the experiment of actually Living our Designs; and a place for the serious student of Human Design to learn and develop their technical knowledge of this profound system.

The foundation is being laid to support the purpose stated above now and this will be an evolving process so please stay tuned for many things to come. We have a new web site: www.humandesignconsulting.com which features free recordings, discounted books, a variety of articles and exceptional Human Design Analysts. The focus of the web site will be Human Design education on all levels.

I’d like to keep this first introductory Living Your Design Newsletter short, and simply to provide you with a peak at things to come...

There will be something for the newcomer, which is intended to support people brand new and curious about Human Design; The Experiment of Living Your Design, which will give us insights on why we would want to live our Design; and more technical lessons for the serious student of Design. We will also have some fun things such as articles and a recorded section that will include “Famous Designs” by Randy Richmond in which he gives a fun audio overview of a famous person’s Design. And, I’m sure we will be adding as we go but this gives you a taste of things to come.

icon Living Your Design by Lynda Bunnell

I’m the type of person who likes to “bottom-line” things and in my view the bottom-line, the reason for even caring about Living Your Design is this: If you want to be on purpose with your life then Live Your Design! It’s really that simple. This is exactly what Human Design Consulting offers you, the information and path and the “how” of Living Your Design.

In Human Design language we call this “Living our Strategy and Authority.” By living our Strategy and Authority the “distracting noise” from the outside begins to disappear and we begin to allow our Purpose in life to take on a sharper focus. It’s not about having mental concepts of what our Purpose in life ‘should’ be, it’s not about setting intentions, but rather, it’s about surrendering moment by moment, day by day to our own differentiated uniqueness and allowing the power of our authentic self to emerge. Human Design shows us ‘how’ to do this and it shows us ‘what’ will emerge (our purpose) ‘when’ we do this.

Analysis of your Design

One of my personal missions within the Human Design Community is to create a place where people can come which guarantees they will get a high quality analysis of their Design. Having a Human Design Analysis is a profound life changing experience and it is deeply important to me that your analysis be of the highest quality possible.

Human Design Consulting has three Analysts available to provide very thorough analysis of your personal designs. Each Analyst is unique so please go to www.humandesignconsulting.com/abtus for the bios of Randy Richmond, Gina Concotelli and Susan Wight. Any one of these very talented Analysts will do a great job for you – GUARANTEED or we will re-do your analysis at no charge (that’s how important it is to me!).

icon The Waiting Room by Gina Concotelli

GinaHello everyone and welcome to The Waiting Room!  This is a column designed primarily for Generators, but we welcome all types with the faith that we all benefit knowing more about each other’s design and process.


My Story

My mantra for life was much like Nike “if you want something, just go after it!” I was acting like a well conditioned Manifestor. I did not wait for anyone or anything.  I had places to go and things to achieve. Looking back on this phase of my life, it was not working for me. I had chronic health and lower back issues, my personal and business relationships were a drain. I was frustrated and struggling in many ways. (Generator)

Dateline: November, ‘99 my phone rang (6/2). I thought it was my first HD Reading, but it was really the Human Design Gods.  They told me I was; in fact, a Generator, and not the Manifestor I thought all good metaphysicians were suppose to be. Lighting bolts surged through my belief systems.  Was I really doing it all wrong? Not really, but the day I stopped pushing my energy and started waiting to respond, my life began to change.

Immediately after my reading, I enrolled in Human Design Basics, twice. I became a sponge, attending evening and weekend workshops offered here in San Diego. I hungrily listened to audio programs. I committed myself to practice my strategy and listen to my authority (Sacral).  I decided to retire myself as the Great Initiator and let someone else do it for a change.  And so I began to wait. The two years that follow my life became very quiet, empty, still and of course frustrating. But the more I practice not initiating the more I found better health, better business partnerships, more financial rewards. The biggest gift of all was I had more energy for me! When an invitation or request to attend a party, workshop or business event was presented to me, I would sit quietly, away from anyone’s aura, to check into my Sacral for a response.  What I found was 80 – 90 % of the time the response was no.  Being the impatient and head strong person that I was, I would ask again and again, still no. After I practiced my strategy a few more times I began to build a relationship of trust with my Sacral.  I saw that my time and energy were guided to activities that gave me greater levels of well being, enjoyment and peace.

Today, just a few months shy of my 7 year reconditioning phase, it is crystal clear to me that waiting to respond is a moment to moment awareness.  I relax and rely on my strategy to provide me with direction.  I no longer second guess my decisions that come from my Sacral. I have been building my awareness muscle by practicing my strategy in my own inner gymnasium. At times when I get pulled in several directions at once and my mind tries to step in and run the show, I stop, sit quietly, away from anyone’s aura to find my truth and what is correct for me. I now experience my life with more confidence, trust, inner knowing and on most days, less frustration. 

icon Manifesting Generator Observations  by Susan Wight

SusanManifesting Generators, you are very different from pure Generators, but there is no getting away from the fact that we are designed to follow a Generator strategy.  What does it mean to respond for a Manifesting Generator?  MG's have the aura of a perfect yin/yang combination, both Generator and Manifestor.  We are both Buddha and Warrior.  Imagine the MG sitting at a red stop light waiting for the light to turn green.  The MG's motor is a very powerful life force motor capable at moving at light speed for sustained periods of time.  MG's often don't even realize there was a red light.  They find a way around it, get tired of waiting, or forget it was even there.  How do you know when you ran a red light or skipped a wrong step?  When you feel resistance, frustration and/or anger. The problem is, few MG's are able to ground themselves enough in the Generator or Buddha (yin) part of themselves to fulfill their true potential.  Experiment with letting Buddha do the driving and see what happens.  Once you get the green light, your Manifestor Warrior aura's potential emerges at just the correct time, experiencing no resistance.   


icon Famous Designs by Randy Richmond


Recording of Gandhi - Click Here MP3

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Chart of Gandhi (click to enlarge)


Projector’s Perceptions by J.R. ("Randy") Richmond

RandyScience is trying to unravel the secrets of our genetic code, but only in a general ‘one size fits all’ model. Human Design can be specific as to your personal genetic formula. This information is presented in a bodygraph with nine centers, which represent your mind, emotions, heart, intuition, and what rhythms and patterns govern your movement through life. Human Design can give you a strategy for living your life authentically as yourself. The bodygraph is a mirror and through it you will recognize yourself. You will come to understand basic truths about yourself that Freud, and Jung could never tell you. They couldn’t tell you, because they didn’t know. They didn’t have this tool. Can you imagine how Freud or Jung would have felt if they had a map of their own unconscious? That map is included in your bodygraph. Freud and Jung speculated about a collective unconscious that we all participated in, but had no idea of what a person’s private unconscious looked like. They never really understood what was moving under their own consciousness. They could have seen it in a moment if they had this knowledge. You can see it now. There are those who can help you interpret it or you can learn it for yourself.

What have you got to lose?


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