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Human Design Readings


Private Client Services

Lynda offers a range of Human Design Readings and Services. You will find a description of her various services below. Please don’t hesitate to contact Lynda with any questions. It is her pleasure to work with her clients.


Preparing Yourself for your Human Design journey

To prepare yourself so that you get the most out of your Human Design experience and journey, the following is recommended:

Do some research about Human Design to understand:
• Your Type and Strategy
Your Authority
The Centers

Recommended Resources:

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Go to for more information
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Foundation Reading

This fundamental and powerful initial reading is your entry point into discovering who you really are. It is a journey of self-empowerment. Your reading is recorded and it is usually one hour in length.

  • You will be offered insight into your Strategy and your Authority and the details of your purpose in life. You will gain an understanding of why you are here, the potential of your unique combination and how to reach this level of living.
  • We will explore your path to discovering how to allow your true self and life purpose to express. Each of us has a unique way in which we are designed to transform and transcend. You will discover your road map to transcending your limiting conditioning.
  • You will learn how to tap into your unique decision making process and use Human Design as a self-observing tool as you continue down your unique path of self-discovery. In addition, you will learn about the challenges you will face along the way and how best to work with these areas of your life.

To get the most out of your Foundation Reading it is best to read up on Human Design so that you have a good understanding of Type, Strategy, Authority and the Centers. For a thorough understanding of these things the Living Your Design, A Manual for Cellular Transformation is recommended reading and can be ordered here: Living Your Design Book.


Living Your Design group or

Private Course

The Living Your Design Course takes you on a transformational life changing journey. This workshop teaches the most important foundational and transformational aspects of Human Design. Open to anyone who has had a Foundation Reading.

The Human Design System empowers us to live according to our own true nature, and to know what is correct or what is not correct for us. We can use this information to keep ourselves on our path in life by specifically understanding what takes us off track.

The information in the Living Your Design Course leads you down an incredible path of self-discovery and knowledge. Once you have had your foundation reading, it can be of
tremendous benefit to deepen your understanding of your own specific Strategy and Authority and the conditioning you have experienced.

It can assist you with your own personal experimentation as well as clarify what it means for you to Live Your Design.

Pre-requisites: Foundation Reading

Required Materials: Living Your Design, A Manual for Cellular Transformation, and can be ordered here: Living Your Design Book.


Solar Return Reading

Your Annual Tune-up

This session covers the forecast for the year to come.

  • It will reveal what you may meet on your journey over the next twelve months.
  • We will explore how to deal with the many opportunities for growth, de-conditioning and potential problems.
  • It can show you how to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • And most importantly, how to by-pass themes that may take you off course.
  • We will cover things such as educational opportunities and distractions.
  • It will show the people and situations that will cross your path, plus much more.

**It is recommended that this session take place within 3 months of your birthday. I view this reading as a must have for continuing on your path of de-conditioning.

Pre-requisite: A Foundation Reading

It makes a great birthday present to yourself or a loved one!


Advanced Human Design Reading

Your Path to a Transcendent Life

This reading is for those who are truly inspired to live a transcendent life. Human Design has many levels and layers of analysis, just like there are many levels and layers in the process of transformation. After you have been experimenting with your Strategy and Authority for a while you may be ready for a more advanced examination of your design. In this reading we will further explore nuances and details such as:

  • A deeper exploration of your Lines and Line Detriments (great areas for growth).
  • How your mind operates cognitively.
  • What motivates your way of "being" throughout life and how this works in your unique design - and the sign posts to watch for when you get off track.
  • How you are designed to "see" life and the sign posts to watch for when your "seeing" gets distracted by things that are not correct for you.
  • The best way for you to take in food so that you nourish your brain properly - a properly fed brain gives full access to your cognitive potential.
  • The environment which best supports your purpose; one in which you can lessen the impact of conditioning and thrive.

Please send me an email expressing your interest in this level of analysis at


On-going Counseling

It is one thing to have this new knowledge about yourself, but the next step is to integrate this new information into your life.

Many people have found it extremely helpful to have follow-up counseling sessions to fully integrate this information into their lives.

We all have blind spots to our conditioning. We can’t see what we can’t see.

This service is designed to help you see your habits and conditioning over time as you interact with life so that you can become a watcher of your process and transcend these self-sabotaging habits.

This program is only for those that are serious about transcending their de-conditioning.

A Foundation Reading is a pre-requisite.

This service is provided over the telephone or online and is recorded.


Relationship Session

No Fault/No Blame Relationships

When a couple understands each other from the vantage point of their unique Human Design, it creates a relationship of respect, acceptance and understanding.

You will learn how best to communicate with your spouse, children and other family members. We are all designed differently and we all deserve to be honored and supported to be our unique selves.

Learn how to best support and respect one another on your own individual evolutionary paths. A Relationship Session illuminates differences in your designs so that acceptance and understanding can replace misunderstanding and struggle.

Once you have this session you will never want to try and change your mate again!

Pre-requisite: A Foundation Reading for each person


The Life Transition and Transformation Sessions

There are several key crossroads that happen for everyone at specific times in our lives. Each of these crossroads is described in the below.

Having insight and information about these key juncture points in your life equips you with the information you will need to make these transitions as smooth as possible.

These transition points usually seem to come with major life decisions. The more knowledge you have about yourself, the better equipped you will be to make these important decisions during these sometimes difficult times.

Human Design can help you to gain the necessary clarity during these transitions.

Pre-requisite: A Foundation Reading


Saturn Return - 28 to 32 years old

This is the beginning of the passage into your adulthood. This is the time where you start to take responsibility for your life and your decisions.

Moving from your 20’s into your 30’s can be quite a shock for some. There are some adjustments to make. Find out what they are and find out what the next 10 years will be like in your life and what you can do to step into it fully and correctly.

Also, for about a third of the population, this is a very key transition time. The other key time will occur around 50. The information in this reading can be very beneficial for those people. It will allow you to feel a tremendous sense of relief. Contact Lynda to see if you are part of that third of the population.

Pre-requisite: a Foundation Reading


Uranus Opposition - 38 to 42 years old

The time between 38 and 50 in our life is extremely important for our personal growth and development, and how we handle this time sets the stage for the quality and success of our life after 50. You will want to have this information if you are in your late 30s or in your 40s.

What is this mid-life transition all about? We all go through it. For people approaching or entering into their 40s, it can be a difficult time.... Why? Why do so many people at this age make major changes in their lives? Why is this time so disorienting, sometimes depressing and confusing? There is an extremely important and major shift that takes place at the midlife point for both men and women. What is it and why is it so difficult for most people? What can we do at this time? How can we maneuver through this new and changing territory more elegantly? And, why is it so important to really get "it" and what is it that we are supposed to "get" anyway?

A Mid-life Transformation Human Design reading answers these questions. Something very special happens during this time - in Human Design language, it is the time when we shift from our South Node life theme to our North Node life theme. The South Node represents our past and the North Node represents our future. Be prepared for this transition.

Pre-requisite: a Foundation Reading


Chiron Return - 48 to 52 years old

The Chiron (or Kiron) Return is a very important time for all of us. It marks the re-birth or new beginning in our lives. In past generations, life after 50 was seen as the time when our life began to decline and we turned our attention to getting old and retiring.

In this new era, life is just beginning at 50. In this session, you will discover what awaits you for the rest of your life. We will talk about how best to step into it and embrace it. This is the true flowering of your adult life.

This reading is especially profound for those that have a "6" in their Profile. This the second key juncture point in their life. The information can be surprising and inspiring.

Pre-requisite: a Foundation Reading


How do I schedule a reading?

Send an email to Lynda Bunnell at

“It would be my privilege to share in your life journey. I would be delighted to work with you in any way you feel would be supportive of the unfolding of the unique being that you are.”




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