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Hi Lynda!

I want to tell you how much I appreciate you. Your teaching style has a flow to it that speaks to everyone. (in my humble opinion) I am getting so much out of this class. What keeps playing over and over for me is during my reading, you said take my time with this.

Thank you for all that you are and all that you give!

- Mike Burchard

Thanks so much Lynda. I've had many teachers throughout my life, and in so many areas of my life as well. You are a fantastic teacher that is really making a difference for me. Of course the material is wonderful and mind blowing, but the way you convey it is special. Thank you for sharing your passion for Human Design with me so clearly, I really do appreciate you.

- Robb

Lynda, just wanted to express my sincere appreciation I have for you as a teacher of the Human Design System. I have taken many courses over the last 15 years in the areas of personal, professional and spiritual development and I have never come across anyone quite like you. I was amazed of what a natural and gifted teacher you truly are, not only are you dedicated in teaching this life altering information but how generous and open you are to sharing all of yourself, your insights and information that you have experienced , collected and developed over the years. Your integrity to the success of each of your students to learning and living out there own design is remarkable and encouraging. I recommend to anyone who wants to begin there journey of self discovery and empowerment to Begin with you. You not only teach this system but you are someone who practices and lives it out. Thank you for this, and I look forward to furthering and continuing to deepen my knowledge and education of the Human Design System.

With gratitude,

- Suzannah Hahrt – Calgary, Alberta Canada

When I share with clients their human design, invariably they experience a profound sense of validation of their deepest self knowledge, sometimes for the first time in a conscious way.  Just knowing their type, strategy and inner authority often creates immediate shifts in how they begin to make decisions and experience the world around themselves.  In addition, the design chart specifically delineates likely self-limiting beliefs, patterns of internal pressure and deep seated fears.  Our coaching can then go directly, and pointedly, to the conditioning the client holds around these.  Human Design is multi-layered, each layer more fascinating and providing further insight into your client, quickly and accurately. 

- Celeste Hamman, Certified WaveMaker Coach, Greater Austin ICF Chapter Host '99 - '03

Imagine being able to help your clients clear core issues that hold them back from full expression.  Often they don’t know what they are but you will.  With the invaluable knowledge of Human Design, you will be able to easily identify the blocks that are holding your client back from stepping into their fullest expression.  It could take months, even years to understand what is holding them back.  Human Design is like a customized manual that will help your client live authentically and true to their essential nature.  I recommend learning about Human Design.  It will not only help you understand yourself better but will make you an even more effective coach –providing a real value-added service to your clients.


-Anne M. Brooks, CLC   Annapolis, M


I am thrilled by how much value I’ve gotten from your Human Design classes.  I had done some self study with the excellent Human Design publications that exist but the highly interactive and rich discussions that are a hallmark of your teaching style, is what pulled it all together for me. I want classes to shorten my learning curve and your highly organized and concise communication skills do just that.  You really capture the essence of what is needed for a solid foundation.  I also appreciate your willingness to share the many reference tools you’ve crafted during the seven years you’ve been studying Human Design. As long as you keep teaching, I will be an eager student. 


- Carol Zimmerman, Multiple Hats Mastery life coach and Human Design Student Analyst. 

I have come to Human Design from over 20 years of practice as a therapist with various post graduate training in Psychoanalysis, Coaching, WaveMaker coaching, EMDR, spiritual direction, etc.  I have been continually impressed with and appreciative of your open and supportive teaching skills of the Human Design system as I have pursued becoming a Human Design Analyst.  Your depth of knowledge, clarity and sharing of your experiences with the system have enabled me to use it in my practice.  I have seen it enable clients to gain insights and recognitions resulting in significant progress with their issues.  The truth and depth contained in Human Design is remarkable.  You are a gifted teacher and I am confident that over time your sharing this knowledge will be a valued gift for many as it has been for me.

With gratitude and appreciation,

-Lainie Hinnant, M.S., Psychotherapist, Professional & Personal Coach

Education and transformation has always been an enjoyable part of my life, so I’ve had the opportunity to observe many teachers.  Lynda Bunnell lives what she teaches.  One of the first things that stood out for me about Lynda was how giving she is.  She shares what she has accumulated over the years from a strong foundation to support and self-empower her students.  She has a wealth of resources to draw from and she always seems to give just the right nugget at just the right moment.  What I appreciate as well about Lynda is that she is honest, objective, transparent and she models living her design.  I have taken many classes from Lynda, and I highly recommend her as a teacher of any Human Design class.  She is living her destiny and purpose.  By taking her classes, you will discover your destiny and grow deeper at living your life as yourself.

- Susan Wight

Thanks Lynda!
By the way, I’m thinking I can send a lot of people to HD Consulting… I introduce a lot of folks to it and they always want to know more… I’ve been sending them your way and will continue to do so…
it’s hard for me to even think about not having this wisdom in my life…

Thanks so much!


-Dr. Drew Rozell, Ph.D, Life Coach

Studying with Lynda has been a profound learning opportunity. First, by understanding myself I am making sense of my own life. Second, I am seeing a path to help others do the same. None of this would have been possible without Lynda's unique combination of skill, insight, and encouragement. I am forever grateful for Lynda's guidance during a time of deep exploration to help me trust my own inner convictions.

- Kristi Arndt

"Lynda's Living Design class has been very powerful for me.  It has helped me to understand myself more deeply, and given me new insights into how to support and interact with friends and co-workers. Lynda is a truly gifted teacher.  She is so knowledgeable and able to communicate her knowledge clearly and in an easily understandable manner."

- Beverly DeLorenzo, San Diego

"Attending Lynda's workshops has been a liberating experience.  It's like having a road map for my path in life while learning and sharing insights with others in a safe, comfortable environment.  Nothing I've ever done before has had this kind of impact on my life." 

- Mary Goodman, Solana Beach

"I have enjoyed learning more about human design, it has helped me become more aware of my personal make up and understand more about the way I have been conditioned verses the way I really am.

The awareness alone has helped me in understanding when I am experiencing different situations in my life, and how I can approach  day to day experiences from my internal authentic self verses from my head.

The one exercise that I use on a daily basis that has helped me tremendously is:  When it's a yes - go for it, when it is a NO, it means no, and when its a maybe - "I will get back to you on it". This has helped me to respond to the things in life I really want to do and allowed me the down time or quiet time to enjoying being in the moment.

The other exercise I have used is:  When I have a big decision to make, go to a public place by myself (coffee shop etc), and sit amongst people, and let my thoughts just flow.  Verses winging it or responding to quickly. This has been very helpful.

I am also having readings done on my children, I think this is important to learn more about who they really are, I am hoping it will enhance our communication.

It has also been very helpful in following up with Lynda and talking about real life situations and walking through them with her.  Taking the knowledge and practicing what I have learned, it's really fun."

- Kathy Kinley, Carlsbad

"I so appreciate the increased sense of self-acceptance and confidence I have gained through understanding my Human Design Chart. The Human Design Analysis by Lynda clearly explained how to use my presence in the world in an effective, stress-free manner.

Let us not forget our animal friends: to my delight Animal Charts for my horse and my cat revealed sensitive and accurate pictures of their innate personalities."

- Brigitte Noel, M.Ms

All-Ears Animal Communication

San Diego

"I began studying Astrology over thirty years ago and cast and read thousands of charts. I had an interest in the I'Ching, also.  It was with tremendous excitement and interest when Lynda gave me my Human Design reading.  Here is an extra-added dimension to personal composition and motivational proclivities.  One gets a glimpse of one's "wiring" and is given a tool to one's "buttons" and what activates them (or how best to utilize one's innate power).

Superimposed on the blueprint of your own infrastructure is the guidance from the ancient Chinese mystical I'Ching.  Demystified.  So many vague areas were made clear to me as a result of my reading.  Combining the Stars and The I'Ching has produced an updated paradigm for today's searcher for the truth about ourselves and what makes us tick and how best we may direct our energies.

I found illumination and augmented understanding, received more than helpful news as to when to act (or not) and have a better understanding of what makes me, not tick, but hum in harmony with the universe.  When I listen and am aware!"

- Angelo Diretto

"Hi Lynda,

As Danielle walked in to the office after her reading, she was glowing and the first words out of her mouth were "That was the most profound experience I've ever had."

You are giving such a gift helping all of us know ourselves more intimately.  THANK YOU!"

- Beverly, San Diego

It's been just over a year now since I was first introduced to Human Design. My initial reading with Lynda was beyond powerful. I have subsequently taken several courses with Lynda and participate in a monthly study group that she leads.

In the many, many hours of personal development and coach training I have taken over the past 20 years, I can't think of anything that has had as profound an effect on me personally. Human Design with Lynda has definitely taken my learning to a new level. It's a complex system that Lynda makes very accessible in the way she generously shares her personal and professional learning.

Through my work with Lynda and Human Design I am growing significantly as a coach.

- Debbie Kemp

Lynda has a deep and meaningful understanding of the corner stone material of HD. She can embody an uncanny openess to her students inquiries where she references the most relative  content in HD for that question; a sizeable feat considering the complexity and  multiple dimensions of the HD material. She adds depth and texture to the learning proccess with HD. She is also very heedful of participants personal encounter, with class content, bringing their everyday experiences into the fold.
had to pass it on... thanks Lynda...

- Margaret

I have really enjoyed this class - wow!  You are a wonderful teacher and group facilitator. You made this experience a joy - thank you.

Best to you,

- Dan

Dear Lynda,

I would recommend this class whole heartily to anyone who is struggling with living their life effortlessly. I have found that once I learned and recognized my true Human Design everything made perfect sense. The very thing I fought consciously and unconsciously in various areas of my life turned in to Aikido. This is to use the natural power as taught in this martial art to go with the energy and not fight it. I know you have opened up the world to me and all those that I influence to getting on track with what we were born to be and do. With love and a Big bear hug,

- Pete Schneider


This has been such an ENJOYABLE class and I am sad it's ending next week. And you are a WONDERFUL teacher!!! Really made me feel at ease in class and was willing to participate, even though I knew I didn't know so much. I was also very motivated to study the material and it was so easy to pay attention in class.


- Sandra

I've had the honor of having Lynda as my analyst and teacher since I first encountered Human Design. I had my foundational reading with Lynda in September 2003. I took the seminar "LIVING YOUR DESIGN" twice with Lynda. First in November 2003, and then in early 2004. For some reason I always train under very qualified people (I call them "MASTERS") and Lynda is certainly a Master at this body of knowledge. The depth of her knowledge and the respect with which she treats both The Human Design System and her clients and students is a source of inspiration to me and one of the reasons why I'm studying with her. Thank You Lynda!

- Antonio Soto

I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed and am fascinated by Human Design! I am looking forward to the next series of classes. It's just so interesting; I have listened to the tape of your reading about three times now, and each time, more and more knowing is unfolding. It's really cool! Also, it's interesting: I recently took a career assessment - MAPP. It was UNCANNY how close it was to my actual design. What's really cool, though, is that I can differentiate between what on the MAPP is my actual design and what is my conditioning that perhaps I could benefit from letting go of. Super, super cool!!! It's fun living into this, and I am enjoying the experience of it all. Thank you again so much for sharing yourself and your wisdom in such a wonderful way!!!!!!

- Brenda Jensen

It feels like Human Design is pulling me into a spiraling vortex of deepening knowledge and experience -- it is incredibly exciting!

Many thanks,

- Becky

Lynda, it has been wonderful to study with you! You have always presented the information with integrity and a commitment to providing us a strong foundation from which to take this out to the world. Sometimes all of this can be overwhelming but the way you teach allows for the material to be digested in an easy and well organized manner. I've always experienced the classes as a wonderful environment that attracts great students and within, dialog that is always rich, supportive and educational. Thanks for sharing yourself, your knowledge and for finding out the answers that weren't always readily available. I continue to enjoy and appreciate your generosity with this knowledge and your patience with those of us that are designed to ask lots of questions!

With continued gratitude,

- Suzanna

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